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  • Hi Anakya, its no coincidence that i didnt entered this forum a while ...and now i found you on google,  I'm a seeker i was searching for something... I'm from Electra... I would like to know you better...


  • Namaste and many blessings to yoy! Love and light...
  • Hi Anakya

    Thank you dear for your interesting answers! This felt so right for me, it´s feels that I now travel between worlds and dimensions in a way I had not done before. Monka has been in my thoughts for many years, so teaching has certainly lasted as long.

    I'm glad there is peace with you again and that the light came back to You.
    It is wonderful times now, it's that we come back home again on a plane. Not having to struggle and toil in life and instead just enjoy and feel good and that is what carries us on .... so amazingly wonderful!
  • Hello Anakya.

    How goes it on your website, it has been quiet there now?

    I do not know why but you show up most often for me these days, now by Messengers of Light. It must mean something:)

    I saw that you are in contact with Monka. Dreamed about him for about 1 year ago but can not remember what it was about. What has he to task and maybe then understand why I was dreaming about him?

    Warm hug from me
  • Coming in to give you a hug...I have no words, I am so sorry,,.
  • Hey our friend:)

    I know that you follow your heart and a higher plane of what you can and will take up in the treads ...
    But I think, however, ask whether you would like to find out more about illuminatis, for which I think we have entangled ourselves properly?!
    Because I would like to cooperate with the angels here on earth so they do not have to work overtime with us "up there"!

    It was a long time since I talked so much contained on this site:) It's so exciting to listen to you and your clarification, so we dare to believe and to live more in the light of these confusing times!
  • I don´t know if you heard this boy before? But I want to share this beautyful song with You...
  • Hello again ... as I said in the thread, you are so important here! There is so much we forgot that you can remind us. Many of us have lived in the 3D reality for so long that we lost so much of ourselves. So please be patient with us!;)

  • Greetings Anakya,
    When I am reading only your name, it looks like to Anakyn Skywalker... Is he your brother? You are allowed to smile. I have briefly read your own site and seen you have one guide Kashendro. His name is similar from different names I know from Melchor which is a Space Station close to Pluto (astronoms think it is a new satellite). One man whose name is Kashendo is coming from Koldas, a planet from our twin Universe. I know their story through " The 12 Planets speak " by Carl Van Vlierden. From this book written around 1977, the canadian author tells the story of one man from South Africa, Edwin (His true name is Edward White) who lives close to Durban. He was in contact by radio and then telepathically with these beings from the Galactic Confederation of the 12 planets such Vango Salamia ( which is twin Venus), Carnel, Cialdar, Kopone, Byronne, Grandor, Siton, Pyrole, Purvey. People from Grandor are the most advanced of the Confederation. Grandor is in our twin solar system. There are other planets whose names are : Lecoy, Goran, Sparlane, Velaan, and Novan. One day, one spaceship had lost its way and it could not land or splash down because it is 8km long and 480m diameter ; the name of this spaceship is Kalsendo. Through this book I have known only Commander Valdar from Koldas. Koldas means Peace and people says : " Mulga Koldas " for " We are coming in peace "... Some astronauts from Apollo XIII were rescued by them and carried on board their spaceship ! Other details mention the name of the face which is seen on Mars... You remember this face ; it belongs to an ancient king, Zektron of an ancient race before a nuclear war around 4390 BC. Another day, listening one of my favorite series " Stargate, SG-1 ", ( " A new World "), they said, at a moment, " we are coming in Peace ! "
    Next time, I shall talk about one friend who has contact with a Pleiadian...
    Have a Blessed Evening and Night !
    PS I have tried to find where you live in N.Z but it is not shown on my directory (I worked for more 22 years with DHL !)
  • Greetings Captain Anakya,
    May I ask you as Walk-in are you capable to tell me about my two lives upon Pleaides ? I had followed a karmic astrology almost 3 years in Paris, and the woman -clairvoyant revealed this to me.
    About Nibiru, I am not sure but I have read that it would hit a planet ( Jupiter) from our solar system and that we will feel its effects... And this result would give the second sun !
    Have a Blessed Day !
    Keaka - Jacques
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I'm a walk in with Pleiadian origins and affiliations. I live and work part time off-planet for the Ashtar Command / Interplanetary Peace Council. I also live part time on earth and act as a 'bridge' between interplanetary cultures. I have just begun teaching a series of exciting workshops on assisting others in their awakening and the ascension process, and also share general teachings on my website I have also created a new personal website called "Pleiadian Wisdom" where I will post information, teachings and artwork about and from a Pleiadian perspective which you are welcome to share in, if you so desire. I also plan to add more material about some of the other ET groups and civilizations, and the Ashtar Command and associated fleets. The link is: If you would like personal channelled readings (i.e. our "Starborn Readings", which are especially geared toward helping Starseeds to know their origins and life path), or require more one-one-one teachings, please go to my website: There is a charge for the services I offer (as it is my job), however this site also has free general channellings and other spiritual teachings. With Love and Light, ANAKYA

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"Hi Nick,
If you want detailed information about some of the Pleiadian worlds, you will find it on my site:  It is first hand knowledge.
A soul can visit worlds in the Plejaran system astrally if their intent is…"
Jul 29, 2011
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"I appologise for the misunderstanding Lygo3, and for my reaction to your words.  It gets very frustrating for me to be constantly disbelieved and labelled by people who do not know me and what I do, but that is as you say - something that just…"
Jul 16, 2011
Captain A replied to Awakening E-Zine's discussion Project Awaken Earth
"Dear Lygo3,
I'm sorry my article was not what you wanted to hear.  Let's get a couple of things straight though:
#1:  I have not said that meetings between the AC group and Earth humans will NOT happen.  I have fully explained why the uplift…"
Jun 15, 2011
Captain A replied to Awakening E-Zine's discussion Project Awaken Earth
"Hey Johnny,
Many blessings to you.  How's it hanging? 
Thank you for this.  It's good to always look on the lighter side, otherwise things get too Sirius. Things could be worse.  I mean, we could all get invaded by a bunch of short dudes with really…"
Jun 11, 2011

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