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SANTA FE ASTROLOGY, Jan. 7 - 2018 Astrology Predictions By Malcolm - Trump, Putin, U.S.A., Russia, China, India, U.K., Germany, France, Israel, Iran, Saudi Arabia, Federal Reserve, N.Y.S.E, and C.I.A.

No changes per horoscope charts were done; the same charts used from my 2017 Predictions seminar were used. Enjoy!

Donald Trump

& 2018 Notes

& Predictions




Pluto stays in Trump’s 5th House of speculation throughout 2018. The Pluto Square Jupiter transit that has helped Trump “beat the odds” throughout 2017 is now gone. Trump’s natal Jupiter in the 2nd House rules good luck with financial resources, and like it or not, Trump did improve the economy with a GDP growth of 3% during the 2nd half of 2017. Obama could not achieve this percentage during both of his terms; the best he could get for GDP growth was 2%. The new Pluto transit to watch for in 2018 for Trump will be Pluto Semi-Sextile Moon during spring of 2018. This transit is one of slight tension, and it will focus on Trump’s natal Moon in his 4th House. This placement represents slight tension involving his family or those close to him like “family,” and there is a possibility of crisis with the Pluto transit. There may be removal or a blockage of family members (or those like “family”) from Trump’s inner circle in 2018. This transit will be strong during spring. Just as Bannon and Flynn left Trump’s inner circle in 2017 during the Saturn Conjunct Moon transit, there may be others who will be forced to leave Trump’s inner circle or his “family” during the Pluto Semi-Sextile Moon transit.


Neptune stays in Trump’s 7th House of relationships, one-on-one confrontations, and legal affairs throughout 2018. There are no major transits involving deceptive-based Neptune. But Trump may still have to deal with new deception presented in his legal affairs in 2018. Interestingly, 2016 Trump Campaign manager Roger Stone predicts a possible attempt to remove Trump from office via the use of the 25th Amendment. This will be very difficult due to no credible claims of mental instability (except for such claims from those with noted histories of hatred for Trump, such as career politicians and television networks). Any 25th Amendment attempt against President Trump will likely fail if tried. Trump may have personality issues that annoy others, but he is still pretty sharp from a mental perspective.


Uranus stays in Trump’s 9th House of international involvement, philosophy, and views of freedom and the law throughout 2018. The 2018 transit to watch for is Uranus Trine Ascendant and this will be strong throughout 2018, especially in spring of 2018. Defense agreements are areas to include for possible positive change due to the Trine aspect (in addition to 9th House aspects of law and international involvement). Please note that this Uranus will be in the “war sign” of Aries during this transit (and also note that at this time that this transit will also transit Putins’ Mars placement in a positive way (in addition to having a positive transit with Trump’s Ascendant)). But Uranus rules surprises. Hence, I am leaning toward a “positive surprise in the environment” with this Uranus Trine Ascendant transit, but remember that “surprises” are the prominent definition with Uranus transits. Uranus Square Venus just took place in January, and this may explain for a shocking conflict with Trump supporters involving Trump’s 180º flip on U.S. States 10th Amendment rights concerning marijuana legalization.


Saturn will enter Trump’s 5th House of speculation in 2018 and will stay there for a majority of 2018. Saturn represents restrictions, and the key transit combination to watch for is Saturn Square Neptune and Saturn Opposition Mercury during the first half of 2018. This represents reconciliation or an exposure of deceptive communications that concern associates or financial areas. Saturn transiting the 5th House is known to expose weaknesses. Thus, deceptions involving communications, important talks, or problems with children are possible with Saturn transiting the 5th House Trump’s chart.


Jupiter stays in Trump’s 3rd House throughout 2018 and will enter the 4th House in late 2018. Jupiter Quincunx Sun will be very strong in late February to March of 2018, and this may represent a positive change to Trump’s reputation or position of power due to successful outcomes or good luck with areas that concern important communications. Another possibility may be a shocking but positive change with important relationships. This is because Trump’s Uranus Square Venus transit will be taking place very close to this Jupiter Quincunx Sun transit.


Trump is a Gemini Sun, and Gemini Suns are noted for usually being affected by Mercury retrogrades. The Retrograde of Mercury in Aries takes place in Trump’s 9th House in spring of 2018. It is fair to say that spring of 2018 will represent a significant time for Trump regarding areas of international involvement, views of the law, and changes in philosophy regarding these areas. Trump’s natal Venus will get a hard Direct Venus in November of 2018 to form a Venus Square Venus transit. With retrograde Venus in Trump’s 3rd House, this may represent an important conflict and/or possible separation with an important associate or friend at this time in late 2018. 



Vladimir Putin

& 2018 Notes

& Predictions


Putin’s transiting Pluto will be in his natal 3rd House throughout 2018.  Communications with others will be very important throughout 2018, especially in lieu of what appears to be major transits of Pluto in the 3rd applying to Jupiter and Neptune on the natal horoscope. Similar to Trump, Putin has a lot of important transits in the first half of 2018. The Pluto transit to watch for is Pluto Square Neptune during March through May, and Putin’s natal Neptune is in the 12th House of Putin’s chart. This time frame may indicate either a major conflict in areas that concern important 12th House aspects, and this includes issues concerning espionage, institutions, secret enemies, and religion (and terrorism also looks strong here). It is probable that Putin will either make changes or reconciliations in these areas in a very big way during spring of 2018, or he will be involved in conflict to try to keep “the old way” intact. The problem with Pluto Square transits is that Pluto tends to “crystallize” areas in one’s life in harsh ways, and one is usually forced to transform from old ways whether one likes it or not. The good news is that Pluto Trine Jupiter will also be taking place in 2018, and this may help with this metamorphosis. Overall, Putin may agree to or proclaim new agreements in some areas of communications that may show a transformation from outdated old ways to modern new ways that may be needed. These actions will probably please some groups while angering others, especially from an international perspective.


Neptune stays in Putin’s 4th House throughout 2018. This transit usually affects one’s personal life more than one’s professional life since the 4th House is the house of “one’s personal space.” Neptune is known for deceptive and disappointing action, but I’ve noticed Neptune to have a glamorous effect on appearance. Hence, this 4th House transit of Neptune may indicate either wonderful improvements with the appearance of Putin’s home (or country), or disappointing incidents to take place at the home. Marriage, personal relationship, and family breakups are usually noted with this transit, but so are improvements at the home.


Uranus transits Putin’s 6th House of open criticism, government employees, and health care issues in 2018. The transit to watch for is a weak Uranus Opposition Ascendant transit in August of 2018. Uranus is usually associated with surprises and terrorism, and the area in opposition of the Ascendant has been called “the area of open enemies.” This summer of 2018 may be a time that Putin may have issues with terrorism, or he may encounter great surprises or issues concerning health care or his government work force in some way.


