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Matthew Ward: The Fate of Those Who Do Not Ascend....Time to get serious about your future

Matthew Ward at 17, just prior to his transition

In his March 29, 2010 message, Matthew Ward gives a coherent and detailed report on the fate of those who may not ascend with us – for whatever reason. I cite it at length.

Matthew Ward, March 29, 2010 at

What is at stake is the destiny of her consciously and spiritually slumbering residents: Will they heed their intuition, the messages from their souls, to waken in time to physically accompany Earth? Many of you have family or friends who are stuck in third density thinking and beliefs. By all means offer to share your awareness with those who are interested, but please do not try to impose it upon those who are not—just as you would feel uncomfortable being force-fed opinions that conflict with your innate knowingness, so would be those who are committed to their beliefs that differ from yours.

And please do not feel sad if persons dear to your heart choose not to awaken in this lifetime. Respect their goodness and honesty in the knowing that it is neither your responsibility nor right to try to change their choice to slumber on. After a lifetime in spirit, they will reincarnate in a third density world with another opportunity to “see the light” and evolve spiritually; and, as the independent yet inseparable souls you all are, during bodies’ sleep time you will have reunions with your beloved people in places where your and their vibrations permit.

When and how will people who commit dark actions die? Wouldn’t it be helpful to know who they are so we can distinguish them from people in the light who die because they fulfilled their soul contracts? There is no way that you can distinguish between the “dark action” persons and those in the light who completed their contracts, and there is no need to do so.

Since there are varying light frequencies in individuals, there can be no mass exodus of those who are darkly-inclined at some specific point in Earth’s ascension. Each such person will transition from this lifetime when Earth reaches an energy plane that exceeds that individual’s frequency and physical death will come from any of the same causes that exist now.

Where will the souls of all the various densities now living on the planet go if they do not accompany Earth, and will they remember why they did not or will the “veil of forgetting fall?”

The souls whose lifetime energy registration was of the basest density—what some would call “pure evil”—automatically will be drawn to the only part of Nirvana that is separate from the flexible layers, the tiny orb near your moon where the density is so great that it holds those souls captive. They are aware of where they are and what they did that led them to that densest part of Earth’s spirit world because it is there that they review their entire past lifetime moment by moment and feel their every emotion along with the emotions of everyone whose lives they touched in any way. (1) This review process is the hell of some religious concepts.

Light is constantly beamed to those souls, and if they choose to accept the light, they will embody in a first density placement in primitive forms that have no memories or intelligence, but only an instinctive existence. (2) This allows those souls to start with a clean slate, unencumbered by memories of the dark behavior that led them to that densest of placements in your part of this universe.

Persons whose lifetime energy was of very low density—those who ignored their soul contracts and whose deliberately ruthless actions prevented others from fulfilling their own contracts, but were not as tyrannical or diabolical as the souls consigned to that tiny orb—automatically are drawn to a first density world and start over from scratch.

When they accept the light that is beamed continuously into the placement, they can incarnate in a second density world where they will have no memory of other lifetimes but do gain a conscience, a capacity for reasoning, and free will choices. With this greater degree of innate abilities comes the option to act within the light or the darkness, thus they can have many lifetimes in second density, relapse into first, or progress into a third density world.

As for the “veil of forgetting” falling on residents of a third density world—how many of you remember why you are where you are?!

Souls now on Earth who are at fourth or higher density spiritual evolvement who do not continue their physical journey with Earth may choose to spend a lifetime in Nirvana, return to their original homeland, move on to another civilization that is compatible with their evolvement station, or return to Earth and enjoy life in her Golden Age.

In all those planes of spiritual awareness there is a great deal of remembering by comparison to the level in any third density world. 

However, the eternal life of the soul includes the return to The Beginnings in Creator, so there are eons of layers of forgetfulness to uncover in the unequalled adventure called Life. Light, the pure love essence of Creator Source and the most powerful energy in the cosmos, is available to every soul in every instant, and by accepting the light, each continues evolving by consciously remembering what is known at soul level. (Matthew Ward, March 29, 2010 at

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Wishful thinking, very idealistic, unfortunately, not very realistic, James. There are people lagging so far behind in terms of soul growth and consciousness expansion, there are people still so caught up in separation, that it would take a miracle for them to be ascending with the rest of us. I'm going to Mexico in a week, and there are many people there, so trapped in darkness, that they would cut off peoples heads and murder entire families. They will have to grow at supersonic light speed in order to be able to ascend in time. And no matter how much love you give them, they will scoff at it, because they think love is weak. And our dark elites too, who understand exactly what's going on, yet refuse to change, I doubt they will be ascending with the rest of us.


Ascension isn't just handed to us, that's the thing, we have to earn it by doing our inner spiritual work and transmuting our ego based imperfections and clear our karma and raise our own vibration. Some people just won't want to do that, no matter how much help they are given. It is up to them alone to decide to raise their vibration.


When the Galactic Federation get here, it will do wonders in raising peoples vibrations, that I'm certain. Unfortunately, there will be still some who will be too rigid to really change, there will be some who still want to continue the games of duality, and they will be moved to another 3D planet to be free to do that. I wish it wasn't the case, I wish every single soul on this planet will ascend this time around, but I'm also realistic and understand this won't be the case. And you can't force someone to grow and expand themselves if they don't want to.

