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This young lady is channeling the Orion Council, They are somehow hooked up to computers inside Area 51. Listen as she says "Area 51 is active now." If there are ET's there, they will be well hidden or moved elsewhere by the time they storm the place. They may even let people inside just to find nothing but a bunch of computers. Zeta gray aliens operate in the 4th and 5th dimension, so they can phase in and out of reality without you ever detecting them. I believe that what goes on there is mostly psychic works, channeling the ET's, remote viewing, spying on Americans, and in some cases possessing and harassing innocent people. Yes, I said "possessing," as in demon possession. A lot of this stuff is coming out of Area 51 and Dulce Base. Including the black helicopter phenomenon where they can fly over their chosen target and beam technology down into the target allowing them to possess you and read your mind "Inception" style. They can also torture you along with the demons attached to them and their computers.

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These abductions have going on with children and they are taken to The China Lake area...It is what area 51 isand  both places form around 1.1 million Square acres...into the desert in CA and NV...



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