People write many lines and books, the number is legion and there might be many reasons also.


It is much work and time needed to work through a thick book. Some of them are complicated and hard to understand. Long sentences and paragraphs do often appear confusing making it almost impossible following the flow of thoughts.


Kant was a master of long sentences. It is reported that German students used English translations being translated back into German to read and understand what Kant meant.


Many authors love to use an extravagant style which gives often deep pleasures to read on, while others do not find any end.


I have come to love more the not so thick books. I believe many pages can be prevented by coming straight to the point.


For years I have thought about finding short sentences about the machinery of existence. Reductio ad minimum means reduction to the minimum instead of long explanations. This is a try.


# Being unfolds from a Ground of Being.

# Being looking upon being is self-reference and thus conscience.

# Being is moving under limits and boundaries.

# Basic boundaries are space and time.

# From this any self-referential movements undergo both real and virtual ways.

# Real and virtual are two basic pillars of experiencing Being.

# Being itself has no immediate access of Nothing, Be-ness and Ground of Being.

# This is because all related to Being is happening in frames of space and time.

# Thus Being has no chance even thinking beyond it.

# The Ground of Being must reveal itself into Being.

# This is what Grace means - Being is not finding It, but the Ground of Being is always finding Being.

# Grace is the basic relation between Ground of Being and Being.

# Grace is a necessary relation, because Being is born of a Ground of Being.

# Grace is the answer to all questions of Being on origin, sense and nonsense.

# Every Being is a Being under Grace.

# No Being can ever get lost or forgetten.

# Being is alway expression of the Ground of Being in manyfold ways and appearances.

# Working, contemplation, withdrawal, fighting, weeping, praying, rituals, offerings - subjects of Being need some of all subjects can think, do and hope, temporarily, once in a while, shorter or longer.

# At the end nothing of all is more important.

# If something deserves to be considered important, then it is love and letting go.

# Love is letting go and awareness of Grace.

# By letting go the Ground of Being proves to be a lover of sunrises and sun sets.

# And by Grace the Ground of Being proves to have patience letting every night go over.

# So there are only a couple of things needing awareness: a play between real and virtual; letting go; grace; love and patience.

# The rest will find itself if needed and if necessary.


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  • and while i think

    more importantly

    let there be concise cogent considerations like this intelligent contribution

    thanks for the post

  • hooray for paragraphs

    i strongly affirm their use :)

    typos and poor spelling , even syntax errors ... all good worries

    but paragraphs ... please...let there be paragraphs


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