Saturn enters and transits Putin’s third house throughout 2018. Business and government communications will be important and possibly difficult with this transit, and this is especially heightened with Pluto also transiting this house (and with both planets in the sign of Capricorn). Saturn represents restrictions, and 2018 may be a year that Putin makes difficult decisions and agreements that will affect his people (or the Russian public) in a less favorable way desired in an effort to improve important relationships with others. The good news is that 3rd House transits of Saturn usually “lay out building foundations in communications” that result in benefits in later years after such work and sacrifices are made. Fall of 2018 looks especially good for Putin to be involved with such talks and agreements pertaining to business and government (that will affect the Russian public) due to a strong Saturn Quincunx Moon transit in that time frame.


Jupiter is well placed for Putin in 2018. The 1st House represents “appearance; health; impression on others,” and lucky 2018 Jupiter transits this house for the majority of 2018. Jupiter Opposition Jupiter, Jupiter Square Pluto, and Jupiter Square Midheaven take place during the first three months of 2018. This will be an excellent time for Putin in terms of making a good impression on others. This may be a time for important negotiations or discussions. Important treaties are also a possibility since Putin’s natal Jupiter is in the 7th House, and the 7th House is usually associated with treaties. June through July of 2018 will feature Jupiter Semi-Sextile Sun. This will be in the middle of the Saturn Quincunx Moon transit previously discussed. This may represent important talks with future benefits in a strong way, but may not be viewed favorably by everyone.


The Mercury Retrograde of July through August of 2018 begins with Mercury Conjunction Pluto and Mercury Conjunction Midheaven. Mercury then goes direct with Mercury Square Venus. This summer of 2018 may thus represent a very important time per international involvement for Putin, and this is due to this retrograde of Mercury in the 9th House of Putin’s chart.



United States

& 2018 Notes

& Predictions


Pluto will transit the 8th House of the U.S. horoscope throughout 2018. The 8th House rules the planet Pluto, and it also rules banking, insurance, taxation, budget changes, and secret activities involving the elite. Pluto also rules transformation, and often via crisis or unexpected changes. Yes, we are witnessing new changes in tax policy and budget policy. But we are also witnessing new changes in insurance; the Affordable Care Act is about to be subject to great changes. And some of the secret activities of the elite (such as human trafficking and pedophilia) are also getting exposed with huge numbers of arrests made in 2017 (and with little mainstream media coverage of such arrests). Spring of 2018 will feature Pluto Quincunx Mars and Pluto Quincunx Ascendant as very strong transits, and these transits may indicate slight tension and possible conflict in the U.S. environment due to the changes taking place per budget and tax policy. These changes will favor some and disfavor others, and conflict among population groups is probable. There is also the possibility of great tension (and scandal) concerning activities of the elite that may get exposed.  Activities related to the 8th House (i.e. financial, sex, power struggles, or great secrets) are probable for scandal in 2018.


Neptune will transit the 10th House throughout 2018. The 10th House rules the reputation of the nation and the actions of its leader or ruling party.  Because of the implications of the Pluto transit discussed previously, it is possible that the U.S. may be subject to reputation downgrades per international viewpoint due to scandals or certain actions arising from the current ruling party or the president. Neptune has been transiting the U.S. 10th House since 2011, and while there has been a change in the ruling party and the leadership of the U.S., the potential for disappointment with reputation is still strong now as it was in earlier years with this transit. This is especially true in the light of possible scandals that may occur concerning the U.S. government leadership in 2018. Neptune Quincunx Saturn will be strong during the first half of 2018. Since Saturn often represents government, it is possible for tension to be very visible within the branches of the government during the first half of 2018.


 Uranus transits the U.S. 11th House throughout 2018. The 11th House rules local and state governments, and the relationship between these governments with the central government.  The transit of Uranus Square Pluto finishes up in 2018 in April. And because the square represents a conflict, it is possible we may see a final culmination or real exposure of conflict at this time that has been developing between the red states (i.e. Republican) and the blue states (i.e. Democrat) regarding the election of Trump. It is very possible that this conflict may be financial based (as opposed to racial based) and may concern the recent 8th House tax and budget changes that have taken place that favor the red states. This is especially true regarding property tax deductions that are being limited with these new tax changes that disfavor states such as California and New York.  Another possibility may be proposals of new welfare requirements, as this is currently being discussed (and also rules the 8th House since it’s budget-related). 

Saturn stays in the 7th House throughout 2018. In addition to more legal involvement concerning real and imaginary legal dilemmas that concern the honorable members of government, there is the possibility of termination of relations with certain international or business allies. This is due to the Saturn Opposition Venus and Saturn Opposition Jupiter transits taking place in winter and summer of 2018, although the winter transit looks more intense due to other transits taking that may magnify Saturn’s energies. 

Lucky Jupiter transits the 6th House throughout 2018. I have noticed that this 6th House transit defines opportunity for government and health care-related jobs (ruled by the 6th House), but the work available is usually not the type of work many care for. Most people want the nice government job where one wears a nice suit and sits at a desk, and we may see this type of government work shrink with this transit (while other forms of government work flourish that do not require a suit, and may also require much physical action, dirty hands, and activity with people most do not care for). Nevertheless, this transit should offer a good job outlook, especially in the 2nd half of 2018. This is because we get a host of lucky transits that include Jupiter Square Moon, Jupiter Trine Mercury, Jupiter Square Midheaven, and Jupiter Opposition Uranus taking place in the second half of 2018.


Mercury’s Retrograde in spring of 2018 will be significant due to Mercury Opposition Saturn and Mercury Square Jupiter being strong at the Retrograde and Direct positions (respectively). Because of the 11th House placement of media-ruling Mercury for this Retrograde, this may indicate news of possible conflict or issues that concern certain states, neighbors, or allies of the central government.



Russia &

2018 Notes

& Predictions




Russia has Pluto transiting the 5th House throughout 2018. The 5th House rules speculation and Pluto rules banking and finance. Because the Russian economy has relied on consumer borrowing to keep GDP growth intact with this transit during 2017, we can expect much the same for 2018. This indicates continued presence of the Russian banking customer to keep the Russian economy growing at a small (but reasonable) pace via borrowing (yet again) in 2018. Pluto forms a strong Semi-Sextile with Mars in the 4th House in the second half of 2018, and this may indicate more financial focus on the military industrial complex for expenditures or budget cuts.


