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Red Cross Under Pressure For Withholding Two-Thirds Of Bushfire Donations... OUTRAGEOUS TO SAY THE LEAST

Red Cross Under Pressure For Withholding Two-Thirds Of Bushfire Donations

Red Cross Under Pressure For Withholding Two-Thirds Of Bushfire Donations

Over the last months, Australia was hit by devasting bushfires and it was reported that the Australian Red Cross has received over $90 million to help those affected by the fires.

It came with shock to everyone, when the charity admitted that less than a third of the donations will be distributed to Australians and that it even could take up to three years before bushfire victims receive any raised money. The Australian Red Cross also conceded that up to 10% of all donations would be set aside for office costs.

Robert Gorringe and his partner Narelle live in Numboida and where one of the victims when the fires reached northern NSW. Like many others, they lost everything during the blaze.

Tree Fire Bushfires In Australia
Nymboida bushfire victim Robert Gorringe. Credit: Burke, Kelly/7 NEWS

Gorringe told 7NEWS in an interview on Wednesday that they were promised many things but today have not received anything. It comes to no surprise that he and his partner are wondering where all the money is going.

Though, the Australian Red Cross confirmed that they have so far received $95 million in donations to help bushfire victims, but plans to spend only $30 million on helping people immediately. They also admitted that it could take many years until they can disburse all of the donations, and they don't rule out that some of the funds will go to help with other natural disasters such as floods and cyclones. This statement has angered NSW Transport Minister Andrew Constance, who nearly lost his home in Batemans Bay to the bushfires.

Australian Red Cross Logo Brand

Constance told 7News's Chris Reason that many Australians have donated money to help people right now and not in three years. Constance also invited Australian's Red Cross CEOs to visit the fire-damaged regions of NSW with him on the weekend. He told the CEO to come and see with his own eyes what devastation the fires have caused and was hoping he would have a change of heart.

Constance also questioned the Salvation Army and St. Vincent De Paul as it took charities too long to distribute the donations they receive. St. Vincent De Paul has received $12.5 million in donations for its bushfire appeal but till today they have only given $1 million to the victims in NSW.

St. Vincent De Paul's CEO Jack de Groot said that they do all they can do and agreed to visit the fire-damaged areas together with Constance and admitted that things are not perfect but the co-ordination of the distribution is going fairly well.

Red Cross boss denies ‘stockpiling’ bushfire donations


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THOSE WHO WISH TO DENOTE  LARGE AMOUNTS SHOULD FORM THEIR OWN VOLUNTEER TEAM WHO GO OUT THERE TO HELP . Like a volunteer team formed by the donar that join the red cross and spend all the donations for the needy.

They finally caught them, that's good.  Back in the 50's had a friend that worked for them and quit because 

they were not using donations properly.  She told me they spent money on things not important like

their very expensive paper and the letterheads, things like that they could have purchased much cheaper

and they just did not handle money properly.

All those donation organizations are owned by the wealthy elites. Whenever there is a crisis Communities have to create their own donation organization centers and be watchful of for those who are not trustworthy. follow your instincts if something is not right don't hesitate to investigate the source. 

Red Cross is owned by W.H.O  ( World Health Organization ) .

Red cross owned by World Health Organization...well they sure are making healthy profit for themselves as lots of donations are's very very sad and heart breaking that most of the donations are not going to the right cause. 

All the fake charity organizations need to be shut down and that means most of them will be out of business for themselves



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