• These beings must have business in Texas ;)
  • I am Joe Gaethofs and i herd that the Praying Mants Race is Benevalent and are Chering us and they would like to help us  but because the way they look our people would be afraid of them or fear them so they would not be able to help us; i herd this a couple of years ago.I have been following all of this since 1996. Keep the faith! Joe.

  • The watchers...I always this a race of beings, or does a "watcher" refer to a bunch of beings of different races that hold the same occupation? :)  I'm not sure.  I feel like a watcher myself sometimes.  :D


    But I agree with you, they seem ver much like they could be watchers.  Sometimes I feel like beings of different races are slowly starting to reveal themselves to one-on-one disclosure.  But I never see the humanoid ones. lol.  What's up with that?

  • I find this kind of stuff fascinating. Wish it would be discussed me than what is usually around

  • I really can't provide you with too much help.  But I just wanted to share a quick story with you. 

    When I was first awakening, I was thinking to myself--I am going completely crazy.  So I told whoever I was in communication with at the time to send a sign to me to show that I'm not nuts.  The next morning, I woke up, and there was a praying mantis on my proch...perched on my daughter's stroller--just staring intently at me.  I have never seen a praying mantis anywhere near here--let alone on my porch--before or after that incident.  Its presence was just..mysterious..out of place..and it seemed almost it was just observing us.

    I thought nothing of it, but recently like within the last couple days, my mind has been wanting me to go back to remembering this praying mantis.  I don't understand why.  So when I saw your post, I was happy!  I also "saw" another praying mantis-type creature in a meditative state once...scared the bejesus out of was huge..and I shied away.  It could've been a benevolent entity, but honestly, I wasn't too advanced in my awareness yet and I shied away.  Wish I wouldn't have, because i've never seen it since.  (hope i didn't hurt its feelings!) :)  But idk what this all means, because I have been thinking a lot about praying mantis people too lately.  what a kawinkydink

  • im a little dissapoointed!

    clicked on this expecting to see a bunch of insects moving slowly towards a finish line with a cheering crowd of gamblers urging them on!

    ah well..beware of expectations :)


  • ..i have read some stories/experiences through the years with these beings in various forums... and i didnt get the impression that they are so angelic...


  • In the film version of "Communion" from about 1991, Whitley (Christopher Walken) recalls having seen one after seeing someone wearing a Halloween mask.

    You might want to contact Anne Streiber or Whitley at the "Unknown" website. I know they could give you some information or point you to some accounts of people having dealt with them.

  • I've met a handful of different types of beings in my twilight before sleep. One of them was a 7/8 foot tall mantis named Ezekiel who offered / gave me a key. I've never known what the key was or what it was for, nor have I ever learned anything else about Ezekiel. I've always been curious, and it gets me excited to hear other accounts of mantis like beings. Makes me feel like my experience is a little more credible, even if just to me!

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