Neptune has recently entered Russia’s 8th House of banking, taxation and budget actions, and activities of the elite. The recent Neptune Square Mercury transit (with Neptune on the 8th House cusp) may have indicated disappointing news with Russian GDP growth at 1.8 percent near the end of 2017 (and which is lower compared to Russian GDP growth at 2.5 percent in previous months, according to Bloomberg). As for 2018, transiting Neptune forms an Opposition to natal Jupiter in the 2nd House (financial resources) and then Sextiles to the natal Uranus Conjunction Neptune placement in the 5th House (speculation in technology and chemicals) throughout 2018. With Neptune transiting the 8th House, this defines financial speculation. And this speculation may concern the use of more borrowing to expand markets in the previous named industries, along with increased consumer borrowing. Russia’s currency (the Ruble) has been relatively stable, and Russia may be able to sustain deflationary forces currently at work due to increases in world energy resources. However, this may indicate future problems with Saturn entering the 5th House, and this will be explained lunder the Saturn write-up.


Uranus transits the Russian 9th House throughout 2018. This transit indicates surprises with international involvement and endeavors. Involvement with the Middle East tension and tension related to relations arising from Middle East engagements was very much defined in 2017 with the Uranus  Quincunx natal Venus Conjunction Pluto transit that took place in 2017. The good news is that there are no major transits in 2018 with Uranus to suggest any probable tension from Uranus transiting this house. This may indicate success with Russian containment of Middle East terrorism in certain international regions. This is in contrast with European attempts to work with Middle East terrorism by allowing many immigrants (who are mostly military-aged men from Middle East regions) to take residency in various parts of Europe.


Saturn has entered the speculation-ruling 5th House of Russia, and will stay there throughout 2018. The Saturn Conjunction Sun transit will also form a Saturn Trine Moon transit in January, and these two transits will be strong again in late summer to early fall of 2018. This appears to be possible intervention in the banking system, especially concerning the public and possibly real estate (and this is because the natal Moon usually defines the general public or neighborhoods, and yes, this is especially true with real estate since the Moon can define the family home as well). Hence interest rate increases are possible, but the harmonious action of the Trine may also indicate new construction or increased investment opportunities for the public (but with restrictions).


Transiting Jupiter is well-placed for Russia in 2018. Winter of 2018 features transiting Jupiter forming a Conjunction with the natal Venus Conjunction Pluto placement, and this may define successful relations concerning banking or important financial agreements (since Pluto rules banking and finance, and Venus rules relationships). This transit may also define important agreements outside of banking or finance. The summer of 2018 transit of Jupiter Sextile Neptune will take place around the same time as Neptune Sextile Neptune, and Pluto Sextile Mars will also be strong at this time. I suspect an important agreement may surface between Russia and others during late summer to early fall of 2018, and it may help Russia with its slow GDP growth issue.


Russia has two Mercury Retrograde issues. July features Mercury going Retrograde on the Ascendant in late July of 2018 and then forming a Trine to natal Mercury as it goes Direct in August of 2018. This may define important news coverage concerning areas of a secretive nature, especially concerning important international talks and negotiations of some sort due to this Mercury retrograde taking place in the 12th House of Russia. 


China &

2018 Notes

& Predictions



Pluto transits China’s 12th House throughout 2018. This may define a time of transformation of it’s institutions that work with the public (and this includes surveillance), or it may define crisis with these 12th House aspects. But the one 12th House area that may be highlighted for 2018 is religion and congregations of religion. This is because China has come under international attack in 2017 for state actions against religious organizations (and organized religion and their congregations also rule the 12th House). It is thus possible that 2018 may feature China having either improved relationships with organized religions and their congregations or outright censorship and government action against such organized religious activity. Buddhism is certainly one religion that has been in the crosshairs of the Chinese government, but Christianity is another religion that has begun to come under recent attack by the Chinese government.


China’s transiting Neptune is about to do a house change from 1st House to 2nd House. When a transiting planet retrogrades from one house back to another, there is usually an area defined in the house that gets highlighted with the energies of the transiting planet. In the case of Neptune, we have Neptune Opposition Saturn in the 7th House and a formation of a yod with the natal Mars Sextile Neptune placement. This defines potential fraud exposed in important government relationships that concern either financial resources or the military, or both. This may be prominent in the first half of 2018, and this may be a difficult time-frame for China if they are trying to show a favorable impression to others in areas of diplomacy or finance. This is also due to natal Saturn and natal Mars in the 7th House, as well as natal Neptune in the 8th House.


Transiting Uranus Squares the Ascendant of China very hard in the second half of 2018 with Uranus entering Taurus in 2018. This may define the media covering an important conflict taking place in China, or a conflict taking place in important areas of diplomatic communications. Technology issues are another possibility, and there may be 3rd house media coverage of issues concerning internet censorship or issues concerning China’s computer manufacturing industries. Apple manufacturing is rumored to return to the U.S. despite China’s tax challenge to Trump’s lowered corporate tax rate, and there also may be a conflict developing that concerns important technology materials such as rare earth minerals (of which China holds the majority of U.S. interests in rare earth minerals sold to China during the Obama administration).


Transiting Saturn enters China’s 12th House in 2018 and makes a brief exit from the 12th via retrograde back into the 11th House in the second half of 2018. Transiting Saturn may bring problems for China in 2018 due to transits of Saturn Square Sun and Saturn Opposition Uranus (and these transits will take place three times each during 2018). This appears to be either a possible conflict concerning 8th House matters (such as financial or espionage areas) or a hard trade-off concerning 6th House matters (such as in-fighting within the Chinese government or conflicting issues concerning technology industries). Uranus can also represent revolts and terrorism, and with the natal placement of Uranus in the 6th House this may represent revolts by government workers or technology workers. The bad news for China is that these Saturn transits are fairly strong throughout 2018; the good news for China is that their police actions are strong.


Transiting Jupiter comes very close to an exact conjunction of the Chinese Midheaven in March of 2018. The Jupiter Sextile Jupiter transit is very strong during the first four months of 2018, along with the Jupiter Conjunction Venus transit. With Jupiter transiting China’s 9th House, this indicates that China may be involved with an important international agreement. The problem is that a lot of the Saturn transits discussed earlier will also be taking place during the same time-frame, and thus if China is involved in important international negotiations during the first half of 2018, expect these negotiations to be very tough for them and tough for those who China is negotiating with. This is especially true in areas that concern finance, the military, and organized religion concerns.


Retrograde Mercury forms Oppositions to the planets in the 8th House during spring of 2018, along with a very hard Square to Uranus as Mercury goes Direct in April of 2018. This looks like media coverage of Chinese 8th House and 6th House matters, such as finance, espionage, or government conflict issues. The Mercury Retrograde in Leo during the summer of 2018 forms Conjunctions x3 to Pluto and Mars in the 7th House. This looks media coverage of possible international or local power struggles, and this precedes one of the yod formations of Neptune discussed (which will be in fall of 2018). 


