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Wow! That was massive... the scientists are saying that it was heading streaight towards us, and that it could disrupt communication devices and so forth, but we all know that is just the scientific part of it. The part that they are not aware of is the metaphysical part. The 9th wave predicted by the Maya, has begun to flashflood our reality, this wave will cause more earth changes and is the second Event of great Significance, since the Harmonic Convergence that happended in 1987. This wave is going stay with us all the way through to 2020. The next date that is of great importance acording to the Egyptian Prophecy layed out on one of the shafts leading to the Queen and Kings chamber. This is real folks ! No kidding.
If I work for the Rockefeller Foundation, will I get a golden ticket to the underground bases when the solar tsunami hits?
pretty crazy, the sun is doin it's normal sun thing but people don't realize how the sun affects us, people forget that the sun and other suns provide energy for this realm to exists.

Im glad you all felt this and noticed it, i know i did and i knew there was an explanation.



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