Hi John,

What will happen is that a minority of earth humans will be ascending, this round....But those who choose to continue 3rd density on Mars, Venus and Pax will be Federation citizens and be designated "Solarians" along with all ascended humans within this system...


They will be blessed by many new technologies and a wonderful instantaneous holographic educational schools as they once were, will be replaced by a super fast education process, which will enable many to transform in less than a limited conscious lifetime...

So a fast track process, without any Illuminoid tampering, so these 3rd density Solarians will be nurtured and protected and loved.......They will all eventually ascend, as and when they want to...with our love...

Hatred will be a lesser problem, as technology and freedom will make people much happier....


Blessings, Drekx Omega

Hello James, again with this matter?  LOL, I truly love you and appreciate your kindness and the loving way you reach out to others but lets get beyond these judgements.  Books and learning are for the iconoclasts, we aren't all the same. 

All roads lead to God. 

The simplest peasant in china is going to have the chance to ascend, please don't judge others because they chose a route different from your own.  We are all ONE. 

To Ascend then you need to be one thing only, and that is to be yourself, not what those that have controlled you through the head for many lifetimes, for there is no more lifetimes, you are done, it is done, it is over, you have cried your last tears, you have grieved your last farewell, you have suffered your last pangs of sorrow, you are done, you have gained all that which you created you to do, and you have done well.
that is very beautiful and uplifting!
I agree with both of you.  Not everyone will ascend at this point, but all who are with her when Gaia and her sister planets shift will shift with her.  That sounds kind of cold but we cannot stop death from coming yet, as anyone who has lost someone close recently knows.  This tells me that life plans are still and will continue to play out until that point of transition.  We cannot look to our fellows or ourselves and worry what tomorrow brings.  We just live the best we can and help as many people endure their sufferings in the now, and before you know it tomorrow will be here.  I honor the light in you James. - David

Well again, idealistic, and true, we can love people unconditionally, even if they decide they don't want to change. We can respect their wish, and let them be on their way. It's my wish too that everyone, every single person, ascends together, but unfortunately I just don't see it happening.


And I will work hard to make sure as many people as possible do ascend, and for all who desire to ascend to be able to do so, but some just won't want to. As hard as it is to believe, I'm sure some people just won't want to live in a world of peace love and harmony, some people just won't want to let go of their old desires and their identity as separate beings.


And yes Drekx, that's how I understand it too, ascension will come in waves. I figure people like us in this community will be in the first wave. And others will ascend in the second wave, and third wave, and so on. And people who don't want to ascend, well they will be put on other placements, whether Mars or Pax or wherever. I'm not sure quite how it will all play out, I guess we'll have to wait and see.

Indeed John,

James Ryan may think I'm simply a student who read this in a book, obviously he has no idea of my Sirian family...

It is not loving and compassionate to tell people who won't be ascending that they must and will...They have lifeplans too and many are not ready for ascension...obviously the planet will ascend without them....THAT IS A FACT....But to judge me as being without love because I know and write this, is irrational of James Ryan...

I don't judge the souls who are not ready for ascension yet, they judge themselves...and there are many of them.....The majority of earth humans....


As John Jancar suggests, it is completed in waves....

Right and isn't it the case, that 2012 marks the Ascension of the Earth Gaia herself into 5D, but not necessarily physical humanity as a whole? That process, from what some have said, won't be complete for another 300 years! Is that true? What's your thoughts on that, Drekx?


And I do understand where James is coming from, I just don't believe everyone will be ascending this time around. Especially some of the people I've talked to out there, I mean there is just no way, unless by a miracle or unless they will have another 300 years to get it, that's a long time lol And yes, James doesn't read any channeled messages, he takes his ideas from his own ideas, and there is a part of that which is commendable of course, but I think we should be aware of everything, many channeled messages are good info. Not all, but many.

Hi John,

I agree, many are not even contemplaing, nor want to....Their souls are not prompting them, even...

All is evolving, but with planetary ascensions, you either ascend with her or not....This depends on a given soul's point in evolution...many would not want to ascend until they have excelled themselves in materiality...It would be unjustice to force ascension on everybody as James wants...The road to hell is paved with good intentions, eh James...??

The 300 year cycle pertains to the multitude of 6th ray souls who will not ascend this cycle and are due to be withdrawn from incarnations, for hundreds of years..

When they do return, they continue the vibration where they left as humans on Mars, Venus or Pax...

They will be born into families already established on terraformed  planets, in this system...

you can't force someone to grow and expand themselves if they don't want to.


I find that when people define themselves with a label and they say to themselves, this is who I am.  For example:  I am a lightworker, this is who I am. I am unconsciously fitting myself inside the parameters of that label with all the restrictions that come with it.  Spiritual growth should not be rigid.  It should be malleable so growth can occur.  Too often we like to solidify our beliefs into a structure that will support and protect us from being afraid of the unknown.


I get the visual of a plant that chooses to live in a pot, because it is afraid of how deep the earth is.  Labels can be very restricting, like the pot.  The plant receives the nutrients and growth to a degree, but it will never reach its full potential as long as its truths are unchanging.


Awesome awesome pictures and analogies.....Thanks David for the truths you share.
NICE!  :) 


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