India &

2018 Notes

& Predictions




India has transiting Pluto well-placed in the 10th House during 2018. With transiting Saturn entering the 10th House during 2018, this Pluto-Saturn combo could be either a powerful combination in which the government of India elevates itself to being a very important world power, or a possible fall from power due to government corruption. This is especially true regarding India government relationships with entrepreneurial startups; a 2017 poll revealed that 52% of India entrepreneurs stated their biggest fear was government corruption or government inefficiency (Quartz India, 2017). Because the Pluto Trine Saturn transit appears to have been exposing corruption in India’s government during 2017, it is probable that this exposure of government corruption with India’s growing start-up businesses will continue in 2018. This is especially true during September through October of 2018 with the 10th House transiting Pluto going Direct and forming a very hard Trine to India’s natal Saturn in the 6th House of government workers.


Neptune transits the 12th House of India throughout 2018. This may represent either growth in institutional areas such as hospitals and public assistance areas or disappointing news concerning these areas. Because of corruption in India being a highlighted area of concern in 2017, the same may be said about 2018 in terms of care of Indian citizens with special health needs or social needs.  There is a real possibility of a healthcare crisis in India or a crisis in secretive areas of India’s bureaucracy with this 12th House transit of Neptune in 2018. This wil be especially true in 2019 when the Neptune Opposition Saturn transit takes place. Hence, a best scenario would be if we see early stages of healthcare or bureaucratic issues in 2018 that will then lead to a full blown healthcare or bureaucratic crisis in 2019.


One transit to really watch in 2018 with India is Uranus Sextile Uranus in late summer of 2018. This is because this transit takes place with a significant Saturn transit, and this  may define either an important promotion of India on the world stage or a demotion due to a corrupted government. And because of the strong association of Uranus representing technology, this event (or events) may concern opportunities in technology for India since Uranus rules technology and the Sextile defines opportunity. Terrorism is another possibility with this Uranus Sextile Uranus transit since Uranus rules terrorism; Pluto will also be five minutes away from an exact conjunction of Mercury in early fall of 2018. Also note that Uranus transiting the 1st House usually defines significant grassroots activities by the citizens.


Transiting Saturn is the main focus for India’s horoscope in 2018.  This is because Saturn Conjunction Midheaven will take place, and this transit can define either a big jump in power status in some way, or a fall from power. This transit takes place in late summer to early fall of 2018. Note that many significant transits also take place while Saturn Conjunction Midheaven takes place, and these transits include Pluto Trine Saturn, Neptune Quincunx Venus, Uranus Sextile Uranus, and Saturn Trine Moon. This could be a great time for economic growth in India if India’s addresses its’ issues and problems with government corruption. There hopefully will be actions made to curtail such corruption. Otherwise there may be a real fall in power from the world stage, or agreements with others that may have tremendous demands on the Indian government.


Transiting Jupiter transits India’s 8th House throughout 2018, and the second half of 2018 may be a great time for India’s banking and finance community.  But the big caveat is still Saturn in Capricorn crossing the Midheaven; this position can make heavy demands upon Jupiter if corruption is present. Jupiter going Direct in summer 2018 forms a very hard Square on India’s natal Venus in the 11th House, and this defines a probable international financial agreement of great success for India. But corruption is still a problem in India. And unless this continuing story of “the art of the bribe” ends, the great potential for India to grow as a significant economic power will be limited. And keep in mind that India has more PhD’s per population than any other country in Asia, and thus has incredible potential for scientific growth. All India needs to do is address the corruption that is so prevalent in the government and in the banking community.


Transiting Mercury goes Direct on India’s Ascendant in spring of 2018. This could represent a media event that concerns the environment in some way. The Retrograde motion of Mercury in Leo during the summer of 2018 may represent a time of financial speculation in India in a big way; Jupiter will also go Direct in the 8th at this time.


United Kingdom

& 2018 Notes

& Predictions



Pluto transits Britain’s 4th House throughout 2018. In addition to neighborhoods and land, this house can represent the opposing minority political party. And with the passage of Brexit (or the U.K. population voting to leave the European Union (or “Eu”)), there has been animosity between elements within Parliament that supports the Eu versus the majority of the British population that wants to leave the Eu. And with the transit of Pluto Opposition Moon taking place, we may see great crisis in Britain in 2018 in which Parliament is going to challenge the British population over their decision to leave the Eu. The natal Moon represents the general public, and Pluto represents transformation, often through crisis. Hence, there is a real possibility of crisis to develop that concerns the opposing minority party in Parliament versus the public, and Brexit may be he reason for this crisis.


Neptune briefly leaves the 5th House of speculation during summer of 2018 and enters the 6th House of government employees, public health, and international criticism. There are no major transits for Neptune upon Britain’s chart in 2018, but we may see some aspects of international or local criticism of Britain at this time due to the strong presence of the Pluto Opposition Moon transit that was discussed. Also note that with the sudden presence of many immigrants in Britain (and many of these are military aged men from the Middle East and northern Africa), there is the possibility that Britain’s government services to the public may experience problems at this time due to the huge surge of new citizens to care for.


Uranus enters the 8th House of the U.K. in 2018, and forms a strong Square to Natal Jupiter in the 10th House during the second half of 2018. This may represent either good news for the banking community of the U.K. or a big victory for secretive radical elements (i.e. terrorism or government protesters) within the U.K. With Uranus ruling technology, it is also possible that banking and/or finance may go electronic in a big way in Britain at this time due to the popularity of crypto-currencies and automated banking. The problem is that Uranus also rules surprises, and the formation of a Square to Jupiter in the 10th House can represent a big shock to Britain’s reputation. And this can be positive or negative, but either way it may define an important resolution for a problem that comes to the surface. And this problem may be financial or non-financial, and it may come with an element of surprise since Uranus rules surprises.


Transiting Saturn enters the 4th House of the U.K. in fall of 2018. Saturn Square Ascendant will an important transit to watch, and the time frame for this transit will be similar to the Uranus Square Jupiter transit discussed. Because the Ascendant usually represents the environment and Saturn usually represents government actions, there is a possibility of a real conflict developing on British soil involving government actions during he second half of 2018. Another possibility may be heightened censorship since the 3rd House represents communications and Saturn represents restrictions; there has been reports of much internet censorship in Britain concerning criticism of the government.


Jupiter Conjunction Neptune will be strong during the first half of 2018. Since natal Neptune is in the 2nd House financial resources, it is possible we may have large-scale financial speculation in Britain during the first half of 2018. This may or may not reflect the current financial speculation in the U.S.; a financial crisis is thus another possibility for the first half of 2018. Jupiter enters the 3rd House of communications in late 2018 and forms a Trine with Pluto. This may define some positive news for Britain after what may be a year of crisis that concerns the general public versus government elements of Parliament.


