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Blue-ray starseed from Venus. I believe that the most important thing we do is listen to our inner voice, the voice of our spirit or higher self, and contemplate what we receive. I believe in the law of attraction: the energy you put out comes back to you. I believe in the law of intention: you get what you concentrate upon I believe in the law of allowing: choosing and focusing on our goal and surrendering to our higher self’s guidance towards completion. Also allowing other people to be themselves no matter how they choose to behave by being non-judgmental, as we don’t know their soul contract. I believe that the world is as we each think it is. Everything is subjective. The universe is a hologram, conscious, self-aware energy and we interpret it (give it meaning) according to our personal beliefs. I believe that we each have spirit guides and angels always with us. They deeply love us and want to help us, but we must first ask them for help. Our guides are unable to infringe on our free will so they need our permission to help. I believe that we each chose to be born and that prior to birth we, with the help of guides and soul family members, created a plan for our life. The purpose of our plan is to help us clear any karma we may have and to advance evolution of our consciousness. I believe that people of Earth have been duped, controlled and exploited by the powerful, wealthy elite who were ordered to rule over them by the Anunnaki. The elite (also known as dark cabal, illuminati and illuminaughty ) use divide and conquer strategies through a variety of mind control methods. They, especially use the emotion of fear to make us feel vulnerable and in need of their protection and to create a separation between our conscious self and our higher self and therefore separation from valuable guidance. The theme of these times is Love versus fear. The test for each soul is: will you embrace the Love and Light that is being beamed to us, raise your emotions to Love, Joy, Forgiveness, Compassion, Gratitude and develop into a Master with psychic abilities or will you wallow in fear, believing yourself to be a victim and by the law of attraction drawing to yourself all that you fear?

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  • 8114453863?profile=originalStay blessed Jo!

  • Thanks for your comment.  I know, 2 months to ascension.  I have a Prosperity Program ready to start and a World-wide Seminar afterwards to inform everyone that's still asleep.  Will keep you posted on it.  :)

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  • HAHA!! I loved it! here is a couple for you hehe.

  • Crystalline Frequency

  • .. the diameter stayed the same as the distance increased and..here is the mind blower...it gently curved around the corner on projected ? the image I was seeing onto the wall. I had never seen light do a 90degree turn in a gentle curve. I had always seen light do sharp angular bends. this is getting interesting..heh? next..I walked up to the face now..
    about 1 foot away and looked closely at the eyes and mouth.
    I could not believe what I was seeing , but what gave the face the animation ..was both eyes and mouth were images of women moving..three
    of them..they would just cross there legs or cross there arms...and from six feet away that movement gave the face animation. up real close it was three separate images of moving poses of women. I don't know if it was the same person. end of part 2
  • Well thank you and I am new at relating my experiences about spiritual matters. I have many stories none of which are anything less than incredible.
    So please bear with me as I start to share with you and all the others who are interested in this matter. I am a novice when it comes to spiritual lingo..So please excuse my lack of knowledge..I know by coming here it will soon grow. I am thinking now about how detailed to get..because..hmmmm I could prolly write a book about this and maybe someday will.
    So let's start on page one of the most significant encounter I had, then I could make this an ongoing saga. Also I am interested in anyone else has met the same light person..I hope I am not the only one?
    here we go, I was in a small room it had a bed and bathroom thats it. Also
    I had events that led me to this place..that I will talk about later.
    I have also written a song about this.
    'I was lying on the bunk , reading, and I glanced over to the wall because something caught my attention. I could not believe what I was seeing on my wall! after recollecting myself.. I started looking, and what I was seeing was a FACE . I was about 6 feet from the wall and face. It seemed to be animated.. it was just two eyes and a mouth, but from six feet away it looked female. I next feeling that washed over me..was one unlike anything I had ever felt...before... it was complete feeling of LOVE and warmth...it was over whelming.
    after a period of time..gee could have been seconds or minutes..I got up from the bunk..and stood up and started moving closer to the face. Next thing I noticed was a blue/white beam of light coming from the bathroom
    the door was open. It was about the diameter of cigarette only slightly bigger diameter. 'here is the part that makes me believe this was something extraordinary. when the beam came from the bathroom..it was coming from the showerhead.. end part 1
  • I would like to share the story of how I met my spirit guide (turjon) with all.
    I play music and I have a room in the lower part of the house where I do that.
    It was winter and the basement is already the coldest part of the house. I was sitting down there listening to music and my hands got very cold. There was small basement window and for reasons I don't understand I lifted my arms and pointed my hands at the little window. I was reaching out for warmth or something ..anyway almost right away I felt a flow of energy coming into my hand and down my arm. It was like water in that it flowed and I could pour it ..like water over my cold hand. IT WAS amazing
    , because soon my hands were toasty warm. So I just thanked the source of that energy and asked it.. to say a name. The first name that entered my head, was 'turjon' Since that time whenever someone I met complained of cold hands... I would introduce them to turjon..he/she is always there
  • I was contacted by a light being and shown a vision..it changed my life. Since then I have been putting the pieces of the puzzle together. I am finally seeing the the picture. The stuff I need , I have and will share. Love, goodness, honesty and Gratitude, down on my knees thankful for the blessings bestowed.
    Look forward to the continued adventure Doug
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I'm happy to meet you. Thank you for your friendship.
XO  Jo"
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" Notice how the scientific perspective makes a believer feel insignificant in the Multiverse."
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"Hi Darryl,
Thanks for your friendship.
It's soo exciting...only 2 months till ascension ! 

"Dearest souls … breathe. When your eyes feast upon such wonders that you are to behold … do remember to breathe … for such happenings shall be so breath…"
Oct 23, 2012

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