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Written by Steve Beckow

I caution people from being taken in by cabal attempts to confuse and raise doubt in us through the propagation of false channeled information.

Just as the cabal causes mass shootings to derail Disclosure and works the media to debunk genuine sightings, so also the national-security state probably employs many people to churn out false communications from non-existent ascended masters and galactics.

One such channel, whom I discussed earlier, (1) styles himself “Micah the Guardian.” On July 27, 2012, he said that the Plieadians had now decided to intervene fully in the Earth’s Ascension because “Sophia-Gaia’s sickness has reached a critical stage and must be cleaned up at once. The light quotient on Earth is not high enough at this stage to [effect] a mass global Ascension, let alone help move an entire planet to the next dimension.” (2)

Let’s stop here for a moment and look at what’s amiss with this initial passage in his message. First, “Sophia” is not an epithet of Gaia or Mother Earth, but an epithet of the Divine Mother or Holy Spirit, whom Solomon and others called “Wisdom.” “Wisdom” in Greek is “Sophia.” I personally have never heard Gaia referred to as Sophia. So, Micah shows himself to be unaware of divine entities, which I would not expect from a spokesperson for the Pleiadians.

Second, Gaia is not “sick” and, if she were, being “cleaned up” would probably not be the answer. The last time Gaia was “sick” she was surrounded in a cocoon of pink light. Here is Gaia being interviewed by Geoff West in April 2012:

“So yes, there have been many, many layers of assistance from your star brothers and sisters, from my star brothers and sisters. For many, many, many decades, they held me, they created, what you would think of as, a pink cocoon, so that I would not continue to wobble. There have been, in my journey, throughout my existence, there have been several pole shifts, you know. Yes, your history does not capture everything. But that does not matter, really. But it was not a timely occurrence, to have such a shift.

“And so what they did was they held me in a cocoon to steady me, while we waited to see if the human collective would also awaken and begin to cooperate with my healing, and with my Ascension as well. As I have said, about a decade ago—about 12, 13 years ago in your time—the archangels have also renewed my grid. And that has been kept spotless by the star beings as well.”  (3)

Light is usually the higher-dimensional form of healing.  Far from being “sick,” Gaia is in the final stages of preparing for her own Ascension.

Third, a statement like “the light quotient on Earth is not high enough at this stage to [effect] a mass global Ascension” should suggest in whose service Micah probably is.  Who benefits from establishing in the public consciousness that the light quotient is not high enough for Ascension?

Fourth, we’re not moving “to the next dimension,” which is simply the Astral Plane or Fourth Dimension, although we’ll pass through it, but ultimately to the Fifth.  Having made that error, Micah then contradicts himself by saying that we’re to transition “into the Fifth Dimension on 12-21-2012.” This kind of confusion in the development of an argument is not characteristic of higher-dimensional galactics, who seem to work hard to be clear and uncontradictory.

He then adds that “due to the imminent upcoming galactic cycle and the amount of work and healing that needs to be done for Gaia [it] cannot be done by Earth beings on schedule.” Well, we all know what a hue and cry would accompany hearing that something like Ascension is not proceeding on schedule. How many times has Micah introduced an alarming note in his message so far?

What does it mean to say “due to the upcoming galactic cycle”? Does the phrase make sense? What is an “upcoming galactic cycle”? To me it’s an empty phrase and the galactics, as Ashtar said to me in 2009, don’t engage in what he called “blathering.” Their words carry substance and Micah’s do not. (4)

We have to ask ourselves: who benefits from introducing the notion that we won’t be able to achieve Ascension on schedule?  SaLuSa and others have said that our Ascension is assured.

SaLuSa: “All of the major changes needed will forge ahead, and the last vestiges of the Illuminati’s control will disappear. So once again we will reiterate that all is well, because your victory is assured.” (5)

Atmos: “We can confidently assure you that it will not be delayed. Why otherwise would we of the Galactic Federation be encircling your Earth, with millions of craft in readiness for First Contact and the restoration of Mother Earth?” (6)

Matthew Ward: “Our beloved Earth is right on target on her ascension pathway, that we can assure you.” (7)

Why would Micah channel to us that it’s anything but assured, save if he were serving a dark agenda?

He tells us that “what happens on Earth now affects the entire universe so this is pretty important!” Perhaps the awkwardness of the language alone might alert people to the probable lack of credibility of the message. I’m not sure a galactic would use an inelegant phrase like “this is pretty important!”

He finishes by saying that “all archontic cabal remains” will be removed. A dash of jargon always piques the interest but this jargon is simply empty words.