Mercury’s Retrograde over natal Saturn in the 11th House will be very strong in summer of 2018. This could represent massive censorship of the media over events taking place in the U.K. or news the highlights the “lone wolf” status that Britain is known for. Mercury’s Direct will form a very hard Square with Britain’s natal Mars in the 8th House in August of 2018, and this may represent news of a significant conflict that may concern finance, the military, the police, or heated debates in Parliament.



Germany &

2018 Notes

& Predictions




The Pluto Square Pluto crisis that has taken place in Germany during 2015 through 2016 is pretty much over, and is now being addressed by the German population at this time. Pluto transits the 1st House of Germany throughout 2018, and there are no major transits taking place with this transit during 2018. However, the one thing that must be addressed with Pluto transiting the 1st House is the old astrology definition of this transit per defining a “shedding a layer of skin,” i.e. a snake shedding it’s skin. Anybody who has had this transit of Pluto through their 1st House understands this concept of transformation, and we are witnessing this with Germany. The Pluto Square Pluto crisis brought forth a dramatic increase in violent crime and rape against women and children, and the majority of these crimes involved migrants who were mostly military-aged men from either the Middle East or northern Africa. There are no major transits of Pluto in 2018 for Germany, but with Saturn joining Pluto in the 1st House it is fair to say that government actions in the environment may further enhance the previous Pluto Square Pluto crisis described or it may force real positive change in Germany’s government and decrease the violent crime that has taken place


Neptune transits the 2nd House of financial resources throughout 2018. The transit of Neptune Trine Midheaven is weak, but is also very close to being exact by less than three minutes during the summer of 2018. Because Germany is a huge supporter of the Euro currency, this may define continued problems for the Euro. There may also be possible government interventions due to financial concerns since other governments in Europe are starting to turn away from supporting the European Union concept of unity.


The entry of Uranus in the 3rd House took place around the same time of the Pluto Square Pluto transit. Since the 3rd  House rules the media and communications and Uranus rules surprises and terrorism, there is a possibility of media coverage of either much protest and demonstration by German citizens or issues with the continued problem with immigrants (who are mostly military aged men) that Germany has allowed into the country. It should be noted that Reuters stated that 90% of Germany’s violent crimes in 2017 were committed by male immigrants under the age of forty, and this may continue in 2018. Uranus Sextile Saturn is very strong this summer, and again this may indicate either real change taking place with Germany’s government or continued issues and surprises due to the immigrant issue.


Transiting Saturn goes Retrograde in the 12th House over the natal Jupiter placement near the Ascendant in spring of 2018. This may represent much government presence in the environment due to possible protest or violence or increased government restrictions on freedom. This will be prominent during the first half of 2018. Saturn then enters the 1st House in late 2018 after a weak Semi-Square transit to the Midheaven in fall of 2018. With Uranus Sextile Saturn at the same time, this may represent a difficult time time for Germany’s government or an opportunity for change to take place in Germany’s government as a result of public pressure behind the scenes.


Jupiter goes Retrograde over the Midheaven of Germany in late spring and summer of 2018. This is often a time when a person or a non-person entity may undergo a complete change in philosophy, and usually for one that allows more freedom and less restrictions. Thus, if there is any positive message with this transit, it is one of positive change due to a change in philosophy that loosens up on any restrictions that may be taking place. The problem is that Saturn is transiting the 12th House throughout most of 2018, and forms Conjunctions with Jupiter near the Ascendant three times during 2018. This may define the Jupiter-ruling concept of freedom to be a major theme in Germany in 2018, and it may also be this concept of freedom that may be under attack by the government in 2018 or forced upon the government in 2018 as an important topic.


France &

2018 Notes

& Predictions


Transiting Pluto stays in the 10th House of France throughout 2018. Similar to England, Pluto will form an Opposition to the natal Moon position during the first half of 2018, and it will be very strong. Because the natal Moon is in the 4th House, this may define significant transformation or crisis taking place with neighborhoods of France due to actins of the government (which may be represented by Pluto in the 10th House in the sign of Capricorn). Transiting Pluto will also form a hard Square to the Ascendant during the first half of 2018. Because Squares represent conflicts, this may represent a time of much conflict in the environment of France due to transformation and changes taking place that may or may not be desired by the French people. This is further defined by the Pluto Opposition Moon transit that will also be taking place at the same time.


Neptune transits the 12th House of France throughout 2018.  The 12th House rules institutions that serve the public in some way, and a weak Yod formation (“finger of fate”) forms with transiting Neptune to natal Uranus in the 5th House and with natal Mercury in the 6th House. This indicates surprising or shocking news that concerns such government institutions. There is a possibility of Neptune-style glamorization from the media regarding the French socialist system, but Neptune is notorious for disappointments. Thus, it is fair to say there is a possibility of the media reporting problems with government institutions that serve the French public during 2018.


Transiting Uranus stays in the 1st House throughout 2018. Similar to India, this defines surprising or shocking changes to the environment or significant grassroots activities from citizens. A very hard Uranus Semi-Sextile Mars transit takes place during summer of 2018, and this may indicate either actions from terrorists or important protest activity from French citizens. Important military or police activity is a third possibility with this transit.


Also similar to India (except for time frame), Saturn goes retrograde over France’s Midheaven during the first half of 2018. Saturn Conjunction Midheaven usually defines serious challenges to the reputation or the standing of an entity per public perception, and thus there is the possibility of either some sort of “fall from power” in France or some sort of challenge that affects the reputation of France in some way. An elevation in power is possible with Saturn Conjunction Midheaven, but the Pluto Opposition Moon transit may prevent this. And also similar to India, this transit will depend on past actions that define the reputation of the government in power (as represented by the 10th House). A strong Saturn Quincunx Mars transit will take place at the same time of a strong Uranus Semi-Sextile Mars transit during summer of 2018. This may define terrorism, important protest activity, or important military or police activity at this time. Also note that Saturn Square Venus takes place during summer of 2018, and this may define a conflict with relationships of other countries or a disruption in the social fabric in some way that may or may not involve the government.


Jupiter transits the 7th House of relationships, legal activities, and one-on-one encounters throughout most of 2018.  Avery hard Jupiter Semi-Sextile Mercury transit takes place in summer of 2018, and this adds more probability of an important news event taking place in France that may concern the 7th House matters that have been defined. Jupiter Opposition Mars will take place in late fall of 2018, and this may represent significant activity that concerns the military, police, or legal activities. Involvement with important treaties is another possibility.


The Mercury Retrograde of spring of 2018 will feature a strong Mercury Trine Uranus transit. This may define news of a shocking or surprising nature, and probable areas for this are protests, terrorism, or government scandals.


