• If i had 6 months left and the means to do it,  I'd really like to travel and meet new people and show my son that the world really is a big and interesting place to be. I'd like to educate him in different cultures and religions. Show him all the ways life can be lived without negative influences until my time ran out.

    • :) Im with you 

  • Travel the world after winning big time on the lottery and helping people in need with my money and just spread joy and compassion wherever I go. I believe I could see alot of this beatiful earth in 6 months of travelling. Then I could leave this physical body happily if those 6 months meant the end. :)

  • Exactly as I am now. With the added chore of making sure I take care of arrangements. Making sure I have life insurance to cover my funeral arrangements and my families bills, hopefully with leftover. And I'd probably make sure my family has all the necessary passwords and logins for anything they might need access to.


    Unless I win the lottery or somehow come across a large sum of money, I wouldn't be able to afford to do anything different, and that's okay. I don't think I would want to do anything extremely different to cause concern for my family. I'm not sure if I knew I only had 6 months, that I would want them to know... because then they would be spending my remaining days worrying about it.

  • :D

  • hahahaha kk

  • Reality is overated...........I was much happier when I was delusional - it was everyone else that had a problem with it, lol ;)

    I just walked out on the lot permanently (no possessions, no house, no nothing) and I have literally just followed my gut ever since. Takes a bit of practice but since I have done this I have bizzarely ended up on the path that I was always supposed to be on - am setting up a charity with a friend who turned up out of the blue, made loads of fab new like minded friends who totally support me and my weirdness, old best friends who get me have turned up from nowhere.

    I don't know if you ever play Skyrim but if you are a mage on there is a spell called clairvoyance. If I'm out doing random wandering and I don't know what way to go I just imagine this thing in front of me and it always seems to point me in the 'right' direction. Don't ask me how...........looks a bit like the intention thing from Donnie Darko :)

    Skyrim Clairvoyance

    Cat xxx

    • Interesting....very and I like it 

  • Probably visit every Goa Trance/Psy trance festival in the world :)) 

    ozora_fest_by_mustafa_mukherjee.jpgBEAUTIFUL :D <3 O.Z.O.R.A 

    • Now, were talkin :))

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