Hello everyone.... I am a star seed and a medium and I was wondering if anyone comes from my home planet. I have vivid memories of coming from another star system which is Pleaidian and Sirian connections. My planet was very lush and earth like in a star system of Sirius A. I remember a world that had turquoise looking oceans that was so crystal clear you can see your feet. the waters were warm. The sands were purple to lilac some areas pink or a odd green hue. I remember seeing lots of plants like ferns, flowers, many beings lived there namely Sirian and Dolphins were very connected to the humans on land. The people were white, brown to blue black skin some were even actually blue skinned humans. I remember seeing ships light ships coming off of dome buildings. We had a nice sky too beautiful in color during the day it was a lilac to blueish hue and at night it was a nice twilight to a eggplant color. My planet had Two suns and three or more moons it had a Saturn like planet in the sky I know it wasn't Saturn. I remember seeing elves and fairies of this land too. Magic ran high there it was a very unusual place because it was like magic met technology. We had cities under water known as crystal cities and temples. On land it was healing temples and so on. There were humans that if on earth was called witches at the time.

I know it sounds a bit far fetched but I remember this like if it was yesterday. The two suns were far and close. The moons at night were far and close but the planet was pretty close but not on top of us. The weather was not so harsh. We had nice summers sometimes hot but its typical cause of the twin suns. The winter was always warm. If it got cold it wasn't that cold. We do have mountains with snow caps on them. There was different beings and I can say I connect to the witches the fairies and merpeople. Most of my life on that planet was under water. I am considered a natural born witch who has fairy linage. Since my home is on another planet or realm. My boyfriend remembers same place but being around a grassy plain, with a village and a golden forest. I actually had a reading done many times and all of my 6 years of getting readings everyone tells me I am Pleiadian and Sirian who has had a past life as a mermaid but is of royalty. Has anyone ever remembered such a place?

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  • I have seen ufos myself and I understand see my uncle saw them too and was laughed at I didn't want to have same fate as my uncle did and it sucks :(

  • sorry i have been having a rough week and months i had a lot of issues in the past even now i been judged a lot so i hope we can have a clean slate...

  • i think we got off on the wrong foot i feel energy through words that's how heavily empathic i am forgive me...

  • Panacea its ok just next time choose your words lightly as a light being i am a sensitive soul i feel energy through words as well that's how empathic i am. You are forgiven though :)

  • And panacea I don't need any more insults it kinda feels like its an insult to me for what you describe to me I been dealing with insults far to long I know where my place is I know my guides my spirit my home who I am and what I am I don't judge anyone please don't judge me :(

  • Well I know because I feel it in my soul I don't know if your sceptic or not but what I find is true to myself was hurtful to me how you say I am lyran and all that to tell you the truth I know what is true because I am a 6 year experienced medium and I actually do have clients that see me. I actually get messages from spirit thank you..

  • all I look for is the answer to what was the planet I remember and longed for?

  • Maybe you are right. It's all about rediscovering our origin and journeys, questioning and remembering.

    • My place that I came from guys is on a higher frequency it sits on a vibrational scale think of a musical scale. Every planet or realm beats to its own drum. I come from a frequency where love is all and all is love. We have no disease and healing temples are really advanced. The sirian high council sits in my planet where I came from we have some fleets and such but I have encountered other races like Venusians and I have seen a sirian star ship once.

  • With all respect Panacea lush is a perfect way to express abudant and luxuriant vegetation of a planet or place, especially the way SkyeMoon was trying to describe it.

    SkyeMoon: The planet where I am from is similar to yours in a way that the vegatation was also lush and every living thing on it had its own soft humming sound/frequency it was emitting. I really wish I could recall more. I understand your urge to look for people of your planet.

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