 Israel &

2018 Notes

& Predictions


Pluto transits Israel’s 3rd House throughout 2018. There are no significant transits of Pluto during 2018, but issues or crisis concerning the Israeli media or government communications with others may be probable during 2018, if not expected. This is largely due to the recent move of the U.S. embassy from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem, along with recognition of Jerusalem as Israel’s capital. Regardless of whether or not one favors the state of Israel, it is a known fact that Jerusalem has been shared by many religions for hundreds of years. It is also a known fact that Harry Truman changed the wording of the original U.S. recognition statement of Israel from “The Jewish State of Israel to “The State of Israel.”  It is unfortunate that this Age of Pisces violence in the Middle East still reverberates around this notion of “my God can beat up your God,” but the violence isn’t likely to go away soon. Thus, there may be (still) increased crisis in areas of Israeli communications with others (especially neighboring countries) with this transit of Pluto through Israel’s 3rd House.


Neptune transits Israel’s 5th House of speculation and recreational activities throughout 2018.  A very hard Neptune Sesquiquadrate Ascendant transit and a Neptune Quincunx Saturn transit takes place in late spring through early summer of 2018. This may define a major disappointment in the environment that may or may not involve government actions. Acts of terrorism are real possibilities, but so are disappointing actions by the Israeli government. War is deception, and activities involving the military are also possible.


Uranus briefly enters the 7th House during summer of 2018. The transit of Uranus Opposition Ascendant takes place May through October of 2018, and it may define a terrorism attack or a major accident (especially nuclear or computer-related) with Uranus going Retrograde over “the area of open enemies.”  But this transit can also represent a major surprise of some kind that concerns money (since Taurus is the sign that rules money, land, and financial resources). On a positive note (depending on one’s perspective), the transits of Uranus Trine Jupiter and Uranus Trine Mars take place in spring of 2018 and will form a hot fire trine with natal Mars in the 10th House. This may define shocking good news for Israel, especially military-based. Probabilities for this event include an important Israeli military victory or a huge military financial allowance or windfall. Good news regarding financial reserves is another possibility.


Saturn transits the 3rd House throughout 2018. In addition with the Pluto transit of the 3rd House, and this transit may add difficulty with business or government communications with others. The most significant 2018 transit to observe for Saturn with the horoscope of Israel take place is the 2018 Trine between Saturn and Uranus during late summer to early fall of 2018. This is because Uranus will be in Retrograde motion over Israel’s Descendant while Saturn is going Direct and forming a Trine to Retrograde Uranus in this hot area. This may define a significant event that may be surprising in some way, and terrorism or significant action against terrorism (or an Israeli government scandal) cannot be ruled out.


Jupiter transits Israel’s 1st house throughout most of 2018. Jupiter Square Saturn takes place in spring of 2018, and only a few weeks before the Uranus Opposition Ascendant transit takes place. This may define a government crackdown of some sort, or a really difficult choice for Israel to make that concerns it’s image. And yes, involvement with terrorism is another possibility. Israel’s image should improve in some way near late fall to early winter of 2018. This is because Jupiter will be forming many positive transits, and this includes Jupiter Opposition Sun, Jupiter Square Mars, and Jupiter Trine Moon. Transiting Uranus will also start forming Trines to the natal placements of Jupiter and Mars as well at this time.


The Mercury Retrograde of spring of 2018 will form a hard Trine to the natal Saturn position. This may represent important media events that concern actions from the Israeli government, and military issues are possible with Mercury in Aries at this time. The Mercury Retrograde in fall of 2018 features a hard trine to the natal Pluto position and the Direct position of this Retrograde will form a strong Square to the natal Mars position. Because this Retrograde of Mercury takes place in Israel’s 2nd House, important events that concerns Israel’s budget or financial resources may take place during fall of 2018.



Iran &

2018 Notes

& Predictions



Pluto transits Iran’s 10th House throughout 2018. Pluto rules transformation and crisis, and this transformation and crisis can be seen in respective ways with Iran’s ruling political party (represented by the 10th House) having very positive involvement with the Obama administration and current very negative involvement with the Trump administration. But the sudden crisis regarding the relationship of the ruling party with the population has also surfaced in Iran. And with Pluto Square Pluto taking place throughout 2018, it is fair to state that crisis from within Iran and also from foreign sources will be important issues that Iran’s ruling party must deal with throughout 2018. This doesn’t mean that Iran will crumble and it’s ruling party will fall. But Pluto transits tend to invite energies that force you to change in ways you don’t care for, or expose certain personal or secretive areas that you do not want exposed. The Watergate Scandal took place during Richard Nixon’s Pluto Square Pluto, and this scandal is still the most remembered event with the Nixon years (as opposed to his ending of the Vietnam War).


Neptune transits the 12th House throughout 2018. Neptune Opposition Saturn took place recently in almost clockwork fashion with the recent Iranian citizen protest against their government (on January 4, 2018). There are no other important transits of Neptune during 2018, but since the 12th House rules secret enemies and organized religion, there is a possibility of government crackdowns on citizen protesters deemed to be enemies of the government due to refusals to follow certain religious doctrines. This is an important concept to watch for in 2018 since Iran’s government has a strong theocracy base for government decision-making, and it is this base that is currently under attack by certain elements within the Iranian population.


Uranus transits Iran’s 1st House throughout 2018. The entry of Uranus into Taurus from May to October of 2018 will form a very hard Uranus Square Jupiter transit, and this transit is known to define shocking and surprising good news. But the Pluto Square Pluto transit is also very strong in this time-frame, and the Square aspect between Uranus and Jupiter can also define surprises and big shocks that concern conflicts or money issues. Hence, this summer may be a time-frame whereby Iran will be making compromises that it does not want to make, or there may be real crisis in areas for Iran that concern relationships, treaties, military actions, legal activities, financial speculation, nuclear matters, or government issues.


Similar to India and France, Saturn will retrograde over Iran’s Midheaven in 2018. This will take place during January, July, and October of 2018. These time-frames will also feature Saturn Conjunction Venus as well, since Venus is two to three degrees away from the Midheaven. And even more interesting is the timing with the Pluto Square Pluto transits taking place, as these transits are also close to these time-frames as well. This may define 2018 as being very significant for Iran in terms of significant reputation downgrades or upgrades of their government due to certain past or present actions of the government. The key will be how Iran will respond to crisis and transformation of their relationship with their citizens and also with foreign sources as well.


