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  • Long time no see, Ryan . I trust all is well.



    I sense you you soaring earth

    and earth speaking in faint drops

    winged animals calling

    grounded by their creed


    nature guiding you

    a long road to your inner child

    a long road sprinkled with

    angels flighty felt about


    never is an angel far

    never is the light apart

    for in the dark be our shine

    lighting the way


    the guided gypsies

    never lose sight

    for it be insight

    so bright


    that set is free


    and in that set

    be a solace breaking dawn

    that lead the wanton beast of all

    into thine where lays shared jewels


    poetically fueled by the journeys of such in all 

    amendments breaking ground

    where no others but the gypsies

    of life's struggles have found


    life may bite

    but can never repel the ..




    Have a wonderful week. <3


  • An observer and the world


  • hey just saw ur comment re palisades and griffith park!! wasn't on here for eons!  i love it over's amaaazing. hope you're well and havin a brilliant 2011 so far!! ; )
  • Thank youfor having me as a friend... :) You have beautiful light.
  • i have a question are you the same ryan with last name moxon? i love your music. if this is you i lost my link to your web site when i changed my browser. long time i havnt listened to your music. would love to once more. sincerely; Dan
    ps ive been a member and friend of yours for a while now i was sent email from your group here. blessings to you awesome musician...

  • you're very welcome Ryan!
  • Happy Birthday!
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San Francisco, California


November 5

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Following the good natural principles within my soul. Experiencing human life on earth. Exploring the mind and the earth.

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Everyone and everything.

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Nov 2, 2020
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"I love you"
Oct 30, 2016
Ryan left a comment on 11:11.
"I can't believe I created this group 8 years ago.  I started using Ashtar Command a few years before that when i was 21.  I'm 30 now."
Apr 2, 2016
Ryan left a comment on 11:11.
"I still see it."
Apr 2, 2016

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