Simplicity in every moment....


The WHEN, WHERE AND HOW isnt important, the important thing is to embrace the fact that Contact is a part of our destiny. To know that is enough.

I made a Re-post of this "" so we could Reflect on the "energy" of First Contact.

I read ALL channelings with a "Detached mind" and embrace the LOVE behind it. I dont take every word to heart.

Its a FACT that "contact" will happen, but all things have its perfect timing.

No one knows when where and how....Embrace the UNKNOWN and welcome change in every moment. See Life as a mystery unveiling itself before you. Theres no need to know
anything more than you know in the moment, thats a great relief.

The MIND Loves to make Stories around the How and when, but thats just a mind game.

The heart knows even if it hasnt a clue about when and how.
Listen to that voice instead =)

Be here and NOW, dont let the mind confuse you*

All things will be VERY natural as they proceed....

Im not very interested in When and How, im just focused on that it will happen, because
its a natural thing, were becoming more and more aware of our Cosmic nature.

Just think if we could embrace the Simplicity in every moment, there would be no hate,
no drama. Many want Dramas in their life and will create another Story which they can attach themself to. To know about the future makes us Secure and feel safe.

What if we we would enter the Unknown? Letting go of the future and be in the moment.
What would happen?
When we Enter the unknown there is Nothing to know or plan, just to embrace.
I live in that state every day...

I love this community because it has alot of views, true or false? Does it matter, whos right
or whos wrong? Truth is Truth and it will always be NOW!

We have played the MIND GAME on earth for eaons of time. Its Time to play the heart Game.

All the beauty and peace you seek is already here...


Alex, Ben-Arion

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  • Beautiful Ben, thank you.
  • A Beautiful message Ben
    Om Shanti
  • aaah BenA you are such a sweet fragrance........
  • Thank you for your post,
    It gives us food for thought and that is also the drive behind the reason the where for. For many the fear stops the contiunation some need a title a place a time a course. For them to accept demands a child like innocence which went we entered the earth realm is soon taken by those who fear change.
    Control of the sheep demands a strong shepard.

    Like you say things can be simple they only require trust and an open mind and heart.

    The journey is important the stages of it give you freedom to think. I will mantain my voice my ability to question to ask to challenge to be. For I am not a sheep. For even sheep have the ability to remember other sheep for up to 3 years.

    The result well I let you know once I am there if you like me your probably meet me there I will be the one standing up and asking Ok what is this all about.

    I respect your post and the views and thoughts you have written here is just one of my thoughts annielise thanks
  • Great read Ben especially the timing of your message. I see a lot of people being frustrated that contac has not happened yet. I tell them it has been happening for years and I try to explain the complexity of this mission. I also tell them ascension is and has been well underway. Most people are looking for a day that they are saved and everything is alright. I tell them to go on the internet and see the signs the earthquakes the crazy weather the truths being revealed. Jesse Ventura blamed Cheny for the 911 attack on the program the view. Jesse is the man and hopefully will not be killed off. I also tell them how our dna is changing and our chakra systems. One thing in a message that really bought the physical ascension symptoms home to me. It said that as the old energy is leaving the body the new energy is entering,however our physical bodies dont recgnize this energy and that is the bodies way of fighting it off. They say to tell yourself or give yourself permission to accept this new energy. I have been doing that with some success. You see for me the symptoms have been the worst for me tha last 3 or 4 months. The worst part is the exhaustion, the lack of desire to do anything being all spaced out and not being able to concentrate on work. Prcrastination big time. Well thanks again for your message and a great website. BTW how come we never see much channellers in the new york city area. I figure this is one area that needs love so much.
  • Response to “Opening Address to Earth” located at

    The following is my opinion based on many years of research and the best use of my common sense and intuition to discern the Truth.

    First “Discernment”: We live in a world of duality. One aspect of duality is Light and dark. Dark is the absence of Light. Light and dark are also aspects of human consciousness. Souls accept the veil of forgetfulness upon birth, so much that they knew before birth becomes dark. The various dramas that play out in the world result from interactions between Light and dark. The Light is the Truth. The dark creates thought forms that are non-truth, disinformation. According to James Tyberonn ( There was a golden age in Atlantis for almost 200,000 years. “Golden Period of Atlantis was the highest level of Light Consciousness ever achieved on the Earth Plane in any advanced civilization.” Then, about 17,500 BC there was a deluge and Atlantis started on a downward spiral. “Aryan was the largest of the islands and the most populated. Aryan was the commercial center and yielded the most influence from the economic, agricultural and military perspective. After the 2nd deluge, Aryan was significantly damaged and the infrastructure required a chaotic stage of rebuilding. In the process, the state became controlled by an elitist, affluent ‘white’ race, who gained control of the economy, military powers and island-state government, even though the majority of the populace were of the bronze or red race. From Aryan grew a corrupt power-minded aristocracy who sought to block the ‘Law of One’ and utilize Atlantis’s technology for control of the world, this through the utilization of crystalline energy for weaponry, and use of genetic science for development & retention of an inferior race to serve as workers and soldiers.”
    This power-minded aristocracy has existed ever since and still exists today. They are know as dark cabal, dark hats, illuminati...Many of them desperately seek to enslave the population. They want to keep us ignorant of the incredible skills/abilities that lie latent in us. If we learned to use the powers we possess, they would not be able to control us. Some of the dark hats read the channeled articles on the internet and then they publish articles which contain some truth and much disinformation. These articles are designed to confuse and incite fear in the reader. Some channeled articles may also contain disinformation. Not all discarnate entities are of the Light.
    Therefore, we must develop discernment when reading channeled articles.

