• I have heard the sound. like a mosquito but of a lower pitch. My friends have heard it across all across the county (Somerset, England).  My head doesn't know what it is my heart says something is coming!

  • A couple friends posted on facebook that they've been hearing them, although I heard nothing.

  • Read in some Mayan book that this sound comes from the center of the galaxy. and because of the shift and alignment we can hear it
     it will change the vibrations of the earth and other planets. 
  • It is a frequency produced from an C sharp!!!


  • Hormonic Tremors

  • Hi Ferny,

    At the end of august last year, i heard this kind of sound in my area, near Versailles in France. It was during a Sunday night at 4:00 am and it lasted about 15-20 minutes. At first I thought it was some work deep  in the sewers with low frequencies but the fact is that it seemed to resonate with something higher in the sky, extremely strange. HAARP ? Underground Stargates ? Difficult to say even after having  been a real witness of these strange sounds...

    Love From Pranaworld :)

  •  I do think I would like some validation of authenticity of the event, I haven't heard anything. But if it is real it would seem like its incremental shifting of the magnetic core of the planet. We are getting ready for the pole shift and I believe it sounds like she maybe shifting incrementally.

  • Well, some of these sounds remind me on the mating call of an alligator^^

    Anyway, I rather think these are some easily made hoaxes. I mean, it would be much more probably that someone mixes sound and video.

    So I would suggest some ... research. Does anyone here know someone living on these places? Then we could ask whether exactly these sounds have been heard there. They seem to be quite loud, so I guess people would remember it, wouldn't they?

    Let's go friends! :-)

  • Like what you said here Sun :) people do that alot... :)

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