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January 24

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My interests are in spirituality, angels, aliens, children, healing, chaneling

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  • Namaste Allcolors

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Allcolors posted a video
THE EARTH MEDITATION In support of " Earh Hour " march 31st 2012 http://www.earthhour.org/ DO NOT DRIVE OR OPERATE MACHINERY while listening to this audio Fe...
Nov 2, 2020
Allcolors replied to Robby's discussion Prometheus ...opinions of
"I absolutely loved the movie! 
Too bad the "ingeneers" aka our creators, are made to look like the bad guys again...
Drama sells... I love the movie but to me it is still fear mongering to make us fear the Aliens.
Love & Light of Allcolors"
Jun 12, 2012
Allcolors posted a blog post
The Evolution of Christ Consciousness  The Christ for the Early Christians “I am the way and the truth and the life.” ~John 14:6Who is Christ and what is Christ Consciousness?These two questions wander in the mind of many of those who are entering…
Dec 18, 2011
Allcolors posted a discussion
Nov 25, 2011

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"I see...
Pls send by my email the informations( about the rep's Base and so on.......)
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"If we are at 4.3 now and it only takes 4.5 for the dark to be completely gone and 4.7 to prepare for the 5th dimension then that means we are super close to everything happening. We indeed are well on our way :)"
6 hours ago
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...The Lemurian Golden Timeline is the core template of the New Earth; balanced feminine and masculine energies, harmony with Nature, infinite resources, love, abundance, unity.'Join the Golden Lemurian Circle:…
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Message to everyone on this planet, is to move on up to the higher astral plane tiers...Keep awakening individual and collective consciousness...Let's make it beyond 4.3, so we can cause the dark to phase out from our rising…"
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"Top Democrat Says Local Pa. Police Afraid To Speak Out About Trump Assassination Attempt
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"An interesting interview of US Rep Marjorie Taylor Greene, conducted by Alex Jones, in which she describes the obfuscation efforts, offered the committee by Kimberly Cheadle, who recently headed the USSS and has thankfully now resigned...(Of course,…"
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