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  • Hi Dancer, thanks for stopping by :) Namaste!
  • Hello Dancer Nice to miss u. :)

  • Hello dancer!
    How are you?
    You're profile pic drew me to your profile, so thought I'd say hello.
  • Druid Graphics
    ~Magickal Graphics~
  • Dear Spiritdancer, I send you my Blessings to you and wish you an Inspirational Experience each and Everyday...
    Love Comments & Graphics
    ~Magickal Graphics~
    Light, Love and Peace to ALL we are ONE...Chichieun xx
  • Dear Spiritdancer...
    Happy Easter Comments
    Light, Love and Peace to ALL we are ONE...Chichieun
  • Hi Spiritdancer love & light to you
  • Dear Spiritdancer, The warmest welcome to you my friend. The calm life in Devon..Light, Love and Peace to ALL we are ONE...Chichieun

  • Namasté
    Tank you sister 4 me to...
    is nice to by in this site...And to see floor plan as our brothers and sisters wake up ...
    We know that, at least I feel a strength inside me to talk to as many people as possible and make them understand that we must wake up because this can not go ahead,
    sitema this does not work ...
    Our Mother Earth can no longer wait ..
    Light and love be with you sister ...

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im a druid , spiritual healer and psychic medium , i like meditating with my crystals skulls and sacred platonic solids. Im working a lot with music and sacred sounds to raise my vibration and spread more peace love and light.

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The Earth and Divine Source

Dancer posted a blog post
Ther'es now an event at Belstone on Dartmoor on 28th SeptemberA coming together of like minded folk against Fracking , we will be connecting to the Glastonbury noon Ritual and also Worldwide , we will be sending out peaceful energy and intent to…
Sep 7, 2013
Dancer replied to Andy's discussion Benjamin Fulford – Full Update – Queen Beatrix Quits, The Rockefellers Flee,
"I  have seen some of the  references about gold and eating/using it, it  replaced Mustrum of the  Goddess, apparently  given to the chosen few humans by the  Annunaki, to make them super human, this mustrum came from the Goddesses monthly flows, it…"
May 29, 2013
Dancer replied to DRACO's discussion Forest orbs
"Most of the Orbs i catch on camera and camcorder  have images  or faces in them when you zoom in, have you tried that?...Cool photos by the way.  They are  definatley sentient as i had two zoom towards my camcorder and swerve to miss going into the…"
Mar 17, 2011
Dancer replied to Adara's discussion Vibrational Frequency and Fifth-Dimensional Timelines - WOW!!!!
"I used to find that when i did a good meditation and raised my vibrational energy i would experience a lot of darker thoughts coming to me, even old issues* i felt i had delt with and moved on......I acknowledge these thoughts, forgive myself and…"
Feb 14, 2011

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Pet Rock posted a discussion 14th: Vaccine DEATH WAVE now unstoppable… 122 million Americans now at risk from dangerous medical experiment that can’t be undoneWednesday, April 14, 2021 by: Mike Adams Tags: badhealth, badmedicine,…
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LokisLibrarian left a comment on Comment Wall
"The greatest love/kindness/safety/respect/care ultimately comes from truth. Again, Lightworkers have a responsibility to point out harmful influences, including what amounts to out and out prejudice and lies."
1 hour ago
Joanna left a comment on Comment Wall
"The planet's vibration is already raised. It's the collective vibration that is catching up, to come into sync with the Ascended Earth.
Disengaging isn't necessarily the way to go, I agree Loki (though for some it might be, depends on soul plans…"
1 hour ago
LokisLibrarian left a comment on Comment Wall
"The planet's vibration isn't going to be raised without our collective, concentrated effort to eradicate negative energies and influences. In my experience, most attempts to get others to disengage from politics are disingenuous - most people have…"
2 hours ago
rev.joshua skirvin posted a blog post
2 hours ago
Joanna left a comment on Comment Wall
"Hi Nick, thanks for your words: "Only response we can give is living in the now and showing others the same. That could be helping somebody, making somebody laugh or acts of kindness. These little ripples can create the largest currents".

So true,…"
2 hours ago
rev.joshua skirvin posted a blog post
2 hours ago