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Steven Greer on the BP Oil Spill along with the Orion Project
June 11th on the Puja network

Thanks to LAF for the tip.

Part 1

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Thanks Greer!
I send you my Love and Im with you on your path...
Lets have the WHITE HOUSE street address, address a sort letter the Mr. President,and sent them millions of letter asking the President to read and search the Now............

The people are the ones in charge. We are the people. We will make sure this is solved and we will save the earth. Dr. Greer is a hero and let us hope that Mr Obama will do anything to get this out, even if it means taking great risks for himself, to be the leader and Hero that the people who voted on him believed him to be. May the truth be known. Thank you.
With the things that HAVE been in the news over the last year or two, I'd be concerned that the Orion Project is just an arm of the PTB to find these technologies and snuff `em faster than usual. And yes, I can be paranoid at times... :-)
I have a suggestion. The h*** could probably be plugged by dropping a large heavy object shaped like a golf tee straight down into it.
How could you do that with 100,000 psi of pressure coming up. ???
bring on the A. R. V.'s (Alien Reproduction Vehicles) you W.S.F.M!!!
Hej Axel
Det är fruktansvärt för djurvärlden med oljan, jag lider när jag ser eländet!! Varför hjälper inte Gud?

Tsunami alert for Mexican Gulf on July 23!!

Every year a huge amount of crop circles appear in the fields of Great Britain and other countries. In contrast to what most people believe (based upon misleading broadcasts of National Geographic amongst others) there is a huge amount of evidence available that most crop circles aren't man made. Although this is not the topic of this writing, I will point out that there is a huge amount of intelligence underneath a lot of crop circle formations, which means that they arise due to extraterrestrial interference of high intelligences.

On June 12, 2010, a formation appeared that points us to a kind of explosion or earthquake in connection with the oil spill phenomenon. On June 23 another formation appeared, of which I didn't understand the meaning, although I had the feeling it might be important. Then I got the information of a girl-friend that was very illuminating to me. According to the following video - referring to inside information of the US-government as well as BP - GPS-measurements show the emergence of a huge gas bubble of something like 15 to 20 miles across and tens of feet high under the ocean floor around the well head. It is said that in the worst case scenario a tremendous gas explosion will occur that will result in a cloud of very toxic material and cause a tsunami. Also ships will sink in this cloud of gas bubbling up from the ocean floor:
As long as we have the money system running, nobody's gonna look at these energies, or alternative solutions...
No matter if u bust your a$$ signing petitions, and sending letters...
The people on top positions simply dont care....yes even if the planet is destroyed....they just interested in money...
the brain damage they have is incurable ....
The problem lies in the vast majority of people on this planet who are uneducated, and have no critical thinking...
They get their info from mainstream media, they follow their religious leaders, they support the status quo.....
we simply give all our RESPONSIBILITIES to a minority of individuals who exploit our weaknesses. we think only of immediate profit and individual safisfaction. losing all control over the leaders.
In some way, we support them! because we accept the system that renders them more powerful. They use us to build their projects. We work for them and SOME enclave until the day the money becomes a simple toilet paper
we must back to Caesar what belongs to him. Money has always created to make man slave.



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