It was supposed to be the happiest time of the year when families come together to celebrate a well deserved holiday. However, the news of the Connecticut school massacre shocked the whole world. Those who were ruthlessly killed were very young school children who were totally innocent and powerless to defend themselves.

As I watched the news, tears ran down like river.  Children of my daughter’s age who have not experienced many wonders they wished to experience, passed away in horror and pain. I cannot imagine what their parents are going through right now. But I know my heart is also broken and I know I must write something to remember these beautiful and brave souls.

Incarnated in this world, every soul has its own life plan. At the same time, it also participates in the collective “life plan”.  The choices we make along the way lead to the realities we live in. We also agreed to live in the reality resulting from the collective choices. Life plan is not a set destiny; it is a series of choices leading to different outcomes. In the process of making these choices, we learn and grow.

So what are the life plans of these beautiful souls who have just left this world? Did their souls arrange the life plans that decide one day they will be murdered? The answer is not something set in concrete. This was only a possibility.  They knew that if in the earlier shootings which many lost their lives, people woke up to change their ways by eliminating the tools of violence – guns, everything would be on a different time line and the outcome would be different. However, they also knew if the change does not happen, they must endure the consequence of the collective choice.

So what happened on 14 December is the result of the collective choice and many have a share in it for being self-serving and apathy or believing that they are too powerless to make any difference.  If people still attribute this as a random unfortunate occurrence or the act of the evil, they are blind to their own responsibilities. And others who have similar soul plans will one day face same reality till people wake up.  

These are brave souls and they came to wake up the world. They hope people can understand: violence, whatever is the reason and however legitimate it sounds is a demonstration of a savage culture of a 3D consciousness world. It is a culture conditioned by the Hollywood movies which makes people to believe that one can achieve justice through violence. These beautiful and innocent young children give their lives to tell the world: only love, not fear or hatred, can change the world. Hopefully people will have enough love for them to change their ways.

The same applies to our lives as individuals. The path of life is a path of choices, our choices decide our realities.  If we always encounter same problems in our lives,  we must wake up to see the true causes of the issues instead of attributing them to the random bad luck just like the society did by blaming the killers. Awakened people will seek to change themselves to be on the best time line that they can be so they can change their destiny and the destiny of the collective for the better.

Life may be seen as a game but it is not meaningless or has no purpose. Souls grow through their experiences and the growth is coming from seeing a different choice from the one that does not work.  As the bell of the New Age is about to ring, an Age of dramatic changes is upon us. And the changes are coming from every single one of us – BE THE CHANGE YOU WANT TO SEE.

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