so now?

I just had a thought and I would like your perspective on.When the 12.12.12. Mass meditation for the light spreading love was taking place.Do you think the dark was also doing the same but for negative things?please share what you think.Namaste:)

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  • I've heard that when we seek to activate a higher spiritual aspect of ourselves, we at the same time "create" the opposite in the spectrum of dark energy.  The dark must exist as a counterbalance of the light.  Whatever form our thought energy takes is exactly what we will be combating within our darker aspect.  I understand that there are prayers that aren't meant to be prayed but at a specific time/point in our growth.  Doing spiritual work prematurely places us (much of the time unwittingly) in danger of the actions of the dark forces.  This I think is the reason why so many people fail or have difficulty in their spiritual growth.  It's a delicate balance between serving our ego or our heart.  Also, the dark doesn't "do" things the way we think.  The dark forces simply respond to an energy form.  They "feel" the positive energy we are giving off, and this places them off balance.  They react to the energy in the only way they know, through negativity.  It's a control/power issue.  They are at this time desperate to hold on to the power they already have, but feel it slipping away.  Another thing: I think there is an assumption that anything "dark" is necessarily evil.  This cannot be the case if you apply simple logic.  Nothing is evil but we think it to be so.  Many times it is our own foolish decisions and weaknesses that do us in, not any malevolent force outside ourselves.  Personally, I've never quite understood what truly motivates people/entities to be enamored with the dark/occult.  I've seen other people and friends who destroyed themselves with drink and drugs, it's a mystery why some of the best I knew were having the greatest struggles with a monster within themselves.  Maybe God is the same way, who knows?

  • so now?

    so - can be past or future, but not now.

    it is NOW.

  • In the following image, can you really tell where the light begins or when the darkness end?


    You may be able to! but then I'm 100% sure that another person would answer differently.

    That is how "Light" and "Darkness" works in reality.

    You have this gradient of white and black with LOT of gray in the middle, and the limits change according to people,

    what is light for you can be darkness for me.

    Welcome to duality, both should be balanced in a perfect equilibrium, but is that so?

    • Hey SolarKID, great analogy....a picture of duality.....very effective...

      • Hey Marique :P

        Check your Inbox, I dropped a message for you ;)

        To add something to the topic I really hope that what this meditations achieve is the elimination of the most negative aspects of the "darkness".

  • Yes, very much so.  It wouldn't surprise me at all if they have developed some kind of technology to block the positive energies.

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