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I don't know how "off the cuff" an annoucement can be, but any way he can slip it in will be just fine. :) 

Is there a connection to this with Richard Boylan's claim that Obama agreed to disclosure before Dec. 31st or otherwise undeniable mass sightings would be seen?    


26 December 2010

Barack Obama to make UFO announcement in coming weeks

Michael Cohen


All News Web has received information from government insiders close to the US President that Barack Obama has been given the go ahead to make an important ‘off the cuff’ announcement regarding UFO visits and US contact with aliens.

Allegedly DARPA has given this move the green light. The comments by the President will be made within the next month.

Our sources claim this will not be outright admittance of UFO visits and contact with aliens, however the comments will come as close to admittance as any President has to date and will be made in the context of a speech on an entirely different matter.

From what we understand The President will concede that there is ‘some evidence’ to suggest aliens might have attempted to contact Earthlings.

All of this is said to be part of a warm up program leading to eventual outright admittance of knowledge of UFO and alien visitation by major world governments within three years.

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Dear Ravinder, This is true, however not everyone on the planet is ready for such a way of being.

I do not eat meat, eggs or anything from an animal, in fact lately ive not been eating anything. I do when I eat however, eat vegan/ Vegetarian.

Also all nature is where my grounding and connections lay. I am merely stating however that there is no judgement from the GFOL as to where each individuals journey is.

Yes Life was made by the Elohim, they had a hand in creating us, alongside the Annanuki. Life is as sacred as you make it in your individual experience. The master Yeshua also saw this, and did not eat meat, he was also vegetarian, but at times admits he ate meat.

I hope too that all these slaughter houses will close down too. I Do not wish suffering upon any being.


Personally i do not have any grudge against the true Obama. He was born in the same country that i was born and that is Kenya. The OBAMA I am addressing here is someone who is being controlled like a puppet by the other Government Officials like all the rest of the Presidents were. I have noticed that this is not the true self state of Obama but one that is becoming artifical because of pressure and control by other beings and this will be his downfall. His lack of experience is also beginning to show. I think the real Obama would have announced this ages ago.


Many leaders are being subjected to this mind control from the dark ones. Only Full disclosure will be the cure for it.

I have the same with UK governments here too.



Clown scare me

My theory is that he does it via language. He knows that the truth about UFO´s is that the english term itself ´UFO´defines them pretty much. That is - they´re a manifestation of language. This means that whenever we argue and b******* about UFO´s all we´re doing is expressing something we are seeing in the sky linguistically. If we all started to connect with each other telepathically we´d know it instantly if somebody is coming for a visit and what would be the nature of that somebody. We wouldn´t be asking ´can that somebody be trusted or not´. Now , let´s say that Obama decided not to unleash the UFO stuff that everybody wants him to unleash. He can then always add ´well there´s this and that´, and everybody goes ballistic. The point is , again , language.

William S. Burroughs wrote this book titled The Language Virus or something like that. It explains how language works much like virii do by infecting everything. I think that what he was saying was that language is much like a zombie - between life and death. It´s neither 100% live nor 100% dead. So when people hear about telepathic aliens who never ushered a word they go ballistic and say ´that´s impossible´- or at least that´s what they did in the last century , the 20th. Almost everything in your life is dictated to you via language - so he has to unleash the truth via language - but he knows that once control continues to get out of the hands of the White House and out of Wall Street and into the hands of the people when it comes to deal with the language part of the story , he can´t be 1000% Wall Street anymore if that is who he is as the official story goes. So he has to be 100% Wall Street , and then less and less and less Wall Street until he realizes he doesn´t have to have all this power anymore. Or maybe he´s not really 1000% Wall Street at all because it could be a lie designed to unite the sheep against him.

So let´s put it plain and simple here folks - you are being manipulated into accepting something that is somebody else´s version of reality than your´s. And that somebody can only keep doing it as long as you keep trying to rely upon that the way that full UFO disclosure is done is via language and while having to trust someone to tell you their version of a story rather than choosing to conclude on your own terms what to believe. I think that if too much was unveiled at once , significantly large numbers of human beings would suddenly start to stop speaking. They´d make a conscious choise on stopping to express themselves linguistically. The basic structures of most societies would collapse alongside the entire infrastructure of today´s economy from top to bottom. Life would be 25 hours of constant picture - sharing and data - downloading , much like now. So what has happened has been that some of you have permitted themselves to be conditioned to kinda ´jump out of their stairs´whenever hearing the term ´Full UFO disclosure´. What if I told you that these are just two english words that don´t have to mean much as such? That´d scare a lot of you. So I don´t want to scare people here. I realize now that Obama is a person just like me who can´t be friends with everybody and that it´s all more or less about language. So what does ´hide the truth with NASA´mean really when that guy said that during some reverse speech (and it wasn´t Obama but some news guy)? Well it means that the secret itself that is being kept hidden from you is that once you realize this , you must not lose the importance of your innovation.

Fantastically written.

Be very aware of false Tales and Misguided Information. If the President does in fact speak. Listen to sound of his voice as well as the words that come from his lips. I fear he will not Share Everything we wish to know.




Martyn Redd --Signing Off--

i'm holding up my right thumb up for a lift too. i hope i get the window seat on the craft. : )
Window seat better still why not have a whole house!
Not sure where you're getting your messages from Ravinder -- however I think Obama will be governing in 2012....

What gave you such a negative view of Obama?  Do you just hate all politicians?  I don't understand all of your animosity towards him?

I do believe he is a good man, trying to change things for the better...

And I believe he will win in 2012.... We shall see who is correct here :)
Obama or no-bama, these nation state and heirarchy types have a tendency toward bending the truth to suit their purposes. It would be nice for them to broach the subject so that the disclosure that has been going on from inside the society at a grassroots level will actually be considered. But I seriously would question what their real motivations for doing this actually are. Would they tell us about their own activities building mock or reverse engineered alien craft, conducting "false flag" and outright military abductions and experimentation, or disclose the existence of highly advanced technologies that could much improve the state of the world? Be discerning and let your heart guide you as always :)  Personally nothing that any US administration has ever said resonated in my heart as fully honest, but that's just my own perception.



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