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As in: "Buy our products with your hard earned cash from your life as an eternal slave to the monetary system, and spend it on products that are certain to guarantee that your life as a slave becomes as miserably long as possible in order to feed the economy"? ;)

I have to ask: Does this page also accept TRADES?

I have no money, but I can work!

Will that be a deal that the owners of this page could accept if there's something from their shop that I want?

Our micro Greens is only for sale in the US, in my city and in my state. The greens are sold live in grow trays, just the way it looks on the website. The reason why i posted the link, is because our website had over 1500 hits from this site. I did not come here to advertise. People like me are visiting the website, so this is why i posted that link.  The way you talk to me is something else. Our business supplies restaurants because the people who eat at the high end restaurants have been requesting organic foods, and have complained that the produce that they are eating in the restaurants are not good, that it does not taste good. This is not being done just to make money for my company. I am providing quality food that is safe and of good quality for people to have access to. This is the company goal.  Sorry our page does not accept trades. 


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