LOVING ANNOUNCEMENT about 2012 (Princess in Japan) MESSAGE OF LOVE (Video)


2012 MESSAGE OF LOVE Princess Kaoru Nakamaru in Japan - YouTube



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  • Hey, i have just posted this video on the White House, and on Obama"s Twitter acount...:-) lets see if i get any reply!! LOL!!

    • good luck! :P

  • Heres is another one that didn't went deleted!

  • Thanx for the new link Solarkid:-) i think the Iluminati hacked the other link..lets fight back by posting the new link EVERYWHERE! i will find a way to post on the White House Website LOL!

  • It's only me? I can't watch it (Youtube is deleting it?) due to copyright.

    Yet here I found another URL:

    :D PEACE V
    Enjoy the videos and music you love, upload original content, and share it all with friends, family, and the world on YouTube.
  • What a beautiful message!!

    Much thanks Mr. Ed, you're so good giving and sharing the information, lots of respect, love and admiration to you!!!

  • This is fantastic.  She is so delightful and honest and brave for speaking from her heart.  That she is willing to speak like this without any reservations about backlash because of her standing in life shows great conviction of character and great truth that she speaks.  I guess that I have wobbled on what my beliefs are due to my own shortcomings but somehow hearing it from her gave me the push I needed to put many of my doubts away. 

  • awesome!!! very beautiful!  so very much thanks to the uploader for this beautiful video.

  • Correct Jools :-) the bases taken down in OZ were only observation bases with only a hand full of Reptilians on then. they are keeping a eye in Pine Gap and that where it is believed to be the Underground base in OZ:-)

  • Wow!!!!!!!!!

    I do have a question Mr Ed if you have the answer or anyone else.  The Princess spoke of underground bases in Norway, Holland, Switzerland and Australia - we have heard of numerous bases being destroyed around the world so would this indicate that these bases are still active?  I recall Tolec discussing that a base (small observational) had been destroyed off Exmouth, Western Australia and that they were keeping an eye on Pine Gap.  As she did not mention any of the other bases that we are aware of as having been destroyed, would it then indicate that her information is pretty up to date?

    Thanks for the wonderful post.  Maybe some people who have not been open to information may begin to question considering this has come from a Princess!  Which can only be a good no GREAT thing! x

This reply was deleted.

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