This is an extensive story and parts have been said somewhere else.  This is preceded by a year of spiritual allowance to accept magic. Then a year of learning, gaining TK, increasing vibrations and some OBE's.  During one of these OBE's recently I was removed from my body, turned about and shown myself, a brilliant white glowing entity.  Keep this in mind, for I see all of us as this being.

Over the last year this electrical/vibration is increasing and manifests when I am awake and also wakens me in the night, at times two to three times.  I also find I can effect others with this in a positive way.  Last week, I went through this three times at night and during the last one, I told my wife while more asleep than awake, that soon she would be experiencing these as well, then went into deep sleep.  The next morning, she was upset and told me of this strange sensation that happened during the night, something that she had never experienced in her life, a strange vibration going up her leg into the spine.

Why I am posting here is because this has got so far out that very few people anywhere share this, or so I thought.   That is why I am here, for some understanding. Also it came to me that this experience like my telekinesis can be transferred and learned by others.  So I posted a quick survey blog elsewhere and got several replies that in fact many  were experiencing these sensation over the last year, not just prior to obe's, but anytime.  One person out of the few that read the  blog was amazed that her husband whom did not believe, was now experiencing the same thing.  Last night, my wife told me that the vibration sensation was happening again and it was at the front of her head, in the area of what is called the third eye, it went back and forth.  I suggested that she allow it, and to relax.  My conclusion is, this is happening to many, many people and will be transferred to others as well.  Understand, my wife is a reluctant prophet, with powerful dreams of truth.

This last part is spooky for me.  I was out with my family and talked to my grand son of 17 years whom has an entity in the form of an orb and manifestation of a large being which has pestered him in the last months.  I talked to him about his dreams.  He talked in an animated way of flying around in his dreams, but those others could not see him.  Then he dropped the last dream onto me with a WOW factor, refer to mine above.  He thought it was really interesting in one because he found himself floating above his body, looking down onto himself sleeping.  What was neat according to him was the pure bright white light glowing outward and radiating from his body like a strong searchlight or something.  This is when I related my same experience to him, us seeing ourselves for what we are.

After this I slept soundly until I woke last night again to a cushioning effect of my body seemingly to float in the electrical vibrations.  Here I am sorry,  as I don't get gushy, but this was one hell of an emotional experience.  I saw an oval area like in the woods, surrounded by flowers somewhat like a natural alter of nature.  The vibrations were going through me and back into the earth, I was part of this earth, it was part of me.  I was healing the earth in some way and the connectedness and emotions of this is still overwhelming me.  Hope you understand this last, it is very powerful and thanks.


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