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Obama’s Staged Fainting Act Exposed...he is probably the most corrupt leader of all

Obama saves the day again and again....SUPERHERO OR SUPERTHUG
Watch Video @

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~This isn't about you offending 'those of a nervous, sensitive and/or humourless disposition'. That's absurd Omego... it's about calling out a supposed Starseed/Sirian-Contactee for taking pride at mocking a woman he feels is physically repulsive. Even so, why delete your evolved sensibilities? Let your true colors fly mate, they continue to rightsize you... again & again. As to the notion that we should 'get used to the idea' that Obama will be 'challenged'? Huh? In what alternate reality do you think we haven't grown used to the type of venom & vitriol shown on this thread? You guys create absurd posts to circle-jerk on this stuff regularly. Are you serious? & hiding behind the word 'humor' to sugarcoat the hate shown here is what's truly laughable. You 'fool' no one but yourselves. But again... let it out kids! It can't be healthy to hold this type of corrosive stuff inside. & as for us 'members from California'?... well... we can teach you guys a thing or two ;-)  


Traxis:  In re to Michelle:  "Huck Finn did a better job of pretending to be a girl" - LOL.

Traxis:  Please contact me on my profile by writing me.  (I put in a friend request, but wanted to write you).

Brilliant faker! Haahaaaa
It seems the biggest con merchants have taken over the Whitehouse but in reality they should be in a jungle hut colour not white so they can call it the Black House and we know it is full of ....

Hi Krish....Good to see this forum is still at the number one discussion spotlight, today.....

I'm still amazed by the Obamanoid excuses for their "hero" and their guard dog reactions to any dissent we may express towards his highnessness.... ;-)

Drekx:  "Maybe Stick fancies Michelle?" - BIG LOL!

WTF! It smells like 'Lord of the Flies' in here....

'they should be in a jungle hut color not white so they can call it the Black House and we know it is full of ...'

'his "nanny" was either a transvestite or transsexual'

'I know most people wont believe it, but Michelle is really Michael Obama who was born and raised in Oregon and played high school football in the early 80s. I assume the gender reassingment surgery or operation happened in the early 90s.'

'Michelle has SIZE 14 FEET!  What WOMAN  has SIZE 14 FEET!!! And her HANDS!  They're MASSIVE!... Since I believe that Obama is gay, I believe he needs someone like Michelle.  In some pictures of her in a dress, she appears to have a PENIS.'

'Well s/he is either transgender, hermaphroditic, or a man who is in denial of his true self. Either way, this person has an adams apple'

'Am I so glad that I don't share Barry's tastes in women...hehe...!! I always thought Michelle Obama seems a little odd and clearly walks like a man in drag... I generally try not to judge people based on gender or orientation, yet we can still express our own personal tastes and Michelle Obama is definitely not to my liking... Maybe Stick fancies her?'


~Jesus Christ! Simmer down kids! Now let me get this straight... You guys are outraged at the notion that Barack Obama is a 'Lightworker'? Really?! Perhaps you should step back a moment & breathe...  forget about Obama for a second... & ponder a far more relevant question. What do you consider yourselves? That Drekx actually referred to the type of bottom feeding you are engaged in as 'tireless work' is frightening. If it's working for ya... have at it I suppose. It just seems painfully clear that in your low grade tag-teaming, each of you are sinking below your own standards. Whether you real'eyes' it or not? You can do better! ~InLight555



... at the notion that Barack Obama is a Lightworker Traxiss. Whether he is or isn't, is ultimately relative to 'one's' perspective. The parameters you've laid out for the title 'Lightworker' are merely a limited projection of your jaded views. Have you given up most of your possessions to aid others, regardless of skin color or religious preference Traxis? Oh, that's right, the deeper question of 'what do you consider yourself?' was ignored. From where I stand, sarcasm is a form of violence. Do you think the things you wrote about Michelle Obama qualifies you as a 'good guy'?... & you want to talk about hot air? Too funny... Hopefully you're not in the room when someone decided to talk about you mother that way. ~InLight  

How am I supposed to 'argue that one buddy' when I don't even see 80% of what you've written as worthy of 'The National Enquirer'? ;-) 

easy ...........................please~!~

You reap what you sew Traxiss. You helped to co-create the tenor of this absurd post... so take some responsibility for your 'role' & calm yourself down... I've been calm for this entire low-grade exchange. You're the one that sounds like a tea-party propaganda pamphlet... & a true zealot for the extreme right. Sheriff Joe Arpaio? Are you f#@king serious? You consider that Illuminati reptoid to be a valuable source of 'true' info? Wow! Nuff said.



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