Jupiter enters the 8th House in early 2018, retrogrades back into the 7th House in spring of 2018, and then re-enters the 8th House in fall of 2018. Good luck is possible for Iran with Jupiter Conjunction Uranus and Jupiter Square Sun taking place in winter of 2018, but eerily similar to India is the transit of Saturn over the Midheaven taking place at this time as well. And while good luck is possible for Iran in winter of 2018, there must be an addressing of and a correction of any problems that tarnishes Iran’s reputation that concern the ruling party in order for such luck to manifest.


The Mercury Retrograde of summer 2018 features an almost exact Mercury Opposition Mercury transit. Due to the strong Mercury Square Uranus transit also taking place, this may define very shocking or important news that concerns secrets, nuclear issues, or financial speculation. Interestingly, these same important news areas may also turn up in November of 2018 with the Mercury Retrograde forming a hard Trine to the natal Moon while Mercury is transiting Iran’s 8th House.


Saudi Arabia

& 2018 Notes

& Predictions



Pluto transits Saudi Arabia’s 2nd House throughout 2018. Financial resources have obviously become important due to cheap oil, and yes, the crisis aspect of transiting Pluto has significantly affected Saudi Arabia’s financial resources. The good news for Saudi Arabia is that there are no significant transits of Pluto to the horoscope for 2018, but this doesn’t mean the days of cheap oil are over due to re-introduction of coal as a U.S. energy source. There is the possibility of oil price jumps due to Middle East tension, and the likely suspects concern Iran or Israel (or both). This is because terrorism and corruption within most (if not all) of important Middle East government powers and organized religion tensions (i.e. “my God can beat up your God”) are problems that are not quite eliminated from the Middle Eastern area.


Neptune transits the 4th House throughout 208. This indicates deception or disappointment that concerns Saudi Arabia’s neighborhood communities, and cheap oil may be due to this. Neptune Sesquiquadrate Mars is very strong in June of 2018 with Neptune going Direct at that time, and with natal Mars in the 9th House of philosophy and involvement with foreigners, this may define a probable conflict or a disappointing action within Saudi Arabia that concerns religion, the military, or police activities.


Uranus transits the Saudi 6th House throughout 2018.  The entry of Uranus into the Saudi Arabia 6th House of government employees and government workers has brought forth Uranus-ruling shocks and surprises with the rounding up of Saudi princes believed to be involved in corruption. It is unknown if assistants or important business partners were also included in this round-up, and this is an important consideration since many of these individuals arrested were involved in international trafficking of humans and the bribing of foreign government officials. Hence, there is a real possibility of some sot of reprisal from these assistants not included in this recent round-up in Saudi Arabia. But another possibility may be unrelated accidents taking place. The time frame to watch for these possibilities are summer and fall of 2018 with the transit of Uranus Square Mars taking place during these time frames. Terrorism is also probable with this transit, along with possible violence that involves government workers. But Uranus Square Mars traditionally defines major accidents, so this may be the one thing to watch for with his transit that is most probable of the possibilities listed.


Saturn transits the 2nd House throughout 2018. And yes, Saturn rules restrictions and the 2nd House rules financial resources. Two words: cheap oil. And this may continue in spring of 2018 with Saturn Trine Neptune taking place; Neptune rules chemicals and petroleum and this transit may define cutting costs. That is, unless some sort of military action or significant terrorist activity takes place that pushes oil prices up; conflict involving Israel and/or Iran is possible during summer of 2018.  Saturn Opposition Moon will be very strong from August to September of 2018.  Because the Moon usually represents the general public or neighborhoods on a nation’s horoscope, this may represent government action against certain elements of the population, or possible arrests of spies or espionage personnel due to the Moon placement in the 8th House.


Lucky Jupiter is well-place for Saudi Arabia in 2018. Jupiter goes Retrograde almost exactly on the Ascendant from February to March of 2018, and this may define good news related to finance or technology (due to the Jupiter Quincunx Uranus transit and the Jupiter Trine Pluto transit that also take place at this time). A favorable position and impression upon other nations due to important international agreements is probable with these transits. Jupiter will enter the 1st House for good in October of 2018, and will form significant lucky aspects to most of the planets placed in the 9th and 10th Houses.


The Mercury Retrograde of summer of 2018 appears to be important for international involvement with others due to strong Trine of Mercury Trine Uranus during that time frame. Mars going direct in August forms an almost exact Conjunction with Saturn in August through September of 2018, and this may be an important news item as well that concerns death or an accident.




Federal Reserve

& 2018 Notes

& Predictions


Pluto enters the 7th House of relationships, legal activities, and one-on-one encounters with others during 2018 for the Fed. The most significant transit to watch for is the Pluto Opposition Mars taking place from August to November of 2018. Pluto will be going Direct at this time, and will be within one degree from an exact Opposition with the Ascendant. This may represent a time whereby the Federal Reserve may have to deal with a crisis of some kind, and it may concern bold and daring actions or activities they have been involved with during 2018. This time frame may also define important one-on-one encounters with powerful people; it is known that Donald Trump wants to replace the Federal Reserve with people more accommodating to small business. Thus, it is possible that the Federal Reserve may be forced to face Congress or the President in some over matters that may present conflicts in some way during the second half of 2018.


Neptune transits the 9th House of international involvement and legal philosophy throughout 2018. Neptune will form a T-square with the natal Mercury Opposition Saturn placement in February and November of 2018. This natal placement is the “silence is golden” aspect on the Federal Reserve’s horoscope, and with Neptune applying hard to it, it is possible that important secrets regarding the Fed’s secret activities may get exposed at this time. This is especially true in areas that have legal or international ramifications.


Uranus transits the 10th House of reputation and the CEO throughout 2018. The Federal Reserve did raise rates dramatically due to a rising stock market the last time Uranus transited this house, and it is very probable this will repeat. The Federal Reserve has stated that they plan to raise interest rates three times during 2018, but they have not said if it will be quarter points or full points per the discount rate that they lend money out at to member banks. Thus, it is probable that we may see dramatic increases in interest rates with this transit if the blow-off in the U.S. stock market continues. Transits to watch for this possibility include Uranus Square Neptune in April of 2018, Uranus Sextile Pluto in May and November of 2018, and Uranus Trine Sun in June and September of 2018.

Saturn transits the 6th House throughout 2018. The 6th House rules criticism from others, health concerns, and the key employee activities of the organization. Saturn in Capricorn has been strongly associated with deflation (and also associated with “disinflation, quantitative easing disruptions, reduced capacity of the money supply,” etc.), and thus there may be criticism of the Fed due to deflationary activities they conduct (i.e. raising interest rates). President Trump is the noteworthy critic of the Fed at this time for such activities, and his reasoning for keeping interest rates low is the lowered of energy prices via easing of EPA standards and more focus on coal. Tension between the President and the Fed is very probable in the second half of 2018 with Saturn Semi-Sextile Uranus taking place; this transit will be hot in June and November of 2018.


