Soul searching!

Hi. my name is Kaitlyn

I can't say for sure how  ended up here.

I am tired of everyday battles and looking for truth, some days I just want to go home.

Since a small child I felt I did not belong here this may sound crazy but I am always being harassed

by the grays and others. Any how looking for answers has anyone seen anything like this?

I belive in God will not go to a church THERE MIND CONTROLERS!! I have seen a lot in my life  and

It can get to be to much for one to stay afloat! Any how thanks for letting me join I hope to learn something .

Blessings, Kaitlyn    

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  • Welcome. Your words sound to me as if coming from a good heart.

  • ...Hiya...:)....I Know..... Most Of Us Here..... Have Felt Like Yourself....At Some Time Or Another...Rewind Back Few Years.....I Felt Exactly Like You..Still Do From Time To Time.......Hang In There Tho....It Gets Easier.... Agree With Lots Of What Suiris Has Said.....Hope You Stick Around This Site....Some Nice People Here......Take Care.....Hugz..........<3...x

  • I probably understand what you're talking about. I'm a very sensitive being myself, I can't be myself inside this current frequency. It hurts so much it's maddening, it's so oppressive sometimes. So many negative memories stored within, falling into chaos and sadness all the time.

    The higher the frequency you came from, the more unbearable it becomes to be inside here, because our sensitivity evolves as we climb upwards. But you're more effective at the same time, on moving Earth forward into the Light web. Fortunately, the current frequency is rising up, and it keeps going on. So staying on positive feelings, gets you closer to your higher-self, allowing you to rise up your frequency.

    Each time I'm feeling overwhelmed. Each single time, which are not few, M'ka (Michael) my family and guides are always at my side, to bring me comfort. His silent voice speaks from within.

    "You're never alone, your family is all around you, we're here" Usually on the night, when sadness takes over me, he points out at the stars, showing me the ships, as they start turning bright as the Sun. Releasing high frequencies on my light body, and many other human beings and starseeds, Earth herself included. Freeing my soul's nervous fibers from negative lower frequencies.

    Sometimes even a fixed star starts to slowly travel across the entire night sky, in just a few minutes. Then it just flies away in a second.  

    Our family is always taking care of us. It's painful when it feels like they're there, but from within our physical realm, at the same time it seems like you're all alone.

    Today I was very chaotic, my Cordial Center(Heart) and Ego-centric core (Ego) were interacting against each other, and both fields ended up disabling each other. Just the watcher aspect was left. So I was "feeling" emotionless, not caring anymore.

    But this very afternoon, inside depression, howling in silence from within. I felt a presence, like it was my love, it was her, she was with me. I felt as she gently started to embrace my very soul with such care. Beautiful beyond words. My Heart is still overflowing with plasmatic Light. She gave me back life. Love. I was crying my negativity off.

    I was told, once again today "Change is close"

    Stay open. You're never alone, your star family is always taking care of you.

  • Welcome Kaitlyn.  I sure you will find it interesting here.

  • Welcome I know how you feel you are loved
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