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Obama’s Staged Fainting Act Exposed...he is probably the most corrupt leader of all

Obama saves the day again and again....SUPERHERO OR SUPERTHUG
Watch Video @

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Avatar:  Well, that is POSSIBLE, but this has happened SIX TIMES - what are the chances? My Sarah Palin impression?  I don't know what you're talking about.

The six times in that video were all different.  Some, most, in the audience that was well in front of him. Each was totally different. If they were staged, they would have all been where HE could personally hold and help, which was NOT the case in all but the most recent. 

And, as is stated in a few posts below this, MANY have stated personally and through channeled messages that he is  a being of light.  Restricted by a LOT of what's going on around him though, by my estimation. He is by far a kinder person than the last Pres we had and "No one is perfect". comes to mind.  I've said for ages that he is in no way the Savior, but he is also not the Anti-Anything. 

OBAMA  has been aknowledged as Galactic Being of Light..

Some of you should really get over your petty hatred of the guy..

Try taking off your 2D glasses..

Your going to look really foolish when the truth is revealed..

You wont have long to wait either..



Avatar:  Must you mention the work BLACK? GET OVER IT!  (Oh, and by the way, he's only 16% Black, the rest is Arab and White and WHO GIVES A DAMN ANYWAY???!!!)

To funny Avatar... this group is probably typing with one hand while viewing these ;-)


I feel that this particular definition of Obama is the most contentious of all and most certainly an absolute fraud...This ridiculous proposition, frequently promulgated by the likes of CIA psyops "channels" in the Mike Quinsey mould, that Obaama is a "galactic being of light."

The inference being that he serves the GFL and is "advanced.." This proposal is utter nonsence and the GFL go to great pains to distance themselves from Obama, and indeed all polticians, albeit they are often misrepresented by the psyops teams who recruit "GFL channels," and present Obama as "especially lighted."

Obama is the curtain that covers the dark wizard of oz...a puppet and a pawn, albeit a willing and able pawn of the dark....a frontman for the cabal with all US presidents since Kennedy.


The GFL does, thankfully, possess one genuine official outlet for updates, as well as some minor ones....The official outlet is and you will never hear mention of Obama as a "galactic being of light," if you search on the PAO search engine, "Obama," you will confirm that not a single update, since the 1990s, has mentioned Obama as being special, indeed he is not even mentioned at all...nor are any politicians from earth...The GFL does not run political campaigns in support of "special" people.....


The GFL has mentioned several times that the CURRENT LEADERS of nations in service to the cabal, such as the US leader, will have to resign and will be arrested....Now, that CERTAINLY includes OBAMA among other de facto national leaders....


I'll quote from a GFL update of a week ago, as an example. People should read the words carefully:


The dark's last faithful minions are now in a special summit with the followers of the Light. The arrogant and once all-powerful ones are negotiating the final terms of their global surrender. The dark cabal is already stripped of most of its wealth and the Light will transform their old regimes. The agreements reached in the summit will produce a final timetable for the making of a new realm - one that is free, prosperous and permits each person to be truly sovereign. The agreements will also detail how the leaders of the current "de facto" governments will resign. The new governance will put on a series of special trials to explain why various past events happened and how other events forged a new reality for humanity. This will help you to better understand the reasons behind the events of the day.




Drekx:  If somebody said so, it is so.

Avatar:  I am not being ironic.  I am being SARCASTIC.  The OBAMANOIDS think that he is from Heaven because of some channeling.

plazmuh:  He is a Galactic Being of Light because SOMEBODY SAID SO?  I don't think so.

I'll second this comment.  I think most of these Obama bashers are republican trolls or dupes with no clue as to how the cabal can suborn anyone because of the ruthlessness of their cruelty and willingness to threaten anyone in high office who would oppose their agenda.  If you became president and they threatened your children with torture and death, what would you do Obama hater?  Not you, Steven, you know who I mean.

No Nancy, the GFL says what it means and does not dabble in Amerikan-style political doublespeak, as the US de facto government does...... which is officially lead by President Obama and non other...That means he is the de facto "leader" of said government and that therefore means he will also be resigning and will be thus detained for trial, under the restored US republic's new governance.


There is no ambiguity when the GFL places words of English before the global community, online.....Yet you are in denial as to what the GFL is stating here and continue your games of distraction...


Of course, the cabal are the official "leader's" masters, yet they will be dealt with as well as the CURRENT DE FACTO GOVERNMENT LEADERS, who serve the Illuminoid families.....


We must break the political stranglehold on the people, as well as the economic.....The cabal behind this process are rapidly loosing their shield, armour and underpants, too...LOL

Obama is part of their deception and will be going down....

Keep up the Good Works Nancy. ~ApotheosisRising247



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