Throughout Micah’s message there is a Third-Dimensional tone and a poor word choice that higher-dimensional galactics probably would not be guilty of in their messages.

About “channels” such as Micah, SaLuSa warned us in May 2012 that “at this time when Ascension is so close there are those who would deliberately misinform you. The dark Ones thought to conquer Man and his world for their own agenda, but now grasp at any opportunity to stop each soul’s path of Light that leads to completion. It will be to no avail, but it means you still need to tread carefully and not be fooled by those peddling fear.” (8)

He suggested that we “bear in mind that the dark Ones are well aware of Ascension and the events leading up to it, and they play upon a scenario that largely fits your beliefs. However, they intentionally look to cause confusion in your minds, and once doubt creeps in they have succeeded in their aims.” (9)

Certainly telling us that we have failed to reach the required light quotient introduces doubt and confusion into our minds.

I’d like to think that channeled messages such as Micah’s would only trip up the new and the unwary and only them for a while, but what dismays me is that Micah’s messages are picked up by sincere blogsites and reposted.

This is a time when many people are waking up and keen discernment about what messages are posted becomes more important than ever. Micah is one source that sites could afford not to post and readers not to read.

Note from Wes: While this article is a bit critical, I have to agree with the viewpoint of Micah not being a credible channel. For me, what 'did it' has been seeing him continue to give out bold predictions that I honestly feel our Galactic brethren would not even come close to making, because they know of the ill effects making brazen predictions can have if events change. 


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How have you been dear friend? Beautiful Multidimensional picture :) :) 

Much Love, 

Wes :) 

Thank you for this post and for your always-refreshing perspective Marianinia :) Though I should point out that Steve Beckow isn't a channeler. 

If you were referring to myself, I should say that I have no real desire to criticize Micah or claim he is a dark cabal entity, I simply wished to express that what has been said by or through him does not resonate with me personally,  and I've noticed tendencies to predict and [perhaps unconsciously] display the Galactics in an incorrect Light in the messages from Micah. 

I've even wrote an article recently about new channelers and those who are still experiencing ego being brought forth in their messages, and how such messages still contain the energy of the collective or individual they were meant to. 

If Micah is genuinely making attempts to channel the Pleiadians, than he is in one way or another. I still do not think they would make the brazen predictions that have been given by Micah but if he is actually and truly trying, than he is bringing through the Pleiadians, even if only slightly. 

Thank you again for your comment. :) 

Much Love, 

Wes :) 

So wonderfully expressed, and so true. Thank you for this articulate comment dear friend :) :) 

Much Love, 

Wes :) 

yes.. the only trustworthy channels are those who dont give dates... but keep people focused in a perpetual stand by mode...change is near....change is near... its always right around the next corner...

I am sensing much tenseness over this subject Vagelis. I would recommend turning away from Galactic communications if that is how you see them, as they do not seem to resonate with your own vibrations and understandings, based on the opinion you have been expressing. 

But hey, that is just my opinion. :) 

Much Love, 

Wes :) 

yes.. i dont believe both sides... neither Steve Beckow, neither the Micah side... until i see the "Fruits" that is.... seeing it, is believing it... :)

...yummyyy.... ;)

I am like that too Vagelis4VP.  When things actually visibly and verfiably happen (in this 3D reality and not someplace on another plane of existance lol etcetara), then I will decide what is my truth.  It got too tiring for me to try to wade through the quagmire of all the channelings and their lack of agreement, tone, predictions etc.  So for now I just take what uplifts me and discard what does not with what I read.  To me it is the only route to take without ending up in knots emotionally and mentally .  Took me awhile to get to that place within me that just waits to see what unfurls, and I try to help to manifest what I wish will occur.  I have had  great results from the power of manifestation in my life so I truly believe in the concept and so I try to use that human skill wisely and lovingly.   So I also as you say "wait for the fruits" and to my thinnking that is a good approach in life. 

Salusa just gave the same date, so you are essentially saying that Salusa is not a trustworthy channel either. It will be interesting to see how many other channelers follow suit.

Gaia is not sick, we are not in danger, we are on track :)

Agreed Kelly.  So do you feel this whole channeling has no merit?

i would say none of us know what is going to happen or when all we can do is sit back in our seats and wait.  some channeled info could be good and some could be bunk or it could all be bulll who knows..  i say believing is seeing and so far all i have seen is alot of talk that has not bared any fruits.  i see alot of signs of something coming but nothing life changing yet.  so everybody just keep an open mind and open eyes and relax... who cares what anybody says take the good outta the messages use the energy and smile



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