This proves that hard lefties want a dear leader dictator-watch the film The Inner Circle with Tom Hulce-it's about the insanity of the soviets and stalin as dear leader-Hulce plays a movie projectionist in the Kremlin and he's a 'true believer' in communism, even after his wife is confiscated by the regime insiders and his life is ruined. Based on a true story written by a Russian.

Sen. Ted Cruz says Barack Obama is acting like an "imperial president" and must think he can do "nothing wrong," given his adversarial push to have Congress accept Chuck Hagel as his new defense secretary and extend the nation's debt limit without a fight.

"There's a pattern here . . . which is I think the president has drunk the Kool-Aid," the Texas Republican said Tuesday evening on Fox News' Sean Hannity show. "He was re-elected and at this point he thinks he can do nothing wrong. He went through the fiscal cliff; he got exactly what he wanted in the fiscal cliff.

"And you take the Hagel nomination, for example," Cruz continued. "They floated this trial balloon for several weeks and you saw a number of Republicans come out against it. You saw crickets chirping among [Democratic] senators.

"Typically one floats a trial balloon to get a sense of support. It was clear there was strong bipartisan opposition to Chuck Hagel, and President Obama decided he didn't care. He was going to force it through and pick this fight because I think, politically, he thinks he can pick any fight he wants."

But Cruz, who believes like a number of his GOP colleagues that former Senator Hagel is "on the outer fringe in terms of his views on national security," says he plans to fight hard to defeat Hagel's nomination.

"I respect him personally, but his views are not in the mainstream, and I don't think they'd serve this nation well leading the Department of Defense," said Cruz, acknowledging Hagel's service as a decorated soldier in the Vietnam War.

Cruz, however, indicated he was more concerned about Obama's determined effort to avoid a fight with Congress on the debt limit, which could mean a move to invoke the 14th Amendment's provision on the public debt and simply tell the Treasury to ignore the debt ceiling.

"You know, we saw in the first term the president repeatedly ignore the constraints of the Constitution, ignore the constraints of federal law to implement his agenda, and I think in the second term that's only going to get worse," Cruz told Hannity.

They will have to get two jobs and and stiil no health care. 

A Nebraska Wendy's franchise is slashing employee hours so the owners do not have to pay for health benefits for their workers under ObamaCare's requirements.

WOWT reports about 100 workers in non-management positions at 11 Omaha-area Wendy's will have their hours cut to 28 a week.

Gary Burdette, Vice President of Operations for the local franchise, tells the station that his restaurants cannot afford to pay for health coverage for all their employees under the new Affordable Health Care Act.

President Obama's health care overhaul requires employers to offer health insurance to employees working 32-38 hours a week. 

Read more:

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  • Wendy's is trying real hard to go out of business two stores in our area.  why is not fast food come under min wage law?

    have read some have no benefits  wages as low as $2+ an hour Olive garden, red lobstor + others owned by umbrella same company.

    employees come to work sick no sick leave

  • If this is "spirituality in general" I'm on the wrong site....

    • to me, anything that addresses curtailing personal freedoms by anyone, especially elected? gov authorities also effects freedom of thought and freedom to think is needed in spirituality-also my point above is the wastefulness and corruption of central planning and believing that one guy, who i will bet has not been self realized (complete kundalini enlightenment) has all the answers and can dictate his/their agenda on the rest of us-this wendys thing will be played over in companies all over the US because if they don't there will be no bottom line, less incentive for investors and if a company doesn't do something similar the will need to raise prices and go out of business, less jobs around-but I'm not too worried, NSRA will be along any day now and we will all get a nice big free check in the mail from the cabal

      • "text"

        Fair enough. I can buy that motivation for this thread and hereby retract my claim of being in the wrong thread. :)

        "NSRA will be along any day now and we will all get a nice big free check in the mail from the cabal"

        If you accept those money you're gonna pull a SERIOUS karmic debt upon yourself. ;)

        The only money that could possibly be given away at this time would be money that are made out of the suffering and blood of humanity.. Are you sure you wanna take responsibility for those things by accepting the blood-money?

        Personally I'd rather sell heroine to children than taking the karmic debt of the cabal's money-monopoly. Selling heroine to kids would be far less devastating to my karma at that point ;)

        • I was joking-NESRA is ajoke

          • lol, i suspected that but I couldn't be 100% sure you were joking.. :)

            I deal with all kinds of crazy people every day and have been forced to start to take EVERYONE seriously no matter what they say. ;)

    • Actually this kind of fits since some on this site consider Obama a light-worker. I personally did note vote for Obama and am not a fan:} I feel bad for the Wendy's workers since I too have an hourly job so know how it feels. These type of stories were on the news before he was reelected though so no surprise. I am sure the next 4 years will bring many interesting things. 

      • "Actually this kind of fits since some on this site consider Obama a light-worker."

        I am sort of a lightworker too but if I post a thread about for example how I play with child-dolls and molest them every day to compensate for some severe urges of sexy sadistic bdsm-sex with minors, that thread would probably not be considered spiritual. It'd be considered to be the smut it truly would be no matter if the person described is normally a saint or not. ;)

        I thought Obama would become a new Hitler but nowadays I'm not sure that will be, even tho the danger is far from over. If another 9/11 is created I don't think Obama will be able to "keep the peace". He'll be forced to join WW3 or be assasinated by his own (emotional) voters, and that in turn, could create all the prerequisitions that are needed for Obama to turn into HItler 2.0 without even knowing it himself.

        The next few years won't be interesting to me tho... The future never is once you get to know the different timelines that can emerge from different situations.

        I'm bored out of my skull and have been for years. ;)

  • Visualize "secession."

    • I can do that

This reply was deleted.

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