Hiii crew members

this time something ODD happened

recently I got so strong against deamons attack that they just dont see me anymore, after I defeaeted a daemon who was my nemesis yesterday morning suddenly in just a second my skin hair SUDDENLY turned from Brown to White!!!!!, is not like barely White is like expulsing light


what means that?


my hair of the head is White since 20 aprox, started with a Little hair White to now wich I look White, I have to do color, I like my White color but students and coworker would not understood it I dont want trouble for now


ok if you help me out, nevent saw anything like that, the hair colo just VANISHED!!!!!

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  • ok

    I dont know what happened to me really, but now the color brownish seems to return to my hair

    I was fighting a daemon yes she wanted me dead since year 2005 when she first opened my spiritual channels to make me nuts and made me scared to death my family


    the guides ONLY told me it was a reward for deafeating the daemon but well.....


    thanks anyway, my color SOME has return so I dont feel a freak jajaja


    kisses guys

    • Lucia,

      It's wonderful the colour is returning to your hair.

      How do you feel?

  • Hi Lucia..

    Whitening of hair is associated with issues in the area of kidney energy

    Which is in turn controlled by the adrenal glands.

    And the emotion associated with the kidneys is fear.

    I suspect  you haven't defeated that which you  were fighting, (an aspect of yourself in my opinion. We tend to demonize the parts of us that we don't like. )

    You've suppressed it and stored it in your body.

    And the energy required to do so has taken its toll on your kidney energy. 

    Resulting in the whitening off your hair.

    You cannot deny yourself your truth. This is a part of you that is screaming for recognition and validation by you. 

    By suppressing it you've forced it to find an alternative means of getting your attention that you can't ignore.

    In this case, white body hair was deemed appropriate.

    It could've been worse.

    All in my humble opinion.

    Hope this helps.

    take care.

    • If I may add...

      I don't mean to make light of your condition by saying  it could've been worse.

      Keeping the door shut on this part of you is taking up a lot of energy.

      Energy that could be better utilized elsewhere

      Next time this part of you (or daemon) pops up for recognition, Surrender to and accept that it is a part of you.

      Regardless of what the alarm belles in your head are telling you. They are just the hallucination of your duality.

      And have no power over you beyond that which you allow it

      And let it run its course.

  • One thing comes to mind the bible states Moses's hair and face turning white and face glowing after going on the mountain top receiving the commandments and conversing with God, asking to see his face and turning white after God shows him only his back. Bernadette Soubirous (St. Bernadette) face was said to emit light and was called "being in ecstasy" after viewing the entity exclaiming to be the Immaculate Conception, Mary. The same with the three girls witnessing the entity Mary in the 60's in Garbandal, Spain. Their faces were white and glowing brightly as they were in ecstasy viewing the entity they fell on their knees hard, on rocks but no cuts, bruises or injuries. Doctors actually shined lights in their eyes directly while they were in ecstasy and they would not even flinch or blink because being filled w/ spirit. You are perhaps witnessing the Apocalypse"The Unveiling" experiencing beyond the hologram. The walls between the different dimensions are becoming thin or non existent in your reality. Apotheosis, man becomes divine.

  • Traxiss:  I have as job where I am away from home with no computer access for DAYS AT A TIME.  If I don't get back to someone right away or soon, it's never anything PERSONAL.  Will check my stuff on this site now.

  • Chastizing demons.... That's powerful!!!  Let's be friends.......8114944857?profile=original

    • Melchizedek Priest:  Sent friend request.

  • Don't know what happened to you but I had a dream where my hair was white and my eyes were BLUE.  (I am a brown-eyed brunette).  I think that the dream MEANT something but I don't know WHAT - me in the future after the "changes"? Lucia, what country are you from?

    • well, I live at montevide - Uruguay located in latin america, just to the left of buenos aires AArgentina


      you know darkstar, my eyes also changed COMPLETLY, they were completly Brown before but one day I woke up with a blue ring in my iris and a bluish like color and a BIG black dot in the center


      today I woke up and I felt lower in my hight, like if 2 centimeters of me were taken off my legs, my legs looked shorter.... ok I am not nut just becoming jeanna from what spirits tell me

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