• {{{{{{{{Johnny}}}}}}}}}} Very well could be. xD
  • A friend of mine on Facebook was discussing this exact thing early. As he says:
    If this was a failed missile launch, Where is the massive smoke plumes?? where is the debri? Where is the cleanup???

    My friend says:
    If it was high altitude you would see pieces of debris and especially falling leaked fuel which would still be reacting and be falling as small individual fireballs.

    Look for yourself at time index 1:18 on the above video, you will see all this on the rocket.

    You would also see a plume trial through the sky from the ground but

    Instead this weird blue-beam coming up from the ground.

    Possibly some kind of advanced holographic laser projection system?

    If so, what are they doing testing it in high arctic norway?

    When will they stop insulting our scientific intelligence, this doesn't stand up, we need a leading indepedent team of scientists to fully anaylze this and recreate it with an amateur rocket system, as this is the official explanation.

    I'm still calling Project Blue Beam.
    • I found a 3D simulation of what possibly caused the spiral:
    • That's what I am thinking still at this time...anyway Benjamin Creme has said for years that the Maitreya would appear/speak on TV....
      • To suggest this is a missle test is quite simply insulting to the intelligence. How stupid do the illuminati think we are? There is NO WAY that is a missle or a missle test gone wrong! There is clearly a portal that opened up.
        • exactly, it IS insulting. The sad thing is sooooo many people just believe it because that's what the Government Said so it must be true.
          • It was such an awful lie they put out there though. I'm sensing that half this world does not believe in their BS. Such bad liars...tsk...tsk! Hehe...It's like someone getting caught cheating, " I didn't honey, those are urs." And then after much prying from the partner (in this case, the media), "yeah, I did it." LOL....
  • I'm forwarding this from Yahoo Group ShareII

    The Share International people say this is what the blue spiral light show was.......

    --- On Thu, 12/10/09, Astron wrote:

    Hi Everyone,

    In his interview this morning on WRPI 91.5FM radio, Benjamin Creme talked about the blue spiral light show over Norway (produced by one of the four 'star' space craft) and also indicated that a "window of opportunity" is now in place for Maitreya to give His first interview on television. That is, Maitreya now has a "window of opportunity" for appearing on television in the period from Thanksgiving to Christmas (essentially, any time now). This means it is important now, more than ever, to make known the possibility that Maitreya *could* come forward soon and to watch for His interview on a major American network.

    Benjamin Creme also talked about what he considered a most important article in The Guardian newspaper on the environment which appeared on Monday. The article was called "Copenhagen climate change conference: 'Fourteen days to seal history's judgment on this generation'". This editorial, calling for action from world leaders on climate change, is published today by 56 newspapers around the world in 20 languages:

    Also, for those who were wondering about the Russian "reports" of a failed missile test, the report was actually made by an "anonymous" Russian official, and has not been officially confirmed. In fact, other early reports from Norway indicated that the Russian Navy confirmed that they did *not* fire any rockets:

    So while the media and government agencies are scrambling to get their stories straight it remains a great opportunity for us to continue contacting the media, blogs, and comment sections to get the story out that Maitreya will soon be on television.


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  • I've seen missiles spin and they don't leave such perfect spirals, emit blue light or a myriad of other things. They'd have been a lot better saying it was some sort of projection onto the clouds, but otherwise, it's more than obvious that they're all lying to hide something else. When I saw the first photo I thought it was a photo shopped image. THEN I saw several others and the videos. I DO love it... :-)
  • The first reports out were of the Russian military denying that it was a missile.

    Stupid world.
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