Jupiter transits the 5th House throughout 2018. Lucky Jupiter appears to be especially well-placed in 2018 for the employees and customers (i.e. member banks) during the summer and fall of 2018. This is because the Fed will get a hard Jupiter Conjunction Moon transit and an exact Saturn Quincunx Saturn transit during this time frame (and the Saturn Quincunx Saturn transit takes place in July). Because this time frame includes part of the time frame for the Pluto Opposition Mars transit, it is possible that interest rates or negative lip service (i.e. threats to raise rates in a very substantial way) may be more profound in the second half of 2018 and not so profound in the first half of 2018.


The Fed’s Mercury Return in 2018 takes place with a Retrograde Mercury in close to exact Opposition with Saturn in November of 2018 and goes Direct with an almost exact Trine with Neptune in December of 2018. This may represent significant communications within the Fed or with the government that may concern speculation or tensions due to this retrograde taking place in the 5th House.


The N.Y.S.E.

& 2018 Notes

& Predictions


Pluto transits the 6th House of the NYSE throughout 2018. The significant transit to watch for is the Pluto Square Moon transit taking place from August to November of 2018.  This may represent significant actions from powerful sources against the employees and customers of the NYSE, and yes, this correlates with important transits of the Federal Reserve at that time as well. This may indicate crisis or a transformation involving the customer base or employees; it is possible that a scandal involving the NYSE (and it’s employees and/or customers) is also possible in this time frame. Authoritative action involving the NYSE is the likely outcome.


Neptune transits the 9th House throughout 2018. Neptune Quincunx Uranus takes place in April and September of 2018. This time-frame may be important to watch for in terms of possible changes in investor sentiment or disappointments with electronic trading at that time. Legal surprises are another possibility.


Uranus transits the 10th House throughout 2018. This may result in major swings regarding reputation and standing before others, and yes, Uranus transited the 10th House during 1929 and produced very wild swings in investor sentiment. The transits to watch for with the NYSE regarding Uranus are Uranus Conjunction Saturn in March of 2018 and Uranus Opposition Neptune in April of 2018. These may be important time frames to watch for in terms of possible swings in sentiment, be it bullish or bearish.


Saturn transits the 6th House throughout 2018. Saturn rules and represents government and authority actions, and this includes the Fed. Saturn forms a hard Sesquiquadrate with the NYSE Mercury from March to May of 2018, and yes this is in the same time frame since there will be those Uranus transits mentioned taking place as well. This may represent important communications that involve authority figures (i.e. the Fed, government officials, NYSE officials, etc.) and such communication may be one that raises tension in some way. Saturn will be strong with the Fed’s chart at this time; it is possible that the Fed may involve itself with the NYSE as summer of 2018 approaches.


Jupiter enters the 5th House of speculation in 2018, and this could represent dramatic increases in speculation (bullish or bearish); the current status indicates increases in bulls. The transit to watch for (and also be possible turning points) is Jupiter Square Uranus from June to August of 2018. This represents “sudden good news,” and this transit has been reported to be occasionally lucky with gamblers who use electronic slot machines. The problem is that a real-time Saturn Trine Uranus forms in the sky during summer 0f 2018 with Saturn in Capricorn forming a Trine with Uranus as Uranus enters the sign of Taurus. This could represent a “cold shower” for investors if a bull market is going bananas and favorable for the bulls, and this is very probable in 2018.


The Mercury Retrograde of summer of 2018 features an exact Opposition of Mercury with the NYSE Pluto in late July and early August of 2018. With Mercury transiting the 2nd house at this time, it is possible that news concerning powerful sources (i.e. natal Pluto in the 8th may represent banks) may be headlines , especially with the financial media sources. This may be a time to watch for significant changes in investor sentiment as well, such as wild swings from bullish and bearish sources.


 The C.I.A.

& 2018 Notes

& Predictions



Pluto transits the CIA’s 7th House of legal activities, one-on-one encounters, and relationships throughout 2018. The one transit to watch for is Pluto Opposition Ascendant from September to October of 2018; this transit will be one minute from being exact. The previous time of this transit featured Julian Assange of WikiLeaks releasing information on CIA Vault 7, and this has been called the biggest security leak in history for the U.S. It will be unknown if another similar leak like this will be repeated in 2018, but this transit usually indicates some sort of crisis or a transformation issue that has to be dealt with and may be unpleasant to deal with. A scandal or national security issue is thus possible with this event.


Neptune transits the 9th House throughout 2018. Similar to the Fed and NYSE, legal issues and disappointments that concern international involvements may be an area that the agency will have to deal with. The good news is that there are no major Neptune transits for the CIA in 2018, and thus this may minimize any fallout from the Pluto transit just described.


Uranus transits the 10th House throughout 2018. The big transits to watch for are Uranus Square Sun during August of 2018 (while Uranus is going Retrograde, and hence VERY HOT) and Uranus Semi-Sextile Midheaven from June through October of 2018. This coincides with the Pluto transit discussed, and this may represent a major conflict or shocking news concerning the reputation of the CIA (since the Midheaven usually represents the reputation) or the CIA director (since the Sun usually represents the CEO of a corporation or organization chart).


Saturn transits the 6th House throughout 2018. Saturn Square Neptune is a very important transit to watch due to possible exposure of deception, and this takes place from March through May of 2018. This may define a crackdown on certain deception or disappointing activities associated with the CIA (especially highly illegal activities), but don’t bet the ranch on it. This is especially true after one reads the Jupiter transit section for the CIA after this Saturn section. But nevertheless, it is highly probable that some sort of review of certain activities (especially the ones considered illegal) may come under some sort of important government review in 2018 due to the transit of Saturn through the 6th House.


The CIA gets its Jupiter return three times in 2018, along with a retrograde over the natal Moon position as it enters and leaves the 5th House of speculation during January through May of 2018 and also during September of 2018. On an individual human scale, Jupiter returns are noted for major changes in philosophy that help a person grow and mature, and this is the likely outcome with this Jupiter return. Yes, there is luck also associated with this, and if there is anytime in 2018 that criminals who work for the CIA would probably like to go to court, it is the first half of 2018. But the Pluto and Saturn transits that were described with the CIA are serious. And betting on one planet that brings you luck is very dangerous, and yes, this defines speculation. There is a possibility that the CIA will never eliminate its reputation for corruption, regardless of the great number of honest employees of the CIA who have blown the whistle on the agency (especially in recent years). But the many lucky transits of Jupiter that take place in 2018 may also indicate a “cleaning of house” in some way, or at least removal of employees who have done things worst than bringing home ink pens or printer toner that didn’t belong to them.


Tomorrow never knows.

Thanks for reading.

Love to all,


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