Obama IS a light worker

I am surprised that many people who attack Obama believe they are light workers or awakened ones. For me, there is no doubt: Obama is a light worker. I am not an American and I don’t belong to any party and have no interest in Politics. However, I do see where the America goes affect the world in a big way. My opinion is from my intuition and observation. My observation is this:

Social wealth distribution  Romney want to keep the tax cut that the rich has been enjoying and make that permanent. And on top of that, he says they are going to cut the rate across the board. So the rich will get a lot more from the cut (175,000for those who make 600,000 and 149 for under 20,000). Even you consider this reasonable, exactly how they are going to fund this cut? Most definitely, the answer is the printing machine. More money printed and more wealth secretly transferred to the rich through inflation (their property values go up and they don’t pay much tax on capital gain either).  The tiny benefit the poor might have from the cut will vanish completely. The system is designed to make the rich richer and the poor poorer. Obama wants to tax the riches, considering the wealth that unnoticeably transferred to them, why not? Obama is trying to help the poor not the rich. This should be obvious.

Cleaning Energy  Personally I don’t believe anyone who refuse developing clean alternative energy is from the light. This is how humanity can be lift up from our current dire situation.  This is the doorway to a brighter future –abundance, equality and freedom. Romney accuses Obama’s efforts on green energy and tries to let uninformed people believe that green energy is not viable now.  The awakened ones should know this better.

Military spending   Using the excuse of national security to send huge amount of money to the military suppliers’ pockets is not something new.  They have been doing this for hundreds of years. Still some people buy in it. They don’t think their security is from a generally peaceful world. They believe a strong military presence is the answer. Even terrorist attacks cannot wake them up to see the truth. Obama wants to cut military spending and a more peaceful approach to Middle East issues.  Romney is the opposite.  Nothing more need to be said here.

Public spending  Now  Romney want tax cut and increase military spending. To balance his argument (not his books, because there is no way this can be even amount to a small portion of what he propose), he wants to cut public spending. So there will be more job losses from public service sector and less service provided to the general public. The rich doesn’t need these anyway, why do they care? So the middle class have a tax cut which will be half vanished (if not all) from the inflation and the other half offset by less service. Is this a fair deal? I think this is deception.

There are four types of people who vote for Romney

First, those who care to have more money in their wallet (at least they believe so) than their future generation’s well being. The 1% make them believe that Obama make them sacrifice themselves to help the poorer, which is unfair for them. The 1% is very good at the game of divide and conquer. These people who vote for Romney refuse to help the poorer who are essentially the same as themselves but let huge sum of money to go into 1%’s pocket - the oil giants (by refusing green energy) , military suppliers( by extend or start another war) . War is the best opportunity for them to save their dark crumpling empire. If the 99% allow themselves to be divided and they are all the real losers!

Second, those who have bought in the anti-Obama campaign (either in spiritual or non-spiritual circle) and did not check the fact and think for themselves. So many effort made by Obama has been blocked so they can stop his direction which is truly helping the people not the 1%. Insurance company doesn’t like medicare, Wall Street doesn’t like regulations, oil giant doesn’t like alternative energies, and military supplier doesn’t like cutting military spending.  They all gang up to start the campaign, can people not see this? Some call Obama a socialist, we want to protect our freedom, they say.  That is sad. A slave who doesn’t know he is a slave is the most helpless one.  99% are all slaves of the economic machine running for the 1%.  Some believe in Romney’s business experience and “trust” that he can fix the economy. A person who wants to drag a country to war or refuses cleaning energy doesn’t care about anyone’s future. They care only their own power to control by accumulating more wealth at the expenses of 99%. (not just 47%!)

Third, those who are so blindly “belonged” to their party and they don’t care what is right and what is the best for their country and the people.

Last, the “poor” people who do not care anything beyond their business of making a living and meaningless entertainment. Their consciousness has not evolved to the level of being interested in sophisticated topics. They are emotionally driven and pick their tickets by reality TV show standard. The truth and fact is not in the realm of their investigation.

