Prometheus ...opinions of


No one has seen-discussed it yet?  I plan to go today or Tues,

I know its theme is a distortion of what many believe, yet it's a rarely explored idea.

That we are genetically linked to ET's and share more than we know.

I'm no fan of horror but this is a pretty unique concept for a mainstream film and am very curious.

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  • The Cabal have finally surrendered after the venis transit.
    Negotiations as to how to handle the next step are underway.

  • Haven't seen it, live in a remote area, however my daughter saw it, they did not quite 'understand' but wanted to immediately see it again.  I shall comment after I get to see it.

    • Well, I decided to watch 2001 yet again, tonight.

      Made over 40 yrs ago, it's still mystifying.

      And creates a sense of wonder like few films have.

      It make no effort to make extraterrestrial intelligence comprehensible.

      The 4 million yr old monolith "discovered on the moon" is as much a riddle to 

      modern science as it was to our cave dwelling ancestors who first encountered it.

      It's a remarkable film that never fails to elicit a childlike wonder at the mysteries 

      of the universe, and its inhabitants we are yet to meet..

      • Roger Ebert gave Prometheus 4 stars ... but I'm not entirely sure why he was THAT impressed.

        Again this this BBC reviewer went to great lengths comparing it to many classic sci-fi films, and I found

        his review unusually well informed.

  • I absolutely loved the movie! 

    Too bad the "ingeneers" aka our creators, are made to look like the bad guys again...

    Drama sells... I love the movie but to me it is still fear mongering to make us fear the Aliens.

    Love & Light of Allcolors

    • I just came from seeing it....and frankly I wouldn't make a final. judgement about the creators 

      just yet.

      While that's how it appears, I suspect there are yet hidden story motivations not yet revealed 

      about them and things may not be quite what they seem. I'll bet that they are far more like us 

      than the story lets on. Just a hunch.

      (One other possibility,,is that man may have evolved further than they anticipated (or less)

      and they decided to start over)  The sequel may fool everyone however.....


      And also I suspect David has a surprise or 2 for us about his motivations.

      OK , my personal opinion.

      A wee bit disappointed .....

      The trailer promised a grander , deeper film that the one I saw.

      It's very clever, definitely creates mystery, has a great look, only one truly great character

      (the heroine) but for me, I probably won't see 2X 

      , unlike 2001 & Alien that I saw 4 & 3 times respectively. Both are genuine classics. 

        It's certainly a must see, for any sci-fi fan ..... yet it's neither 

      anywhere as deep as 2001, nor as thilling powerful  as the original Alien.  IMO


        I'd characterize it as an exquisitely designed  adventure film, with a clever futuristic-sci-fi 

      theme that included significant graphic violence to pull in the maximum audience. 

         Not really a horror film like Alien ... which had a clearly defined "villain."

        I'm sure many will love it ....I'm glad I saw it... and am curious about a few story elements,

         But outside of the story logic... it raises no questions about US that I haven't already 

         deeply contemplated.  

  • "They put lot of effort into it making out we should love our rep / annuaki freaks." 

    I'm not here to debate.... but this statement seems entirely false. Anyone who's seen the Alien series would 

    wonder what films you're referring to...

  • Thanx for both your cool links. I'll look closer soon,

    BBC review,,,,, delightful to hear a really intelligent-well informed reviewer who does  understands sci-fi films and their history

    He doesn't address how their mythologies affect us, but perhaps that's another matter, and one few critics go into these days.

     Film contains brutal scenes, but also raises philosophical questions that few  other sci-fi films do. 

     To combine horror and philosophy seems a bit odd to me... as a writer.

    But I'm probably in the minority as far as moviegoers, and fans of sci-fi. 

    While I fully agree the mythology represented in this film is a distortion of 

    fact, as a long time sci fi fan I appreciate the 

    care-craft & art that it represents, and will see it simply for that, 

    It's mass entertainment and one should probably keep that in mind...

  • i dont like that all alien movies depict them as being bad

    • Are you referring to the aliens series? or aliens in film in general.  As there are several films with aliens in them which are NOT portraying the aliens as bad. Coccoon, Starman, ET, Star Trek, Star Wars, And many more.

      The Alien series films hwoever OF COURSE depit the aliens as bad.   However if you really paid attention to the alien series you would have noticed that there are other aliens, the marines specifically mention in Aliens about getting "some arcturian poon-tang" Noting that there are benevolent races that the humans interact with and have relations with.

      I dont like when people paint broad stroked pictures over that which they do not truly know about.

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