It's been a while since I posted, but things seem to be unfolding a little at a time. Over the last year, my wife has reluctantly been awakened, a self proclaimed skeptic in spite of admitting to be taken by the others, yet denying the details of an impending change.

Often, we both know when something the night before has happened to us, we wake up to the feeling that we were somewhat abused the night before, very tired and this feeling of knowing?  At times, I remember the event happening like one night I was twisted and turned spiritually and told that this is what it would feel like when it was time.  This left me ill for two days.

I will describe last night which when I woke seemed like one of those nights,  a busy one leaving me groggy this morning.  I had a feeling that something had happened but decided not to tell Con my feelings.  She told me, that she felt exhausted this morning and then finally tells me what happened.

The first thing she asked me, what shape shadow people came in.  She does not read of this nor is interested.  But she does know that five people that are close to me, us,  have seen shadow people, but remained a skeptic.  I explained they come in shapes, smoke, orbs and color.  Her eyes went wide and then she tells me of the event. 

She was brought out of sleep by this sensation in the middle of her forehead and a white orb came out of her fore head, went over above me and hovered over my head.  She explained it as being like a golf ball, not bright but mottled in color, just white and slightly glowing.  She watched it for a while and claimed it was real and she could feel it exiting her forehead as well.  Then she must have lost consciousness as she remembered nothing more.

My feeling this morning that we were part of something last night seemed validated at this point.  I don't know if the orb was a part of her, myself or another, I have no answers.  All I know is, it leaves us tired with a knowing of something that happened is all.  If no one reads this, it is ok, I just wanted to write down my thoughts as all this is confusing.

Her final comment was, "I think the others are showing me this so I will believe, I didn't believe the others until now".

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  • Hey Sailor Moon, Sometimes Shadow People that come through at nite, and especially the ones that walk through walls of the home, exct. Sometimes and often times they can be real dangerous, because they are usually Entities, meaning some could be a live and some could be dead. The Alive Shadow People use there Astral Bodies to seep right through the Walls like that, and the ones that are Dead, can just automatically seep on through the Walls.

    The White Orb though is very very different, and very positive. It is coming to her because it is probably an Angel Guide, or someone from another off Planet That is there with here in energy like. White is good, because it means that energy was fighting off something that was really negative within the home area, or around you and her both. Feeling tired, can be a sign of feeling drained at times, and sometimes with even with Psychic Vampires, they to can use there Astral Forms to look like Shadow People 

    The huge White Orb though, that your wife saw, was a sign that one of her Guides is from a higher frequency range, and had been trying to fight off the negative energy 

    Bless the Nite,


    • From personal, connection to two people, my grandson and a very close friend, Kelly, I know that there can be negative connections, as both of these people discovered.

      Last nights connection I innately knew on awakening, was not for our detriment, but for another reason which I call an adjustment or learning.  When Con affirmed what I already knew and gave me details, I related to her that the orb was not negative and not to fear it.  I really can't tell you how I know this, but I have experienced what some call evil and can feel it's presence or absence of it's presence

      My feelings here is, it's time and movement and growth are needed.  In fact, I just spent the day with a master whom is really a contractor but trained in qijung.  He has been out of it and the healing for years but recently it came to him, "it is time".  Thus he like me feels it is time to get things started if that makes sense.

  • Wow, a few of us are having these events, please let your wife know she is not alone...just not a lot of people talk about it.  Fascinating, thank you for sharing... she's much more advanced than she knows and it's interesting that you both are experiencing the phenomena. 

  • 4 vp. I just read your comment to Con. She commented, hmmm. But then told me not to tell anyone else of this because they won't understand and she is right. With all else that has happened to us, which I suppose is a lot on different levels, it is really hard to keep your mouth shut when other spout off on subjects you are intimately involved with. When I have made a comment which is way outside their thinking, they look at you like you need to be committed. So, how the hell do you wake up those whom insist on being trapped in this existence. I feel that most people have bought into this reality so deeply they cannot change and it is being manipulated by others to enslave them and they willingly participate. Each of us should rebel, rebel and rebel, but then when we do we are put in place, not by the masters, but by the slaves themselves. Sad.
    • ..yes.. unfortunately i have to agree with your remarks...

      thats how things are with people and their worldview... so i guess its better to focus on your own "awakening" and understanding, than to try to poke other people.. specially when they are not interested in such type of conversations...

      the biggest slave is the one who is not aware that he is slave...

  • ..probably her final comment is all the juice.. yes, she finally got it...

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