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  • god bless you ;)

  • Thank you for the friend invite, happy to be your friend...the light of your eyes pierced through to my Soul. 

  • Hi imready, I thank you back :) And it's nice have a place and friend you can share some of your journey with <3 Love & Light Alis

  •   :~) I love you! (~:

  • "Be mindful what you decide about someone you don’t know, for it will invariably reveal less of them and more of you.”

    .. good thing to remember :)

  • 8113961676?profile=originalIMREADY<

    May the great Universal Love be with you and your family this holiday season and the Universal Creator hold you in a firm grasp of warm love and prosperity now and in the coming new year. Blessed and loved you are


    Admiral Matthew

  • Thanks for your friendship. Sorry to read your status and learn you are feeling a bit negative at this now. If you ever want to talk things through there are plenty of people here willing to do that including me. We are all here to help eachother awaken to love.

    My love will be with you always.
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Grandville, MI


January 19

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I am very passionate about people and animals. I have an intense empathy for animals and people.
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imready posted videos
Nov 2, 2020
imready commented on Meindert Arends's blog post Spiritual Silence and Inner Equality Teacher: Roy Posner
"I totally agree....I love this article : )"
Jul 30, 2013
imready replied to STAR*'s discussion 21/12 - &amp; My Update!! Share yours!
"definately having a lot if vertigo and dizziness today....just feel strange...a little disconnected. Where I am in MI its only 8:45pm still 12/20. I really wasnt expecting anything but I really do feel wierd. I feel very quiet too.... like Im…"
Dec 21, 2012
imready replied to John Jancar's discussion Alright One, let's do it lol
Nov 7, 2012

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"Water’s structure reacts to any irritation. Its molecules are organized in clusters that work as “memory cells,” so to speak. Within each memory cell there are 440,000 information panels that are responsible for the interaction with its environment,…"
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"A physicist may ask why introduce the mind at all. We reason this way:

Lets state the 'collapse' without involving the mind:

A quantum system is in a superposition of states untill an interaction between itself and a classic device collapses the…"
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""R Lovely, I gently look forward to a profoundly cohesive and holistic post-quantum physics unfolding from the next unfoldment of human awareness, in the 'blink of an infinite I'."

May be such is what I see it too.

Note that you can still…"
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