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Ai messengers and humans

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Very interesting thoughts.  I seem to sense a lot of messengers amongst the humans, whose messages are misleading and trying to lead mankind astray.  Messages such as there are more genders than two, that there are 20-50-117 depending on who you listen to. Messengers who want to tell young children that they can be any s** or nonsex they choose and if they do not get their way to have invasive surgeries and pills and hormones that their parents are unfit.  The next generations coming up are going to be very very confused.  All sorts of messengers out there, ones who have no regard for life and dedicate themselves to promoting infantcide so Planned Planned Parenthood can get rich selling infant tissue and body parts.  These messengers have no is obvious.  The messengers who promote trying to oust the president, and to have the country flooded with people who want us dead or subservient have no soul and we humans are just collateral damage. Those messengers have no soul and are unable to change.

I agree Marique-a destructive force that feeds on chaos, horror

roseann barrs is right humens can change there minds because I have change my mind maney times

Another example of a projection derived from ignorance of oneself.

It doesn't matter if this is prejudice, racism, political/religious bias or any other kind of issue. It's always easier to see the enemy outside of us.

Peace and Love.

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She's talking about organic beings -in this case humans-projected from an inorganic being with a vampiric agenda.

Yes, like reptilians, archons, the anunnaki or the grays. Or ashtar, saint germain, archangel michael or jesus. Any construct of the mind that sets a difference, a parameter, a polarity.

Humans constantly fight among themselves because of the ideas they create cause conflict with each other. And this ideas are no more real than socialism or communism.

And now this "co-opted bot" label is applied to another living being. Another excuse to attack each other, because of our differences.

You may see the humans-projected from an inorganic being with a vampiric agenda, while others see a culture of fear born out of ignorance.

Like when people with different ideas were brandished "pagans" or "heretics" by the church in the past. It is no different.


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