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This thread is for sharing photographs of ships, with a view to identifying and attuning to various star family groups who are here assisting with the current planetary Shift and raising the collective consciousness.

As part of my 'mission' at this stage is to photo-document ships, orbs and other light phenomena associated with our higher dimensional family & friends, and share them, I'll start this thread with photos of ships I've taken so far during 2016, and will continue to update it through the year.

Anyone is welcome to add to the thread, if you've taken photos of ships that you feel ready to share publicly.

I'll identify each of the ships below, as these photos carry a precise 'energy imprint', and maybe one or more of them could spark an 'aha' moment for some of you....or which some may already know & recognize. :)

Here goes:

This is an Antarian ship (from Antares, alpha star of Scorpio). It's name rendered in English is the Terebinth, the people on board are human - from Sirius B and Pleiadian origins - and ship has a 'Sirian style', a long triangular shape - this one has emerald coloured panels at the rear. Here's another photo of the Terebinth hovering straight overhead.

The lady who greeted me from this ship is named Tayitha. She's light-skinned with long dark hair, and I see the Antarian humans as light to olive complexioned, with dark hair worn to waist or even hip length, they favour red as a clothing colour, and are 8-9 ft tall.

The next ship is also Antarian, photo taken March 24th 2016. As you can see, it's a very different type of ship, actually a disc with a large dome on top, but only its front rim is visible in the photo...and a small 'pod' ship beneath it.

This is a ship of feline beings, tiger and panther-like people who originally migrated from Lyra, and the captain of this ship named herself Anla'ith, and the ship's name as the Meritahu

The next ship is Pleiadian, and it's a 'liquid light ship' of the 5D Mer-people - whose origin is Sirius C and Cetus, but they spread to the Pleiades and Eridanus. This ship is captained by a merman, Glaucus, who is remembered on Earth by that name in the Greek myths. I took the below photos of this ship from different angles on January 24th, May 18th and May 20th.

Here are two more Pleiadian ships, photos taken May 17th. The first one is almost spherical, of which half can be seen in the photo, with many details on the ship visible. The second is a rectangular/cylindrical ship - I've seen this type many times, usually Pleiadian humans, and with some smaller people with them (who could be mistaken for small greys, but they are actually from human origins, and have a pale lilac-coloured skin - their name is Retulians).

These pyramid shaped ships of shifting rainbow lights are of a Lyran type, with a Procyon 'refit', and being used by Procyons. (I've also seen a Lyran ship which looked like a golden light double pyramid/diamond...but as it came out in a photo as a faint brown smudge, I won't include it here). :))

Next is an Arcturian ship, photo taken April 21st, 2016 - ship is upper right of the blue-white orb, and is a 'classic' Arcturian bow or crescent-shaped ship. This style of ship is also much used by Alectians, a human-angelic race akin to the Arcturian human-angel hybrid people (the Alectians' homeworld is in Ursa Major, the 'Frying Pan' constellation).

Also from April 21st, this blue ship, of Orion human origin.

This ship with lovely markings/colours appeared on May 20th, and is a 'liquid light ship' of amphibious beings from the star Acamar, in the constellation Eridanus.

This little twin-hulled 'run-around' is an Alpha-Centaurian ship - though I will say here that the larger Alpha Centauri ships can often be recognized by being disc-shaped craft that have a horseshoe ring of lights around them. 

While not strictly a 'ship', this cube of light is a sort of 'floating light-healing chamber' of Angelic Arcturian frequencies. Photo taken June 1st, 2016.

And this is a Sirian healing lightship, also from June 1st, which came in with a leonine/feline being energy - what is referred to as 'Sirian Blue Lodge'.

Okay, I'll leave it here for the OP, and will keep adding to the thread with previous shots from 2014-15, and new ones as they come in, for your attunement.

Feel free to add you photos and/or comments/questions!

Namaste, Joanna. 

(PS: Ship photos are collected at Heart Star, on the Lightships pages, and the Shem Arua page, if you'd like to read about them in more detail.)

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awesome Joanna!-did you actually meet the feline people?  I saw a guy with longish hair on his head and face and white eyes with a black pupils-no protruding nose or ears that I could see-he was fully clothed in earth style clothes and I couldn't tell if he had hair on his hands or I don't recall-he was probably from an alt. 4d dimension -if you did meet them did you speak telepathically? 

Hi Pet Rock, glad you're enjoying the pics. :)

Yes, I have met leonine and feline people - there is one on board the Shem Arua, a white leonine being who is my 'guardian lion-angel', so to speak. Her name is Altara, and she stands about seven and a half feet tall. Male lion beings tend to be quite a bit taller.

Sesherat, who works as Ashtar's co-commander on board the Phoenix, is a Sirian feline being, of the Paschat race. She's a very loving being, with a beautiful Mother energy. :)

The being you've seen is not one I recognize. Was this in physical, or a dream/meditation vision?

