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December 1

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Raising loving people, healing arts, reading, writing, dancing and free thinking.

Your Teachers and/or Spiritual Sources of Inspiration

Too many to list and the list goes on on a daily basis. Here is a short list of some who have affected my life in some profound way in no particular order, my Grandma Chris, Shel Silverstein, Jesus, Mary, Archangel Michael, my children, my partners, The Dalai Lama, Buddha, Jeshua, trees.

Jana replied to Krishna Kalki's discussion OPERATION VICTORY : The Galactic Federation Fleets
"Put your wings up baby.....I work in a health food store and get spiritually attacked quite a lot. I put up my wings (purple, pink and white) or I envision a mirror between myself and that other person. Probably much harder to do on line (:. In…"
Oct 9, 2010
Jana replied to Ronojoy Barooah's discussion Please pray for my father and me
"Sending you love, prayers, strength and peace."
Oct 9, 2010
Jana replied to Cedric's discussion Suicide
"He sounds like a very brave man and that you were very lucky to have him as a Daddy. (:"
Oct 9, 2010
Jana replied to Cedric's discussion Suicide
"My father committed suicide when I was 12. It is my feeling that suicide carries a very dark energy, I have heard the voice of it many times telling me to do myself in. I don't judge my Dad but I can tell you as someone who is a full body empath…"
Oct 8, 2010

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My interest in babbling about spirituality and metaphysics is at war with those clogging up New Age sosh-mead with dangerously pointed lies.
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Malicious, insidious political machinations are everywhere. I'm terrified that most people don't care enough to notice or sift through them.
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"Re: Bluesword Angel: Be wary of comments referencing a Cabal or aligning Ashtar Command with (American in particular) politics; it's just racism/ethnocentrism (Cabal is often short-hand for warbling about the imagined slights of Jewish people)…"
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""I took the sign and put it down...I refuse to follow this nonsense...Soon I will go to Mount Shasta on my birthday and I am not planning on following this either...Only in a crowded place and out of respect for other people that might be afraid...I…"
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