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An ominous report issued by the Ministry of Defense (MoD) says that President Putin’s order today to move thousands of more troops and military equipment to the Ukrainian border, coupled with his order yesterday to all state organs to begin retaliation against the West for their imposing unjust sanctions on the Federation, is, in fact, a “Global War Order” against the Obama regime blamed by the Kremlin for starting this conflict to cover-up the West’s impending economic collapse.

According to this report, Putin’s order involves forces from the Air Defense Troops in the Central Military District which include the Ural’s Sverdlovsk, Chelyabinsk regions, Republic of Bashkortostan and West Siberia’s Altai territory. “More than five thousand servicemen and around two thousand units of military hardware will be involved in [these] military exercises,” a spokesman of the Central Military District said.

These thousands of extra troops and their equipment will join their military counterparts on the Ukrainian border, this report continues, who were activated this past Monday and are currently conducting war exercises designed to repel US led NATO retaliatory forces should they be needed.

Though the Obama regime has stated that they are “deeply concerned” over Russia’s military Ukrainian border buildup, this report further notes that Prime Minister Donald Tusk of Poland warned his people yesterday that the risk of Russia invading Ukraine has increased in the “last dozen hours or so”.

To the likelihood of Russian forces having to intervene in Ukraine, this report says, was made more urgent yesterday after UN envoy Vitaly Churkin described to his international counterparts on the Security Council the situation in eastern Ukraine as a “catastrophic, full-blown war”.

Grimly, this MoD report says, are that four million people in the combat area in eastern Ukraine (200,000 of them are deprived of water) are on the verge of a European “humanitarian catastrophe” of unprecedented proportions, a situation not seen on the continent since the ending of World War II in 1945.

So dire has the situation in eastern Ukraine become, this report continues, that this past Sunday, 438 Ukrainian soldiers crossed into Russia in the Rostov region asking for asylum with many of them being reported as being near starvation and total exhaustion.

Earlier today, in fact, this report states, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MoFA) arranged a flight from Moscow to the Rostov region for foreign reporters to personally interview these defecting Ukrainian soldiers, but as ITAR-TASS News Service reports, all of the journalists from the leading US media working in Russia refused to go and interview them for themselves.

The US media in refusing to report on the truth to the American people about this war, MoD experts in this report say, coincides with the new laws imposed upon the people of Ukraine by their coup-installed fascist government allowing them to arrest anybody who uses social media to engage in political activism against the war.

And as the International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC) in Geneva has stated they are ready to help the Russian Red Cross (RRC) in setting up a humanitarian corridor which would allow the safe transit of sick children from Ukraine, this report sadly states the Obama regime led Ukrainian government will not allow it.

So angry has Russia been about the Obama regimes nefarious machinations in Ukraine, it bears mentioning, Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov earlier this spring accused them of “running the show” in Kiev “without any scruples”.

Backing up Lavrov’s earlier assessment is the MoD stating in their report that far from helping the women and children in this brutal Ukrainian war, the Obama regime and its European allies are preparing to make it even worse with the US now sending in military advisors into Ukraine and deploying hundreds of heavy tanks, armored personnel carriers and landing crafts into Norway, and the EU flagrantly violating the Geneva Convention in lifting their ban on sending weapons and ammunition to Ukraine too.

To some of the further war moves against the Obama regime Putin could order, this report grimly warns, would be the disposal of European companies’ assets in Russia, which would deliver a heavy blow to European manufacturers - a measure that analysts in Brussels describe as an “economic nuclear weapon”.

Another Putin war move being activated with yesterday’s Russian-Iranian energy agreement, this report concludes, is for the Federation and its allies to unleash upon the world a “virtual sea of cheap oil and natural gas” that could only be paid for in rubles, a situation best described by top American investor Jim Sinclair who recently warned:

“If Russia accepts payment for oil and gas in any currency other than the dollar – whether it’s gold, the Euro, the Ruble, the Rupee, or anything else – then the U.S. petrodollar system will collapse”.

Though not mentioned in this MoD report, and as our world lurches ever closer to all-out war, Russia, which is the most resource rich nation on Earth possessing over $75 trillion of national wealth (compared to the US in 2nd place at $45 trillion), President Obama this past week dismissed them as a nation that “doesn't make anything”, leading one to wonder if this “leader” of the supposed free world even knows what he’s doing.

August 6, 2014 © EU and US all rights reserved. Permission to use this report in its entirety is granted under the condition it is linked back to its original source at WhatDoesItMean.Com. Freebase content licensed under CC-BY and GFDL.

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"The "Islamic State," or "ISIS," has no airforce and could be completely defeated by an enemy, in short order, using effectively deployed and concentrated airpower."

That has been tried, and they answered by doing a "Hamas", i.e they place themselves among civilians so that IF you are to bomb ISIS to hell, you'll also have to kill a great number of civilians in the process.

Obviously, any aerial attack on IS would be directed at their military hardware, primarily, including their US tanks, armoured cars, artillery, humvees, jeeps, missiles, etc...

Active antagonists with small arms, would be secondary....


Air recon would make a sweep, alongside satellite intel, determining the best time for a strike...

Civillians will not be on, or near, military vehicles, 24/7....



