Hey there. I've had a lot of issues my whole life. I want to give sort of a background to help with my concerns.

When I was young and in elementary school I remember having horrible hallucinations. Blood and faces in the walls. I would see bugs writhing in my bed and I would scream and my mom would have to pretend to wipe them off before I could go back to sleep. They were real to me. I had an 'imaginary friend' for pretty much my whole life who I affectionately call 'Simon', I assume I stole it from the childhood game Simon Says. Who knows. He was a good companion when I was little, I got bullied pretty bad (they would spit on me, throw rocks at me. I wanted to play the cello in band and ended up quitting because I basically had to RUN home every day after school) and I didn't have any friends. I guess I just had to make one up in my head so I didn't go completely crazy with loneliness. I would climb trees and read books aloud to them. Later in life Simon got really bad and I started doing a lot of drugs and started hurting myself. I was diagnosed at 14 with depression, then bipolar with psychotic features and recently they changed it to schizo-effective disorder. I take a cocktail of different pills every day to make me 'better'. The more I read on this site, and others, the more I believe I don't have to take drugs to be better. I truly believe I can be okay without the medicine, that I am strong enough as a person. That the drugs can only make my problems worse. I can't explain all the things I've been through, most could probably be blamed on teenage hormones.

I want to stop taking my medicines. I will need a doctor to ween me off of the very high doses I'm on, so it will take a few months to completely stop, and get everything out of my system, but I want to know what I can do to replace them. Meditation, acupuncture, things like that. I wanted to get input about how to heal myself without pumping all these unnecessary toxins into my body. I want to cleanse my body and my spirit.

Hoping to hear some feedback, I know I need to replace the effects the drugs have on me with the spiritual, but I need help with what to do. Thanks in advance, any advice will help.


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  • Dear Ashley,

    Taking the right medicines is never bad - over dose and abuse are.

    I do not know what medicines you have been prescribed, but If they are tranquilizers- meditation and yoga may help.

    Just try to sit with your eyes closed in any comfortable posture, you may lie down if you wish to.

    thoughts will start pouring in, but do not react to them- it is tough initially but with gradual practice you can master it.

    depression or schizophrenia in most cases is a result of chemical imbalance- but curable. suppression of emotions add to it. 

    We have to learn to accept that only one we have control is over ourselves, and only we are responsible for our selves.

    Emotional oversensitiveness, too rigid idealism and perfection also add to woes. 

    limit your expectations and learn to accept that world can not toe your line, because if it could do it for you , it would be same for others- and opposites always co-exist.

    begin with meditation as above, then gradually you may follow up with homoeopathic medicines and ayurvedic herbal preparation.

    Try colon irrigation / enema therapy for getting rid of accumulated toxin's- it is safe.


    spirituality is all about simpler things- so relax and try to think like a child.

  • Hi Ashley,

    First of all I want to send you my Love.

    I don't know what you should or should not do. I do believe Western medicine will soon be replaced by other things. How long have you been a member here?

    Have you ever thought about past lives? Since things started at such an early age... I used to have visions too. Monsters in my bed, witches in my dreams injecting me with stuff. Even when I was very very little. Now that ascension is coming (if you have not read about that, do it, this will immediately help you!) I feel that we will be informed (how I don't know, do you meditate already? This helps me so much with my doubts).

    I would want to stop taking those Western Meds too... We know there are better things to do. It will probably be a combination of meditation (looking into yourself, fixing your own problems from within and starting to be one with all) and may be some other things like acupunture to help healing you.

    However, I am also pretty new to this and do not feel like I can give you solid advice. But also... If you have not yet googled on things like Binaural beats, try to read about that stuff. I don't know whether you should start using them immediately, but I know they are helping me! Also I ask my higher self, guides and angels for help and answers when I'm lost. It always comes to me, through a dream, a cloud, an animal, whatever. It does. Try to find peace in yourself and just ask for guidance.



    Ps. There are also loads of websites with information on spiritual treatments and pshyc issues. Some are better than others, but trust your intuition!

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