Guadalupe, CA


September 30

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58, retired dod usaf civil service. aerospace qa. enjoys surfing web...conspiracy theories, et, sports and news some travel...condo in manila with g/f eccentric, fat and ugly

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none....life in general... ascended master...... chewbit wing......Dan Namaste.....Dan Wiburg...Agartha pre incarnate AR Bordon...acio Jax Vega....atlantean upper 5th density contact.

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  • You know them name Joe ..the same  like i know them...or they do do not tell nothing to you?

    It is hard like me to believe that..

    But It is no need more words..maybe this?..and Project Paperclip and maybe Admiral Byrd 1946-1947.


    Maybe it is the time like people to know all the Truth..

  • Being in touch with you Joe is always a delight....thanks.

  • So nice to meet you!  I walk the Path to Sirius as well :)  Thank you for your friendship, have a great week :)

  • The Truth always it is to be known by The One..

    And i always remember..

  • Seem familiar to you?...i do..


  • Do you remember The Holly Grail?

    You know what it is all about ?...i do...

  • I forget about that one too..


  • And i have a lot more..

    But for now it will be sufficient ..

  • See some stuff from yourself..

    Say what you think after that..


  • Remember i am still commanding the Fleet..

    They will not pass by my order ...but i am not so sure who it will be or not with us..

    Many it will shift them position but i am not sure who to count any more..

    To long time has been pass by ..

This reply was deleted.
joe terry left a comment for Alfred
"fascinating.....are these not the greys called.......Egyptian brothers?   forgot the exact name of them..."
Jan 17, 2012
joe terry left a comment for Sirius Nebula
"i am a old soul Sirian from Sirius A.....my father before me the same...royal Terrak...i myself are 45% Terrak and evolving...not all that sure i want to evolve but that is what seems to be going on with me...gringo"
Jan 16, 2012
joe terry left a comment for Alfred
"Orion or Q sector war is still raging and the ancient hatred and hostilities of your people and the light are white hot.....i am told that when this war is over, and nobody really knows when and who will  win, the war would then come to this solar…"
Jan 16, 2012
joe terry left a comment for Alfred
capt... Essassara....i believe is how it is spelled...verified by commander sanni"
Jan 16, 2012

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| SourceWe all enter into altered states of consciousness every day. Whenever you are absorbed by a screen (phone, television) or sleep at night, you enter an altered state of consciousness.At some point in our lives, most of us will have a bizarre…
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  ...Open Your Heart By Melanie Beckler Within your open heart center, infinite possibility resides. All of existence, the expansiveness of creation, the higher dimensions, and the Divine are all present within heart center....Let's tune into this…
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There were no photos of the families (from the Sandy Hook tragedy) present at the trial. News of the June 14th trial from Houston was big and widespread around 1:00 pm CST; I selected 1:00 pm for the transit time. The 12:00 pm natal chart of Alex…
12 hours ago
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The CIA will do whatever it takes to undermine the United States and it’s citizens. JFK was butchered in Dallas for a reason. He wanted to end the treasonous organization. https://banned.video/watch?id=666b777caf45946e58800d20
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