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Namaste...From my Heart to yours, Much Love and Light. Blessings! ~PaTang~

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  • Hello Pa! Its nice to see and meet you here.Welcome to the website!
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  • Oh, hello there young lady. :D

    Much love,


  • I Love You!!!0_compliments_beautiful_princess.gif
  • hi master my name is gangadhar(tinku) iam an indian iam a member in pyramid spiritual societies. this is "anapansathi" meditation ,this is very developing all over world for more information visit the site www.pssmovement.org ok. this is 100 percent free. this is emergency period many changes are started on the earth for 2012 devine plan compulsory do meditation regularly and avoid non veg ok. for 2012 info:www.2012unlimited.net ok .pass on to others
  • It's great meeting you here Tang and thanks for the add. Do you know if this site is affiliated with the Galactic Round Table?
  • Welcome, PaTang! Hope you'll have a great time in here. :D

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Feb 22, 2022
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"Blessings of Love and Light, Dear One!"
Jan 27, 2010
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"Blessings of Love and Light!"
Jan 21, 2010
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"Hi Beautiful Goddess. Blessings of Love and Light to you!"
Jan 21, 2010

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"simple question-if AIs replace white collar jobs-and robot AIs replace blue collar jobs-where is the money going to come from for useless humans to buy stuff?
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"trannies going insane;
transgender protesters swarmed him cursing and screaming before assaulting him several times as police looked on
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"Well, cave cheeses are great to consume and we have many in the UK, such as Cheddar, cave aged at Wookey Hole caves...
I would suggest that milk is OK here....I believe it's the US that put too many hormones in everything.....But if you want to…"
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"To answer the question: There are many good types of cheese. Try cave cheese. It always tasted really good. Do you know these tick tock videos? Someone throws a cheese with holes on a book page with many words and takes the words as an oracle. He…"
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There is plenty to be thankful here.
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"Hi! I'am not a awake soul but I do have a awake supra-consciousness as a aspect of infinity."
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I like what a farmer said about the Roswell accident victims in 1947 he said and I quote,"Well there not green."
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