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  • Hi Jools,

    Yes, the plan is for the government changes to be swift and rather like a domino effect, starting with the US-UK....and rolling out across the globe...

    There are several governments in the third world that are already compliant with the Plan and are thus shunned by the west...No nation is perfect, but some more willing than others to take these steps...


    The idea of holography in Agarthan cities is to reproduce the interior of surface homes, down to the minute details of where cuterlery, cups and plates are kept in your home...your kitchen taps will still provide water, but minus the fluoride and limescale...Your heating will not be gas powred, but run off aetheric the house boiler will be located in the same place and function...albeit, in practice not needed within the cities, as already temperature regulated...Yet familiarity will set all at ease and that is the intention...with no "cost" spared.....

    The mono-calibrated Light Chambers will be located next to the dwelling and can be accessed by children also...each family member that is ascending, if within their life plans...will have a chamber..


    In the case of people who were homeless, suitable dwellings that comply with their private aspirations will be holographically reproduced for them to enjoy...They will have all the comforts they require...

    In the ships, we starseeds will feel completely at home and won't require an earth home to be reproduced to keep us at ease...The technology will be so enjoyable to use, we will simply be provided crew quarters and familiarize ourselves with the "holodec" facilities that holgraphy places before us...Mediation, learning devices and recreation will keep us very happy prior to our ascensions on board the motherships of our star nations...

    Any more questions, just place for all to see on my comments wall...  ;-)


    Kind regards, Drekx Omega


  • Awesome and thankyou for your friendship Jools i know exactly how you feel sister :D 


    Love Peace and Freedom

    Ipek <3

  • Ha ha sent you a request too, thanks for seeing what I see and feeling what I was trying to get across Jools, Love Lou X
  • ha haah hee hee... yeee haaah - Feeling the LOVE.

    As for Talk !!!?!! Jeeez I used to do my own head in.... I even asked friends to simply say shhhhhhh if they'd had enough. Right now words seem to be escaping me even spelling is a bit of a challenge!

    Big hugs to another Rosie & to you


  • I thank you Jools for your friendship!  I love you sister!  8113818075?profile=original
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"Thanks for posting this Mr Ed.  Would be a lovely way to start off the New Year.  Love and Blessings to all. X"
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"Thank you Sophia, many blessings to you. x"
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"Dear Marique, I am sending loving prayers to you for strength, your father that he may have blessed release to join your mother and your mother that she may rest well.  Much love and many blessings to you and your family. x"
Nov 4, 2011

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"Are some competing on a most words wins basis? Sorry. A little humor.... Hope you are not offended RL"
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