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A petition on is in need on signatures. It need 100,000 signatures before 30 days. It will put pressure on the government to disclose the extraterrestrial presence that is engaging this earth and the humanity on it. The link is below

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Give me the name of the person spearheading this, and I'll contemplate signing.

It says paradigm research group. It's worth a signature in my opinion, but you decide for yourself.

When I search "paradigm research group" I get an obvious moneyscheme-page. His site is pathetic and stinks of scheme.

Mr. Bassett is a lobbyist, activist, commentator and columnist.

All in all, he has the knowhow, the motivation and the crowd to get rich off of making sensationalist claims. What he does NOT have however, is political influence.

His site is nothing but a fundraiser. Apparently, he wants to make a movie, and needs funding for it.

All I can tell you is that he willl NOT be getting my money, nor will he be getting my signature. I'll NOT sign this and show the world what a fool I am. If I want to show the world I am a fool, I could just take my clothes off and show my awfully ugly body on Youtube instead.. ;)

PS. I'm getting angrier by the minute today. Perhaps it's time for me to just go to bed and dream about total war instead. ;)

You seem clouded in paranoia, doubt, and uncertainty. I think you need your nap time. F*** Mr. Bassett, he is irrelevant same with any money scheme website conspiracy that your distracted mind has been mislead by.

..Hmm...Love Your....Energy.....Hermit.....x...

If we could only help him focus it on something that feeds the planet instead of just scamming the shaite out of it, all would be well. ;)



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