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What do you think is happening with you and all of us as a collective?.. after 21st Dec 2012 ?

So, in your opinion, what happened on the Solstice, in terms of your own growth as a spiritual being and what do you feel is going on, on the planet right now as a collective?  .. since the 21st Dec and inwards ? .. in the present moment continuous, the eternal NOW.

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People from my neighborhood said they saw the stars relocating in the skies:-)

that's interesting .. where abouts are you from? ... :-)


I was talking a ride, when i heard someone said "Hey se stjenerne rykker sig vild meget"

Translated, Hey look the stars are moving quite quick, in the unnatural way ;-)

I would had looked up, but i was driving a bike... wouldn't risk it now:-D

Thank you Eye of Change ..

well the sky over Berlin is the usual overcast, no sun visible either .. wish I could see the stars myself.. especially at this time in the world.. 

I'm glad you concentrated on staying on your bike.. lol.. ;-)

Glad I do not live in their neighborhood.  If I saw something like that it would only be for a second, then I would be running into the house to get the camcorder....oh actually knowing myself like I do, I think I would be hiding under the bed, hahaha....Yup that is more like it now I give it a second thought.  Where do you live Eye of Change?

Were we moved?

I didn't get to watch the sky, super cloudy.

I received messages, there is now happening a mass consciousness, a great awakening like a wave around the planet. Everything will start to speed up. We will see great changes as more awaken at a faster rate. A big ride is coming........

Thanks Two Feather..

there is a mass awakening, yes.. and 2013 will see it explode even more I feel... otherwise people are stuck fast in their sleep .. it cannot last forever, the slumber party that is .. so..  I feel good .. I knew that I would.. lol...

@Two Feather: Yee ha!

In terms of my own spiritual growth - I guess I'm learning to accept things as they are.  It's a messed up world where many of us don't want to be in here.  However I'm also learning that we create our reality.  My reality is quite good and I have a good life (despite the suffering around me and around the world - which I feel alot).


So acceptance along with continuing to create a good reality for myself.  But also the feeling that the future ahead is quite dramatic (but this is due to personal dreams). 


What are YOU feeling Luke?

Hello Butterfly .. 

My reality is fairly alright I suppose .. lol... just doing the best I can.. getting up every day and living as simply as possible.... I'm a quiet person both here in Ashtar Command and in my life .. 

I had no expectations about the 21st Dec, so I don't feel disappointed as some people do, but that's understandable given the fact it was the most anticipated date in the history of the world..  how do I feel now? .. well.. I feel fine.. looking forward to 2013.. whatever will be, will be .. I am happy to give Love in this world until I drop dead .. .. that's about all I can say.. 

here is a butterfly ..  for a another butterfly ..

Thanks devi .. and right with you .. 

we gotta keep our vibes up .. and press on .. with all the Love we are ..

much Love to you devi .. 

as always..



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