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Major Electromagnetic Energy Fluctuations - Southern Hemisphere

I would like to notify those who are interested that I have been picking up massive fluctuations in the electromagnetic frequencies in my region (New Zealand).  At present I am feeling this in my earth body.  There is a build-up of blocked energy that could be beneath the newly-discovered stress line located in Christchurch in our South Island.  This is to do with austral-asian tectonics.  My off-world colleagues are picking up the same readings.  Hopefully this will be okay and will dissapate naturally.  However, we would appreciate anyone who is able to help to neutralize and divert this energy using whatever skills you have brought to this planet to avoid a major event.  Thank you.  I will keep you posted.

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Dear Captain A


Many thanks for sharing your very important info with us.


Bright Blessings!


Yes thank you you, I will focus there... 




Thank you Captain for the info.

Many things are happening right now with abnormal weatherpattern,earthquakes,red skies and other things.

Looking forward on further updates from you.



Hello Captain. This video is in regards to the earthquakes currently being experienced in New Zealand and I feel it is all connected.

yeah plus the weather pattern is so un usual in melbourne australia i am loving it, good to see rains nearly every day since may of 2010 all the way into the start of summer december of 2010.


You beauty!

LOLs, Jason,


One side of Australia is in high fire danger with temperatures soaring up to 38degrees and on the other side is major major flooding!! Australia going through alot.



Hey Sianna,


Commin back at ya sista!!


SUsan xx

Thanks to everyone who has been helping to stabilize the energy.  It is now more balanced and is holding for the time being.  About the climatic conditions...there's nothing much we can do about that, since it is a natural part of what the earth is doing to cleanse and heal itself.  We can all, however, help to lessen the traumatic effects on the people, plants and animals somewhat by sending them love and comfort. 

My research and past experience shows that cycles of climatic extremes such as what we are now globally experiencing actually precludes an ice age.  This planet does that every now and then so that part of her surface is put into stasis while healing takes place.  That is then followed by a period of renewal.  It is very possible that is what the planet is in the process of doing. 

Hi CaptainA


Yes, all my reading has been indicating that we are indeed on the way to an iceage and they happen relatively quickly too.





Yes, there can be done something!  We are from, and by the help of shamans we did succeed in reducing the impact of earthquakes by repairing damaged geomagnetic energy lines of the Earth in Europe.

I will contact geo-biologist GiRa about New Zealand, and will hear if anything can be done for New Zealand.  BUT, we always need people over there in the country itsself to perform the energy work in their region (we can support on a distance like with Japan.  See on our website the chapter 'realizations').  And, we help those people to give them a sort of 'training' of 'advice' about how to do it.  You will not be left there 'alone' but with our help, although it is from a distance.   Secondly, you will receive a map of the most important recent geo-magnetic lines (among them, also the Ley-Lines), and than we can start from there.  On that map, you can see the most important stuff about the lines (damaged at certain areas) and we can advice you what to do.  If necessary and urgent, we send a newsletter in the world to ask people to send energy at a certain moment that you can use to repair an energy line.

If you are interested to start a GIRA group in your country to perform energy work, to repair damaged energy lines of the Earth and to reduce the impact of earthquakes... do contact us via our website + search other people in your country who are willing to support you and to share the energy work (e.g:druids) --> contact form --> title: 'New Zealand GIRA group'.

GiRa also can perform volcano energy work, like he also did in Iceland, so also nearby the volcano's there can be done some energy work.


Kind regards





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