Well, that is what the USA are doing Now. Let's just hope they continue with these operations instead of listening to all fools who'd rather see them leave Iraq. :) might want to rethink who the bully-boy is. Oh yes, pootin is taking a peaceful approach sending jets to Iraq. LOL

Russia to the rescue in Iraq? Moscow delivers jet fighters to Baghdad.

June 30, 2014

Moscow — Russian fighter planes and military advisers have begun arriving in Iraq to help stem the advance of ISIS forces, after embattled Iraqi Prime Minister Nouri al-Maliki complained that the US was too slow in fulfilling its pledges of air support.

Russian media, citing unidentified official sources, say that Iraq has urgently requested help from Moscow "to raise the Iraqi army’s combat readiness in its fight against terrorists." 

According to the reports, the first five of twelve Sukhoi Su-25 "Frogfoot" ground attack fighters ordered by Iraq have already arrived in Baghdad in a disassembled state aboard a Russian transport plane, along with an undisclosed number of Russian military experts.

The Su-25 was developed in the 1970s to be the former Soviet Union's answer to the US Air Force's highly successful A-10 "Warthog" close support fighter.

"The Sukhoi Su-25 is an air-ground support and anti-terrorism mission aircraft. In these difficult times, we are in great need of such aircraft. With God’s help, we will be able to deploy them to support our ground forces on a mission against the Islamic State in Iraq and the Levant militants within the next 3-4 days," the Kremlin-funded English-language RT network quoted Iraqi Army Lieutenant General Anwar Hamad Amen Ahmed as saying.

The planes were flown into Baghdad just one day after Russian Deputy Foreign Minister Sergei Ryabkov, speaking in Damascus, Syria, said that Russia can be relied upon to help countries of the region fight spreading jihad.

"Russia will not stand idly toward some groups' attempts to spread terrorism in the region, including Syria and Iraq," he said.

Russian experts say that Iraq contracted to buy the Su-25s long before the current crisis broke out, but that Moscow may be rushing the deliveries in light of the military emergency facing the Maliki regime.

"It's not controversial, at least. Pretty much everyone agrees that helping out Baghdad in the battle against ISIS is a good thing," says Fyodor Lukyanov, editor of Russia in Global Affairs, a leading Moscow-based foreign policy journal. "But I don't think this is part of any larger Russian plan concerning Iraq. Nobody knows how things are going to go there."

Last week, in an interview with BBC Arabic, Mr. Maliki complained that the US was dragging its heels in fulfilling a $1.9 billion contract initiated in 2011 to supply 36 F-16 fighters to Iraq. According to US media reports, the first of those F-16s was turned over to the Iraqi military in early June.

But he complained that the US was taking a "long, very slow way" and delaying the jets' delivery to desperate Iraqi forces.

"We shouldn't have just bought US jets, we should have bought British, French and Russian jets to provide air support. If we had air support, none of this would have happened," Maliki is quoted as saying.

thanks for sharing.

i am confused, WHO IS ENTERING WHOSE LAND PERIOD, that i.m.h.o. is invasion, even if done with righteous slogans singing good  intentions: it could be your home invasion, car invasion (car j******), BUT IT IS ALWAYS THE BULLY WHO STARTS IT.

the country who is flat out bent on killing EVERYONE so they can have the last of the land they can take from a race in what sixty yrs ago, that land backed then was about 90 % own by these people, and now only about 5% is left to live in, so these people are being bombed until there is death and rocks that once was a nation.

many nations have been formed on this hell h*** planet by this animal instinct of our d.n.a. codes, and we are still asleep on this drive of ours, while we live in hell h***, i wish it was not true, of what the human history really is. however we are not alone anymore, and i hope it is not to get rid of us the badly dumb down brainwashed debt slaves, while the human beast animal figures out how to escape our solar system, i got a feeling might be that this is not their (e.t. families)  first rodeo show, and are going to this by the numbers, perfect chess of war.. 

blessings to all of us for we are all one 

this article came from sorcha faal who is known for spreading disinformation and lies just like most western media believe what you wanna believe but the article is false

I must confess that I didn't read much of the material above, but I do know that many other news-sources do report on this troop movement by Russia as well, so at least That part of the story seems to be for real.

Yes, Justin is correct....Sorcha is pure CIA psyops disinfo.....So maybe you have learned something new today, AO...

Yup, I don't believe a THING that is attributed to Sorcha....definitely a psyop for sure...Fell for that s*** before, stuff reported by is all b*******, and I stand with that.

Heyy :-D.. That is some awesome points you have their.

 Uber +1 :-D

A good question Luke.....The wars will end when sanity returns to governance......Noting, as ever, that the common man and woman does not seek war, nor the Generals, by and large....especially professionals....BUT, the dark elites in power seek a new global war, much like WW1...with much reduction of the global population....It is being tried, but also, being halted from full escalation....


There have been several documentaries on the centennial of WW1....They reveal much about the stupidity of those in charge and the bravery of people....The modern world can learn much from the past and should do so, so as not to repeat the same mistakes of blindly following dark governance to oblivion.....

Luke Skywalker:  War will end when people realize that war is UNNECESSARY. 

When people no longer VOLUNTEER to go into the army.

The only way this can happen is if people are EDUCATED.



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