Steven Greer on the BP Oil Spill along with the Orion Project
June 11th on the Puja network

Thanks to LAF for the tip.

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

Part 4


Part 6

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  • The clips have been pulled from utube!!

  • This is very interesting, as I read the book: Return of the White Dove (Nikola Teslar's) inventions and how they destroyed him and took away all his inventions.
    I guess each of us has to prepare in our own way for whatever is to come :-)
    Blessings Always

  • Really GREAT VIDEOS , VERY INFORMATIVE. Helps me understand alot more. Blessings
  • In the article, I placed (in this same topic) about Tsunami alert for Mexican Gulf on July 23!! , there will be according to the translation of the crop circles a giant explosion near the leaking oil well.

    In the below link you can ready that in the Gulf of Mexico the US Marines evacuate themselves from that area. However, is the reason because of the highly toxic area? On the other hand, because they are also aware of the coming volcanic explosion near the oil well. We all know that we cannot trust the everyday media.
  • I do not understand why they want to go global on this at once. They should start smal, in smal comunities and let it spread. I have seen villages in France and Belgium where they have started with promoting electric cars just to name one, they put infrastructure so you can get electricity at gas stations,the government agencies al use electric cars etc etc. Nothing in the history of this planet has gone global overnight. Disclosure...and then Wham...the whole planet changes? Look at the light we have Ledd bulbs that use a fraction of the electricity, still we use that stupid light bulp that gives more heat than light. A ledd bulp gives no heat you can grab it without burning your hand, it uses almost no electricity, and lasts much longer. But who cares? It takes years of suckking up to Government oficials before anything goes to the streets. So start smal in the streets and let it grow, untill it can not be stopped .
  • Stewart Swerdlow says that all the top Disclosure people are part of the cabal...and i would say after watching dr. greer he is indeed a heavy reptilian....that is for sure.. he is NOT telling humans the truth.. ET have an agenda and it is NOT all that pro-human.
  • as far as solar power goes, it does work, i know some students from missouri s & t , they took tenth place in the competition of the event in washington last year, Germany took 1st, place, capable of producing 18 kw on a good day and i think 6 on a bad day
    i may be a little off on that, however these units were built to make the own power and heat, and using recycled materials, and some could change the temp with just a hair dryer, But to have that is still out of reach for most people, still
  • You used Albert Einstein’s quote: “No problem can be solved from the same level of consciousness that created it.” Hence, everything being presented here must be placed firmly upon a new foundation or it, quite simply, will not be created or will not be able to be maintained. And I believe that new foundation is a new political structure, created via a Declaration from the People themselves, that is truly “Republican in Form” (of, by, to, for and from the People). Please see “Emergence from Illusion” (a free pdf download)

    Please let me know how we can collaborate on this.
  • Here is the link: To the White House:


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