    From Matthew:
    “It is of utmost importance that you use keen discernment in evaluating all information, including channeled. More than ever before, you are being inundated with information, some of it DISinformation, from myriad sources, and part of soul evolvement is learning to use your intuition—your soul’s alert to your consciousness—to discern the validity of what you hear and read. Please do not go into fear if information sounds dire or hold onto that which sounds as if just moments from now, peace and perfection will reign on Earth. We understand that the truth has been so long hidden from you that it is not easy to instinctively know what is true and what is false, but you must expand your minds and determine for yourselves what to believe. We also understand that the truth being revealed—and much more is to come—sometimes is difficult to believe because you have been conditioned by the many powerful influences in your life to accept without questioning whatever “authorities” tell you, thus some revelations forthcoming may be shocking.”

    On “Opening Address to Earth”:
    I get the impression that the article “Opening Address to Earth” was written by a person who has been studying the work of Sheldon Nidle. I have stopped reading these articles as I don’t agree with some of the things they claim and I also stopped reading “Opening Address to Earth” after reading a few paragraphs. Even though I read some truths in it, I also see many problems:

    Author implies and/or states that:
    1) the readers are all blind, self-centered, disrespectful and violent beings motivated by need to “repay debts, to claim the ‘eye for the eye’”. He must be writing to gang members. War is not motivated by desire for revenge, but by greed. War is a lucrative business for some people. During the Kuwait war a large graffiti sign appeared in a very noticeable location, near public transit, in our town. It read: “War, you can bank on it !”.

    2) people of Earth don’t have a say in the creation of their own future, and that ET’s are entitled to violate people’s God given rights. This statement is ridiculous: “Reformation of all Earth human souls will be enforced.” Free will is a Universal Law and whoever violates it incurs karma.

    3) light beings in higher dimensions need constitutions to limit their behaviour. Not ! According to Blue Star the Pleiadian: "The Nature of Reality, the Concepts Of Energy", Light beings exist “in the Universal flow of superior knowledge. This state exists now for many among you ones as it has for many eons.” This state is a connection with the Love that is God and the knowing of the Oneness of existence. When one is in this state they desire to serve God and All That Is. Light beings choose to do what is in the best interest of all concerned. They don’t need a constitution to limit behavior.

    4) it is possible to accurately predict the future. The author is attempting to do just that. It is not possible to accurately predict the future as the future consists of countless probabilities. I understand that the plan for “disclosure” is constantly changing; it is being updated based on latest developments. The article, also, tends to induce fear in people when the author claims that “many nations, races and countries will be surprised from the mass landings”, people will be forced to give up their current lifestyles, to be separated from loved ones and be brought aboard some strange light ships and that people will have their electricity shut off. What if the people don’t want to board the ships?

    5) “But if you can only pause from your aggression long enough to enjoy the stillness of peace, if you can order your collective affairs according to Universal Laws long enough to glimpse the rewards of peace, justice and cooperation, and if experiencing these things each of you can profit from your new environment in order to review your personal attitudes.” This statement is very wrong. It says, first create the end result and then contemplate on how you could have achieved the result. It is our mind that creates the physical reality. First comes the understanding and change in attitude, then comes Peace on Earth. It is also mentioned in the above Blue Star’s message “Any readjustment of a Soul's direction CANNOT be forced. In truth, it would be no different than attempting to place square pegs into round holes. The intent should be to focus upon inner, as opposed to outer existence. This will in turn alter the outer”.
  • Great words of wisdom my brother.Love and light be with you and all you hold dear.Namaste. :)
  • Thank you! Yess simplicity is the very KEY!
    Lets continue to play the game of the Heart
    and bring the Heaven on Earth!
    Love Light Blessings to every One
  • Very wisley spoken :) Thank you for the reminder Alex!

    Love and light,

  • Yes, you are right. But also important to be and act enlightended. Search for the last message from In message from 2010 March 11 Emmanuel says 1 enlightend individual stands for 900.000 people. That is what we can give to Earth. Be simple enlightened and send your beams out.
    Beautiful video Ben-Arion,
    winny from the Netherlands
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