The Galactic Federation of Light Fleets that are here now to help with Ascension have already stated that their mission is moving the Earth's Vibration into Higher Dimensions and they have named this project as ‘OPERATION VICTORY'

The Dark Forces can do their best to try and win from the Light Forces but it will not be possible.

The Earth will move into Higher Dimension and there is no need to fear or be worried as VICTORY to the Light Forces is GUARANTEED by The Galactic Federation of Light members. They have helped in the Ascension of other Planets in the past and they know what is involved in this Operation and to them it is nothing new so Victory is on the way.

The beings of this Planet need to get in the Mode of Goodness by not harming Nature in anyway and by not harming any living entities and in this way Ascension will be a smooth process .

Those thinking that 2012 will be the end of the World or those thinking we will be invaded and taken over by Space ships from the Dark Forces or those thinking there will be a 3rd World War need not worry as the Light Forces will WIN.

I have put this message so beings on this Planet are not put to fear by the Dark Forces and their dark messages.

As far as i am concerned the Dark Forces should now start joining the Light Forces or they can start packing their bags and leave this Planet as the Light Forces will WIN. 







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  • There IS light and dark. You people have to stop thinking in 3D. Darkness is simply the absence of light..why are we going on about duality and the like? All we need to be concerned with is spreading the light, so that there is no LACK. Don't get caught up in these terminologies and concepts.
    • Most definitely Braveheart -

      I just had the worst night - I was attacked again, so cold heartedly by this person I play World of Warcraft with. I've NEVER seen people acting as dark and cruel as I have in the last 3-4 weeks. I actually felt like my heart was beating irregularly because this person attacked me to intensely.

      I do feel that good things are going to happen, but I feel this polarization happening right now, and it seems all I can do is keep trying to be nice - even though their intensions are going to continue to be cold as ice.

      I really hope for the people to see how messed up and cold they are becoming.... and embrace what is good.
      • Put your wings up baby.....I work in a health food store and get spiritually attacked quite a lot. I put up my wings (purple, pink and white) or I envision a mirror between myself and that other person. Probably much harder to do on line (:. In person, it's hysterical when they see themselves.Their whole demeanor changes.

    although I'm not feeling operation VICTORY, can we call it something that doesn't remind me of the show V
    • We are going into a Golden Age and it will be like Heaven on Earth. In the Golden Age all beings live in Love and Light and there is no EVIL. Beings in Inner Earth have created their own Heaven where there is no crime and no evil of any kind and the same will be created on the Surface of this Planet soon...ish
    • LoL Kevin :) I seriously doubt it would go like ANYONE expects.... all I know is that we are headed for something good, and maybe some are headed for something bad - Regardless, we all have some suprises in store.

      Just have to live out the Experience.
  • Me too, people seem to like disputes. Please realize a new perspective, THERE IS NO GOOD AND EVIL, there are perspectives of the same thing, once you become more enlightened you will realise that what you call Evil is a necessary way of realising other perspectives, Good. Actions are made in the ignorance of the soul, by the quality of its light and its living purpose.
    This is my perspective.
    Namaste Brothers and sisters of light.
  • I am getting rather sick of all this talk about Light forces and Dark forces, 'good' guys and 'bad guys, like in the movies.... and then we speak of non-duality... And the 'Light Forces' giving names to operations, hhaha operation victory,like they're some spec ops unit hahaha
    • OPERATION VICTORY means victory to God Conscious beings who live their lives following Divine Laws and spreading Love and Light.
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