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Greetings everyOne !

Remember what Beloved CoMdr * LightSpeed * announced here for the New Year : SHIFT HAPPENS ! Now, it becomes obvious to live this which is the beginning to go upstairs but with our own will, our own consciousness.
Be sure of what you desire and wish to have access to this new reality which has never took place on Earth !

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I so agree with you Robby. I hear deviding words too. It reminds me of the post I read on another forum on the difference between preaching and being encouraging, one separates and one unites. Strong words of exclusion, like I am there and you are not, so wail and cry do not feel uplifting. These type of words can do harm to the downtrodden and weary........who need encouragement and a path shown to them or encouragement that there IS a path, not admonishments on how they are not where they are supposed to be with no real answers how they are supposed to get there. Just my feelings. I mean no irreverence at all to Cmdr, just an observation on the power and impact of the different ways of presenting an idea with words. Intentions count for a lot, but if the words speak a different story and paint a much different picture, it may not be the way to help those who are struggling.
I just checked out the Choir of Hard Knocks. Wow they are awesome. They are just what I was talking about above in my comment. Had someone not taken an interest in their wellbeing and peace and shown sincere care, then they never would have had the opportunity to share their wonderful talent and music with the world. So inspiring and such talent. Thank you so much for letting us know about them.



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