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So much for all the prophecy that said he wouldn't.

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Hi Fence Sitter. 

With yet more failed channelings, have you jumped to one side of the fence yet?  I hope you will jump to the side of truth.  Much love, friend.


        ~NUFF SAID!!!!!

now we can put aside all the speculations and see what happens.

Win is such a strong word...

Was there really a doubt lol I wonder what Greg Giles is thinking now....remember when he said Romney would win? I wonder what Sheldan Nidle is thinking now, remember when he said there won't be any elections? Crow must be a tough thing to chew lol Life had a major victory today, we salute you, President Obama!

John Jancar:  It does make you wonder, doesn't it?

can't wait for $7 a gallon

Free and alternative energy will be brought to counter act the &7 a gallon,  Tesla

LOL, did Sheldan tell you that or was it Greg Giles?

Smuhamm:  I can't wait.

Love Won



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