It is probably hard to watch news on mainstream media everyday and not be influenced in some way. But in this crucial time of choice, it might be a good idea to sit back and look at the big picture——Just to be sure you are on the side you want to be.


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  • I like to say, the truth is in the details. So here....take a look at this video, you don't have to watch the whole 6 hour deliberation....but watch part 1 at least...take a look at it...and then go and tell people that Obama's just an actor, or that he pretends he cares when he really doesn't. Go ahead.

  • ...that with politics changes take some time to happen...

  • yes..indeed it takes time... 2000 years of wars, poverty and hunger are not enough... we need a couple of thousand more to get things straight...

    • Indeed, it takes very long time sometimes many lifetimes to just change one's negative traits, let alone to uproot an empire so desperately holding to its power.

      Light workers are Humans too. No one can do magic in 3D world, not even God himself. “Miracle” in the sense many perceived do happen but not in this dimension.  It takes hard work and enormous encourage to change a little. "Miracle in an instant" happens only in higher dimensions, which have frequence of Oneness not separation.

      However, many changes happened in human history can be seen as miracle. For example, a black man become a president should be considered a miracle by someone who lived a hundred year ago. Yes, it takes time to happen, indeed. It probably takes more time for many to realise it.

      But don't worry. It doesn't take another 2000years ,not even 200  because the process is accelating.

  • And look, I'm actually the type of guy who sits and watches Foreign Relations Committee hearings, or Senate Financial Committee hearings, or Health Care deliberations. And I'm telling you, it's not just smoke and mirrors, it's not just a show, with actors. You really think these guys are acting when they go through these things? It's just simply not true, that's just an opinion, based on a distant image of what actually goes on in the halls of government. In reality, it's alot different.

    People tend to think that politicians and elected officials are just dumb tools....not true either. These guys are incredibly smart, alot smarter than basically everyone on this site. These guys are highly intelligent, with alot of detailed knowledge and understanding of their specialty, and alot of vision and insight. They are among the brightest people our society produces, and of course that's how it is....that's why these guys help steer the ship of state, you can't have a fool do that.

    Are some of these guys knowingly working for the dark side, most likely. Are alot of them manipulated, or encouraged and supported if they produce an idea that could somehow benefit the dark side, most definitely. Are they all puppets on a string, doing what they're told, reading off a script, acting on a stage.....no. And no real intelligent person would believe that nonsense.

  • Well look, I've been watching the health care summit that Republicans and Democrats had back in 2010. I've been watching Obama spend 6 hours....6 hours....vouching for sick and uninsured people, against the Republicans who just rejected everything he tried to say. And clearly Obama was real about it, he cared, he wanted to make sure the health care bill would account for everything, so the American people wouldn't be side swiped. I mean think about it.....you don't spend 6 hours, going head to head, against people dead set on opposing you....vouching for the American people's health, unless somewhere deep down, you really cared about it lol

    This idea that government and politics is just smoke and mirrors, puppets on a string, is just too simplistic, that's not how it works. Some people would think Obama just sat there for 6 hours going through deliberations, because it would make him look good. Or that that whole health care summit was just a show, or theater. No, that's not how it works, I mean come on. These were real deliberations....clearly Obama's intention was making sure the American people got the best deal....so they could have health care if they get sick or injured. Clearly he cares about it, that's his agenda, there's no hidden agenda there. And you can't really get a good grasp of that, unless you sit down and watch these kind of deliberations.

    Clearly Obama is of the light, clearly he's trying to do what he can to help regular folks, against heavy opposition. And he needs our support, he doesn't need people making up lies about him, or saying how he's bad for eating meat....Ravinder. He doesn't need people turning their backs on him, for stupid things. I reckon if people actually supported him more, he'd have gotten alot more done.

  • Now you are talking......I would vote for Jesse in a heartbeat!  I respect him too, I always have because he HATES lies and deception and will go out of his way to expose the truth, no matter how disgusting or reprehensible.  I have followed him for many years...

  • nice one!
  • The following are IMPORTANT messeges for true light workers


    The US election and the Divine Plan


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