Yes to speaking telepathically, though it's more than 'speaking', really....more like a merged projection of a feeling, images, and light-soundforms, that can form into words and sentences, but that is secondary. Feelings, images and merged soundforms come first (at least, that's how I experience it).

the guy I saw was in this 3d  or I crossed into 4d, at a park-startled me but there was no neg vibe to cause alarm-when he saw me he ducked between some hedges- a 7 foot  cat would be disconcerting, Joanna-you're brave!-I've seen what someone at this site has called  the Christmas ships or something because they shimmer green, red and white lights and are stationary-I don't have a camera with a zoom lens-and I've seen our Space Command ships a few times, one a rectangular ship cruising silently as if on a track and stopping to monitor at only about 300 feet-a small ship cruising at my back windows, that was a dream vision, bright flashing lights through my windows, and few others-these are all amazing pics-they must shift to 3d for you to get the pics-or holograms?

I'm glad you got no negative vibe from him, as the (lower)4D and 3-4D interface is quite a 'mixture' of energies. ;)

'Brave' hadn't occurred to me, as I've never felt anything to be fearful of from star family; from the first sighting I had a deep sense of peace and coming home, waking up and remembering who I am, who they are, and the connections. So to me, 'contact' has been and is a very loving experience.

I've had encounters now and then with less benign beings, including both ETs of the lower astral/interface and discarnate 'unquiet spirits' - at those times, I stay calm, use protections and ask for help/back-up if it feels necessary (never feed them with fear). All the ships I've posted above are Ashtar Command/Intergalactic Confederation, and are safe.

I've never heard of 'Christmas ships', but can 'see' what you mean. :))

Re the ships shifting into 3D to be photographed, not necessarily. Some of them are briefly 'de-cloaking' into 3D visibility, but others are in higher dimensional frequencies, yet it's as though an 'imprint of their energy' can flow through as a light-impression into a 3D photograph, if that makes sense?


something like that I suppose-a more subtle frequency projecting into 3d-it's all amzing

Adding here two more ships from star nations that weren't included in the OP: Andromedans and Venusians.

The first photo was taken the third time I'd physically sighted a ship, on February 18th, 2013. It was also the first time I telepathically heard star people speak to me from a ship. It was a night of Jupiter conjuncting the Moon. I went out into the driveway to look at it, and suddenly had a sense of 'something' between Jupiter and the Moon. I asked in my heart who it was, and heard back 'We are Andromedans.' By the time I had run into the house to get my camera and came back outside, this ship was in the sky above the Moon.

The second photo I took around mid-2013, during a period of about three months of ongoing contact from Venusians. The ships were always small, often appearing as a round bright white light, and sometimes two or three of them, high above. This one flew low above the house and is wonderfully clear - a disc-shaped ship with a row of lights around the upper part of the disc and what appears to be a 'hatch' underneath, with a greenish light inside/around it.

Interesting.....what do you know about orbs like these..???

Hi Feather Winger, on one level these are spectacular camera lens artifacts/flares. On another, they may be being utilized for carrying/transmitting higher dimensional energies. I've known star family to 'play' with lens flares or indeed 'camouflage' within them.

The photo below is an example of this - where after a while I became aware of the presence of a ship that was camouflaging in a particular lens flare of concentric rings. I asked if they could show themselves as being something more than a lens flare, and heard/felt to aim my camera toward a cloud....and they went partially behind it, which would be impossible for a lens flare, which is always in front of objects, it can't be behind them.

Ah, the elegant simplicity of what they do. :)

its weird the the Shem Arua reminds me of concentric circles of the Urantia book any connection 

Hello SonofDawn, I haven't read the Urantia Book, but yes, there is a striking similarity.

The 'blue light rings' appearance of the Shem Arua in the photo above is how it represents in the fourth dimension (in the fifth, it's like a sphere of white light, and in the third, appears as a silver-white disc-shaped ship).

From my perception, in fourth dimension, time doesn't 'read' as linear, the way it does in 3D. It reads as a spiral, zeroing in literally to the zero point, which also connects to 'wormholes' and stargates, which in 4D appear (and act) as vortices - the spiralling in and spiralling out of time and space from the 4D zero point. 

The rings of light of the 4D Shem Arua form represent its 'wave-form modulation' - of the energy it is sending through its own vortex/zero point, which is the message of the frequency of compassion - freedom through compassion. This is connected with a higher dimensional crystal that sits in its core/zero point, which is basically a container of compassion. The wave-form the ship is continuously emitting transmits that 'message' outward in all directions ie; through its concentric ring ripple effect.

There are other levels of meaning in that symbolism, of the ship, and the book cover, to do with the structure of unity consciousness, expression of core Essence, and the layers of creation.

Namaste, Joanna. 

Referring to the last comment and photo of a ship representing as concentric blue rings partially behind a cloud, this ship is the Shem Arua (which I have a page about here), and I'll add here that the morning after I first published a blog post about this ship, naming it and who is on board, a friend who lives nearby, Rob Hartland, took this photo of a 'cloudship' over my house, and again it was showing clear concentric rings around the rim. (Rob took this photo on October 7, 2014, and archives his beautiful ship photos at . I recommend looking at his Craft Photography pages for a very good compilation of the ships flying over our area).



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