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New Obama Gay Lover Picture Gallery: Mainstream Media Does Not Want You To See ! That Michelle Obama Is A Man

According to a recently published report, the report states A newly released photo gallery has been released that showes alleged or admitted persons that have had homosexual relations with President Barack Obama. Sources that have leaked the gallery have that it’s almost 99% fact that the President is gay and more recently stories have surfaced that challenges that First Lady Michelle Obama is a Transexual.
Gallery @

Irrefutable Proof That Michelle Obama Is A Man 24/7 (Video)
See @
Watch this video with the transcript at the following link,

In this video, you will see documented proof, that “Michelle” has the hands of a man, the shoulders of a man, the overall body proportions of a man, male genitalia, and, as an added bonus – an Adam’s Apple!  For years, the White House staff, have all known, that Michelle Obama is in fact a man.  And yet, along with countless others, they have knowingly chosen, to deceive the Nations.  Do not let their deception continue for one more minute!  Watch the video.  See the proofs.  Deal with it.  Go through the 5 stages of grief (denial, anger, bargaining, grief, acceptance), and be the first to tell your friends – because truly, they will never forget who was the first to reach out to them, with that life-changing story.  Finding out the truth about Michelle, is like watching the Twin Towers (Barack and Michelle) fall.  Everyone remembers where they were, when they heard the news.
While Barack, has repeatedly chosen to invalidate his Presidency, by breaking his oath of office countless times, as he systematically destroys the American Constitution, “Michelle” (at least that is the name he now goes by), has been working with the Mainstream Media, to deceive the entire world, into believing that somehow a man, can be “the First Lady”. 
The extent of the White House deception, is truly “an unspeakable horror” – one that has gone on for years, before all of Heaven.  It is now time for the entire world to know, that The United States of America, as a nation, has fallen!  It has fallen on so many different levels, that truly it will be forever compared, to the past, and present, fall of Rome.
In as much as Barack Obama is a World leader (a fact that is well known), along with his Queen, he has now, truly become “the King of Sodom”.  Through the Mainstream Media, and through tolerance, this entire Planet has knowingly embraced the sin of Sodom and Gomorrah, and has in fact become even worse, than those historical cities, in the eyes of the One and only Creator.

Full Article plus Videos @

The President’s Homosexual Lover, Lives In The White House, And His Name Is Michael. Video
See @

Hollywood Gal Says Everyone Knows Michelle Obama Is A Transvestite (Stunning Video)
See @

Joan Rivers Makes Bombshell Claim That Barack Is Gay And Michelle Obama A Tranvestite
See @

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That says more about youre friend than this post

The real question is does this rubbish matter..

The answer is of course NO..

And is it anybodies business..

The answer is also NO..

When the truth emerges YOU are gonna look very stupid very fast..

Good luck with that..

Obama is the most awesome person on the Planet RIGHT NOW..

And You ARE NOT..


plazmuh:  It IS our business.  We are AMERICAN CITIZENS and we have a RIGHT to know what's going on.  We have a RIGHT to know who the "first lady" is, etc.  WE ARE NOT TO BE LEAD LIKE SHEEP!  And not question or wonder about the "gods".

I've been told you're a guy pretending to be a that true? Does that mean you're gay? Until you can prove otherwise I say you are.

Are you talking to me Avatar?  I am NOT a man.  (Someone said this once before on this site - where did you get your information from?) 

Sounds like a bunch of hatred here to me:(

`cuz that`s what it is.

i dont like him either people need to look at the real picture not the private life stuff i dont care whos screwing who or what their private life is all i care about is the job at hand and he sucks at it get him impeached for the crimes against humanity not his sexual orientation. and as people being of higher knowledge we should never slander someone show them love and light and maybe they will learn from us and change let your light shine dont cover it love unconditionally not with condition be the change you want to see

lisa jaggie:  Well, actually, he's just a big JOKE and this is all part of it.

Mother of Obama’s Murdered GAY Lover Speaks Out!!!

Yes, there are a lot of murders around Obama:  Google:  "Strange murders Obama".



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