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Oprah, six toe Reptillian Illuminati Hybrid, says Obama is Jesus

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more insanity

She has six toes, this doesn't mean anything but that she has six toes.  Listen to what people say more carefully.  Many people make the mistake of filtering everything they hear through their fear filter and end up hearing things people never said. Oh well.

well if we go on the stories not presented by traditional history, 6 toes and fingers were traits of the nephilim, they arent reptilian in the bible, or in the sumerian tablets. because the nephilim and the annunaki are not reptilian.

so IF that is the case then she would have DNA from nephilim in her.  something to consider as well is i cannot recall any mammals who have more than 5 digits ever, not even from "mistakes" like humans are supposed to have them from.  i have heard of dogs being born with the 5th "dew claw" on the back legs which they often cut off,

this is something i have never checked into so it could be common for the other mammals to have this too and i just havent come across anything about it.

h*** sapien DNA is already messed up being the only thing we have found so far to have telomeres(spelling) in the middle of one of our strands, these normally only appear on the ends of strands, and not just for humans.



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